7th Grade Newsletter - September 4, 2012

7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade Newsletter
7th Grade Newsletter 7th Grade ROCKS!
September 4th

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  • Language Arts - Ms. Halasz

    Week one was a success and week two is off to a great start. A few reminders, if you have not seen or signed the syllabus you need to. It is printed on purple paper and I would love to have a 100% return rate. Also if you have not signed up to follow me on Twitter please do so. I can be found at Mchomework@twitter. The homework assignments will just magically fly to your phone or tablet.

    We started today with a discussion on honesty and will move from there to the history of the Star Spangled Banner. All of this background will lead us to our main theme, and our text. You should see books in your students hands later in the week or by Monday.

    Life is good!

    Math - Mr. West

    Hello everybody! Last week we got rolling on Accentuate the Negative, a unit on integers and rational numbers. We spent most of last week relating integer number lines to equations and now we are moving into operations with integers, which takes a bit of time for many students to understand and absorb.

    Below are listed the Learning Targets for Accentuate the Negative:

    ONE I can locate and plot positive and negative numbers and their opposites on a number line.

    TWO I can locate and plot pairs of positive and negative rational numbers on a coordinate grid.

    THREE I can compare positive and negative rational numbers using < , > , ≤ , ≥ , =.

    FOUR I can add and subtract positive and negative rational numbers.

    FIVE I can multiply and divide positive and negative rational numbers.

    SIX I can use integers to solve real world problems.

    SEVEN I can define absolute value and solve problems that use absolute value.

    EIGHT I can use the correct order of operations when a problem has more than one operation.

    NINE I can use the distributive property to create equivalent expressions.

    Social Studies -- Ms. Odermatt

    This week in 7th grade U.S. history we are designing a stamp, seal, or bill that a new nation would need. We will use the words of the constitution to analyze a primary source and get an understanding of our nation's first election in 1789. There will be many opportunities to compare issues with the 2012 election. Also, there is a homework assignment due next Mon, 9/10 involving a look into our personal histories. Can't wait for the cooler weather!

    Science - Mr. Boler

    This week we will do more work on the metric system including how to convert values between metric system units. On Wednesday we will begin our first Life Science Unit: Diversity of Life. In Lesson 1 part 1 we will work as a class to identify the seven charateristics that all living things share. In part 2 of Lesson 1 students will add water to five substances to determine if any are alive...

    The homework for this week is to finish A.F. 2 "Measuring Length with Metric System Units". It is due by Friday - some students finished it in school on Tuesday.

    To increase content understanding visit the 7th grade science web site at the URL listed below.

    Family Focus

    A.V.I.D. - Mrs. Walker
    AVID decades of college dreams

    Being READY TO LEARN is key to being successful in school. Being ready takes PLANNING. It is not just about getting enough sleep, eating a good breakfast, being on time, and having all of your supplies in class (although these are very important). Being ready starts in your head. Being ready includes what you say to yourself before and during school. Plan to think positive in school. Tell yourself to learn as much as possible each day, ask questions, sit by people who don't distract you, and to never give up! Challenge yourself to constantly improve.

    Have a great week! Mrs. Walker

    New Field families can find out more about AVID at Field by viewing the information and student created video on our website http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/AVID2.html Feel free to email me or stop by if you have further questions.

    Parent Portal

    7th Grade Contact Information

    Mary Catherine Halasz (Language Arts, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Nicole Odermatt (Social Studies, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Rick Feuling (BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Char Swanson (Spanish,French, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Leon Boler (Science, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Heather Walker (AVID)
    (612) 668-3640

    Dan West (Math, BEST, Advisory)
    (612) 668-3640

    Julie Peterson (Social Work)
    (612) 668-3640

    Wendy Wolff (Councelor)
    (612) 668-3640

    Sean Casey(BEST, Media)
    (612) 668-3640

    Margaret Miller (PTA Co-Chair) crmm@mninter.net

    Rich Flint (Site Council Community Representative) flint@richflint.com

    7th Grade Links

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