7th Grade Newsletter - September 13, 2011

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade Newsletter
7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade ROCKS!
September 13, 2011

Field students will be taking the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests starting next week. Seventh graders will test in reading on Wednesday, September 21st, and in math on Wednesday, September 28th.

Important announcement: Picture Day will be on Monday, September 19.

If you know anyone who is not receiving our newsletter please have them contact Dan West using the email address among those at the right.

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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz

    For those who want to follow me on Twitter it is very easy. First go to Twitter.com and create an account for yourself. It requires an e-mail address and for you to come up with a log in name and pass word. Once you are signed up it is a basic step by step process. You want to follow me and so all you do is put in my twitter name, MChomework , where it asks who you want to follow. You should see a photo of me so it will be easy to know who to choose, let's face it, who else is lame enough to choose MChomework as their name... If this is giving you fits we can arrange a time to meet, outside of school that is, and I can help set this up for you. I say outside of school because Twitter is blocked on school computers. I believe once you are signed up on line you can go on your "smart" phone and download the twitter app and follow from your phone.

    Now for all of you who think this is just a bunch of techno talk you can follow the regular way... Your student has a planner and every day those who give out homework have the kids write in the planner. No matter what way you choose to get the info we should have you covered!!!

    We started reading Nothing But The Truth this week. Soon we will be deep into how communication and the lack of listening can make a small situation turn into a HUGE mess.

    Next Wednesday we have MAP testing. Please know I will do everything I can to facilitate the most stress free test taking possible.

    Life is good!!!

    Math - Mr. West

    Hello everybody. Today I thought it might be good to let you know a little bit about how to interpret the things I post on the Portal. Homework assignments: The initials at the beginning of most assignments represent the book we are currently studying from. Right now you will see AN meaning Accentuate the Negative. Then comes # followed by problem numbers and p. followed by page numbers. If the assignment is a worksheet that is noted with the name of the sheet.

    Assessments like quizzes and tests are listed by the learning target they assess. Our current learning targets are listed below again for your convenience. The results of last Friday's quiz on Target Four, Adding Integers, will be posted this evening.

    ONE I can locate and plot positive and negative numbers and their opposites on a number line.

    TWO I can locate and plot pairs of positive and negative rational numbers on a coordinate grid.

    THREE I can compare positive and negative rational numbers using < , > , ≤ , ≥ , =.

    FOUR I can add and subtract positive and negative rational numbers.

    FIVE I can multiply and divide positive and negative rational numbers.

    SIX I can use integers to solve real world problems.

    SEVEN I can define absolute value and solve problems that use absolute value.

    EIGHT I can use the correct order of operations when a problem has more than one operation.

    NINE I can use the distributive property to create equivalent expressions.

    Social Studies -- Ms. Harper

    Good Afternoon. Yesterday in World Studies students presented their "create Your Own World" posters. Wednesday 9/7 students will be introduced to the World Studies Standards and Learning Targets for September. Thursday we will be reading from the world studies textbook. Friday students will get a geography assignment which is due Monday 9/12.

    Monday and Tuesday World Studies students will be learning the geography and history of 9/11. Also I have instituted new rules in my classroom: No Gum Bathroom privileges: first and last ten minutes of class time a student can go to the bathroom. The the neighborhood survey was due today. If your child has not turned it in they have until Wednesday. Please make sure you sign the parent part.

    Science - Mr. Boler

    In science we will continue to formulate an understanding of what characteristics are shared by all living things.

    In Inquiry 1.2, students place five unidentified materials in different environments and observe what happens after a day. They determine if each material is living and record the evidence that supports their determinations.

    There will a homework assignment given out on Monday that is due Friday (I will collect on Tuesday for 2 e.c. points = 4%)

    To reinforce content understanding and to review class PowerPoints, go to:

    Advisory - all Advisory teachers

    A.V.I.D. - Mrs. Walker
    AVID decades of college dreams

    Student Binders are looking good. It is great to see students organized for success!

    Last week we took notes on taking notes. As silly as it sounds, students know a lot about good note taking, so now it is time to practice and perfect the system.

    Our editing focus this week will be on using abbreviations. Students will discuss and brainstorm a list of potential abbreviations they can use in their notes. Students should edit their notes for each class every night. A few minutes now will save them a lot of study time in the future.

    Students who are new to Field are welcome to stop by the AVID room for an application.

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    7th Grade Contact Information

    Mary Catherine Halasz (Language Arts, BEST, Advisory)
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    Sylvia Barnes (Social Studies, BEST, Advisory)
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    Mark Usem (BEST, Advisory)
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    Brenda Leviton (Spanish, Advisory)
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    Leon Boler (Science, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Heather Walker (AVID)
    (612) 668-3640

    Dan West (Math, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Julie Peterson (Social Work, Advisory)
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    Wendy Wolff (Councelor, Advisory)
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    Gretchen Mattson (BEST)
    (612) 668-3640

    Jane Zeleznikar (Classroom Support )
    (612) 668-3640

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