7th Grade Newsletter - October 28, 2013

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7th Grade Newsletter  

October 28, 2013 
Once again we have to say "Thank you" to the many parents who attended conferences.  Conferences always help remind us that it's a wonderful community in which we are privileged to teach. The strong parental support of Field families shows
 through in your children, and helps us to create a community of support and nurturing as we teach your children.  We are very pleased to be able to work alongside side you, creating a healthy environment that is sure to produce children who will grow into intelligent, productive, and contributing members of society.  
If any parents felt rushed through conferences, we apologize. We realize that 7 minutes per teacher is not very much time to discuss your child's progress, but we also felt that it was important that you connect with each of your child's core teachers. Please feel free to contact any of your child's teachers, including specialists, for additional information and consultation if you found something of concern. We are always happy to make arrangements to talk with you; it is this parent/teacher partnership that will best assist us in insuring that we help your child make maximum growth this year.
This week is the final week in the 1st quarter. (...hard to believe) Students should take time to make sure they have all assignments up-to-date; missing assignments are very damaging to a student's overall class grade for the quarter.

Just a reminder that there is no school for students on Friday, November 1, as this is a grading day for teachers, and they will be finalizing the quarter grades.


-  The 7th Grade Team



The district has been working this past week upgrading our Gradebook program. If you are having difficulty accessing grades through the parent or student portal, it may be related to this upgrade... please keep us informed of any access problems, and we will relay them to the appropriate district people.
Language Arts  


 Happy Monday to all...


This week we will be starting our Dystopian Lit. Unit. Our first story is Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Creepy stories for a creepy halloween week. 


Look on my web page for book titles that might interest your reluctant reader.  



My web page is up and running. Please see the link below or access it through the Field School web page. 

Halasz Website here. 


Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or concerns this year.  mahal001@mpls.k12.mn.us is the best address to use.


- Ms. Halasz



This week we will focus on genetics.  We will collect some class data and then utilize the fictitious Larkeys to help us understand dominant versus recessive genes, genotypes versus phenotypes, and other genetic topics. 


Homework:  No homework in science this week.


Effort Tracker codes  you may now access Effort Tracker Student Report pages with a mobile device or computer.  For mobile devices, you must enter the entire link with the code at the end.  If you need your access link sent to you, shoot me an email request.


Our 3rd Science Bowl meeting is today (Monday October 21st) from 2:45 to 3:45.  Remember, no transportation is provided on Mondays.  Science Bowl students must make their own transportation arrangements


- Mr. Boler

  •  To increase content understanding visit the 7th grade science web site at the URL listed below.


Social StudiesSocial Studies

 We are continuing our study of economics this week.  We will determine the costs and benefits of using a credit card.  Students will learn the different way resources are allocated and we will begin preparing for the unit end assessment.  The quarter ends this week and all missing work will be due by Thur. Oct. 31st.  No homework and no school on Friday Nov. 1st.




- Ms. Odermatt





We finished our first section of our integer unit last week. After working with number line representations and chip-board models for integers, we will continue this week in trying to develop some specific algorithms for dealing with adding and subtracting integers.
We will be having a QUIZ on Wednesday, Oct 30, on the first few learning targets in this integer unit.
Quiz #2 (on cylinders) was returned last week.  If you haven't seen your child's quiz, please make sure that they show it to you. Students who did not do well on the last quiz (#2) on surface area and volume of cylinders (had a score 14 or less, 70% or less) can retake the quiz. Students wanting to re-take the quiz MUST do so by Wednesday, Oct 30 at the latest. Students MUST complete some problems on an "Additional Practice packet" BEFORE they are allowed to re-take the quiz.

Students can come in to re-take the quiz:

  • Monday, Oct 28
    • before school
    • Recess
    • during B.E.S.T. 
      (with permission of teacher only)
    • after school
  • Tuesday, Oct 29
    • before school
    • Recess
    • during B.E.S.T. 
      (with permission of teacher only)
    • after school
  • Wednesday,  Oct 30
    • before school
    • Recess
    • during B.E.S.T. 
      (with permission of teacher only)
    • LATER after school-- 3:45-5:00pm only -(due to staff meeting) 
    - Mr. Usem


~   ~   ~ 

Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, Lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students. 



This week we will finish our final assignment
 on "Charting the Text".  This work continues to be extremely challenging for our students, and it has proven to be a very difficult last assignment for our students. 
The focus of the assignment as having students reading text, and identifying what the author is saying (what are the words in the text?) as students work to answer three questions:
1) What is the part of the text about (Big Idea)?
2) What did the author want me to focus on in this section?
3) What did the author want me to learn from reading this section?
I will be scoring the assignments starting on Wednesday evening, and this will be a large part of the final grade for first quarter.  This last assignment is worth 50 points, so please feel free to follow up with me if you have questions. 
Look for an email from me if I have significant concerns after the assignment is scored.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email or call!
 Tim Jungwirth
K-12 reading Specialist
Field Community School 


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from the Field School Counselor...  

October is Bully Awareness month and student council would like to celebrate THIS Thursday, October 31!


Field Student Council is sponsoring "Say BOO" to Bullying day.  Wear Orange on Thursday to STAND UP against bullying and buy a lollipop bully bopper at lunch for $.50. You can enjoy the bully bopper yourself or give it to someone to show that you will stand up against bullying.

Wendy Wolff

Field School Counselor

Dates to Remember

Dates to 




  • Oct 31: End of Quarter #1
  • Nov 1: NO SCHOOL - Record Keeping Day
  • Nov 4: Quarter #2 begins
  • Nov 19: Barnes & Noble Book Fair (5-8pm)
  • Nov 27-29: NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday






Click HERE for the 




Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage







presents their 
Fall Spotlight Production of 

This production is being directed by students and features all of your favorite Charlie Brown characters. Join Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and more!

November 6-9 at 7pm. November 9 at 2pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students/children. November 6th is pay what you can.

Washburn Arts Council and the Washburn Foundation announce their Second Annual Fall Arts Gala

a fundraiser to support visual and performing arts at Washburn High School. Money raised will be used to purchase a pug mill and printing press, and to enhance stage, sound, and lighting in the Washburn High School Auditorium.


Saturday, November 16 

from 7:00-10:00 PM

at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, located at 3450 Irving Ave South in Minneapolis. The Beatles-themed celebration will feature student performers and artists, and a special performance by acclaimed jazz artist and Washburn alumnus Connie Evingson. There will be opportunities to purchase student art, sign up for a "Great Gathering," buy wine chances and mystery box items, bid on live auction items, and donate cash. Advance tickets are $35 ($40 at the door) and can be purchased through Eventbrite at the LINK below. 


The Gala will include light appetizers and a cash bar.


CLICK HERE for a LINK to the Washburn Fall Arts Gala Website 


Barnes and Noble Book Fair!  

Nov. 19


Here is something new to put on your calendars...

Once again Field has partnered with 
Barnes and Noble at Galleria 
Scholastic Bookfair Image for a school book fair to raise funds for books and media needs for the school.  The event is scheduled on Tuesday, November 19 from 5 - 8 pm.  

From 5 - 6:30 pm we will be featuring a local 'tween' author who is a fellow educator, Nick Hupton. His website is: "nickhupton.com"   


Click HERE for nickhupton.com 


Field Music


At 6:30 pm we will be featuring music from our wonderful music program at Field School

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