7th Grade Newsletter - September 2, 2014

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7th Grade Newsletter  

September 2, 2014 

Welcome to the 7th Grade Newsletter. 



We had a great first week! We can already tell that this is going to be a great year!


Just a reminder that this newsletter will be coming to your inbox the first of every week during the school year, and will help to keep you posted on all of the great happenings in 7th-grade at Field school this year.


Please read through the newsletter each week, and share the information with your child.



- The 7th Grade Team 


*Since it is the first of the year, if you know of any parents who are not receiving this newsletter each week, please reply and let me know, so that we can be sure to get them added to the list.

A few business items:

Please remind students that they can pick up forgotten lunches, instruments, homework, etc. in the office.  We do not call students down if their parents bring something in.  Also, if they call home to let you know they forgot something- tell them to leave a message at home so you know who called!  We get lots of calls every day from panicked parents wondering why the school called, when it was actually their child calling them from a school phone.

Lockers and locks:
Most students must share a locker.   Students will be asked to choose a locker partner from their advisory class.   Locker problems are frustrating for everyone, so we encourage students to stay with their assigned partner and their assigned locker, to make sure they use the lock, and to not share their combination with anyone else. We strongly suggest that students leave cell phones and other valuable items at home -- we cannot guarantee the safety of items left in lockers.

Please have your student return all their forms as quickly as possible -- by Friday would be ideal!   They can turn in forms directly to the office, or give them to their 1st hour or Advisory teachers.

Please report ALL absences directly to the school office (612-668-3640).  Vacations, illnesses, appointments -- contact the office directly. Even though we appreciate it when you notify us, teachers do not routinely forward such information to the office.

NEW HP Toner Cartridge Recycling Program:

We now have an HP toner recycling program.  We can collect them and earn money for the school.  Used HP Toner cartridges can be submitted to the office similarly to how we have done with the other education box-tops, labels, and milk-caps you collect.

Language Arts.

We had a great first week. I am slowly learning names and faces. My goal is to know each name and face by Friday.

This week the students will learn about Accountable Talk and Socratic Seminars. We spend a lot of important time in Socratic Seminars so our prep work is very important. We will have our first discussion on Wednesday. Our question is, Would you rather receive $2000 a week for life or $5 million dollars in one lump sum? Not a very literary topic, but a good one to learn how to have a Socratic Seminar.

Please check out my web page... you can get to it from the Field School website, or from the link at the column to the right. 


- Ms. Halasz



This week we will review basic ecology terms and take a close look at Jane Goodall's field study of chimpanzees.

Homework, RA1, Life on Earth
 will be passed out on Tuesday and due by Friday.  (We will work on most of the questions in class to make sure students know what is expected of them.)

To review science content, make-up notebook entries, watch a video clip about any science topic of interest, - go to the 7th grade science web page at: www.bolerscience.net
Social StudiesSocial Studies
This week in U.S. Studies we will be digging into the Declaration of Independence in order to understand the grievances outlined and the principles reflected in this document.  Students will have the chance to design a stamp, seal, or bill that symbolizes the principles of our early government.  We will use class time to work on this project.  No homework this week.


- Mrs. Odermatt





We've begun our first unit this year, where we will be exploring integers in our CMP unit: "Accentuate the Negative". Students should have gotten their text book last week; it is 3-hole punched, and should be put into their binder.


Students should receive a complete class syllabus this week. Make sure you ask to see it by the end of the week. After I hand it out, I will also put a copy on my website as a LINK that you can download.


Our first homework assignment was last Friday... so it will be interesting to see how many students come to class ready with it completed. I will be working with students to insure that we have correct format for the homework.


My website (LINK below) is up-and-running for this year... Take a few minutes to get familiar with it. Many students & parents have found it very helpful, especially with respect to seeing what we did in class each day, and what, if any, homework there is for the evening. It also lists my availability schedule for student help.


  - Mr Usem 


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Click HERE for Mr. Usem's Webpage

  The webpage lists what classwork we've done in class each day, references students' homework assignments, lists an availability schedule for students who need extra help, and has resources for parents & students. 

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