Eighth Grade Newsletter: February 13th
8th Grade 

For the week of 
February 13th

Welcome Back, Field Mice Families!

Winter Conferences

Winter conferences are this week!  Due to the fact that we have less time for these conferences (the evening of Feb. 16th and morning of Feb. 17th), these conferences are by request only.  The 8th grade team will be contacting some families over the next few weeks to schedule a conference.  If you would like to request a conference please e-mail Mr. Kafura at brian.kafura@mpls.k12.mn.us and he will do  his best to accommodate you.  As always, you may request an update of your student's progress at any time (e-mail is best), so feel free to get in touch.

English Language Arts (ELA)

We continue our pre-reading activities for our third quarter novel, 
To Kill a Mockingbird
Life in the 1930s research writing assignments are due this Thursday, February 16th! 
Choose either a news article or letter option for your final assignment.
The overview worksheet can be found on my webpage by clicking HERE!

"But I don't have any homework!"
Independent Reading is now graded as a part of their 8th grade ELA standards.
February's reading log and Prequel or Sequel activity will be due Friday, March 10th!

Remember to check the student portal for OVERDUE assignments or work that may be improved and show growth by completing a redo!
Mr. Sundlin's webpage is located here 
Wednesday: Computer Lab time for completing News Article or Letter

1930s Online Research Writing Assignment is due by the end of class tomorrow! 
 NAEP Testing / 
Independent Reading  Time
(February READING LOG and ACTIVITY DUE 3/10)
Friday: No School : Parent-Teacher Conferences

Intermediate Algebra
Craig Hamilton (email: craig.hamilton@mpls.k12.mn.us)

Hello Everyone!  This week we will finish studying properties of exponents, and will apply them to continue our study of exponential functions!
Monday (1/30)Properties of Exponents (Negative and 0)#1-20
Tuesday (1/31) Properties of Exponents Practice#1-20
Wednesday (2/1)Exponential Functions#1-20
Thursday (2/2)Exponential Functions (Growth and Decay)#1-20
Friday (2/3)Spring Conferences (No School)None

Don't forget!  Students are always welcome to retake any Learning Target Quizzes for which they did not meet the standard so that they may meet it.  Students must meet the standard on every LTQ, achieve a C or better in the class, and score "Meets" or better on the 8th grade MCA to advance at the end of the year.  I am available before school, during advisory, during lunch and recess, and after school on Fridays to facilitate retakes.

Science                                                  02/13/2017
There are many missing classwork assignments right now in the gradebook. Many of our 8th graders are not using their planners/calendars to record due dates and assignments.  There might be a connection...

Students are given time to work in class and if necessary, finish classwork at home to turn in on the due date.  

Lab: Convection in the mantle.
Finish notes - Plate boundaries. Iceland and the mid Atlantic spreading zone.
WednesdayReview for the test - Lithospheric Plate Movements and Earthquakes
Test: Lithospheric Plate Movements & Earthquakes
No School - morning parent teacher conferences
Have a great week! -Mr. Iverson

Global Studies  

 Students may fix their Africa mini-projects if they would like to improve their work.  The mini projects were entirely open note with students given 3 and a half hours in class to complete them.  They were meant for 8th graders to show the extent of their learning for an entire unit, and some students were not as successful in showing their learning and completing their work to the best of their ability.  Students that focused during both the project work time and our lessons about Sub-Saharan Africa were very successful and turned out very impressive projects.

Monday: Review of Judaism notes and Intro to Christianity

Tuesday: Review of Christianity notes and Intro to Islam

Wednesday: Comparison of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (due Wednesday next week)

Thursday: Women's Rights in the Middle East Discussion (depending on our progress with religions at the beginning of the week this may be moved to next week)

Friday: No School for Students (Conferences in the morning)

Get Your Yearbook!
Yearbooks are on sale NOW! 
Please go online to reserve 
your copy today.
If you choose to order by check, please make your check to Hale PTA and bring it to the office, either Hale or Field. 
The cost is $16.00. 

Please note the last day for personalized orders is 
THIS February 17th, 2017. 
After that date any extra options such as foil stamped personalizations and icons are no longer available and the price of the yearbook will increase to $18.00. 
Non-personalized Yearbooks will be available to order on the Jostens site for $18.00 until May 19, 2017.

Dates to Remember

    • FEB 13: African-American Parent Involvement Day
    • FEB 16: Box Tops Due Today! (in the office)
    • FEB 17: Last day for personalized yearbook orders. (price increases to $18)
    • FEB 17: NO SCHOOL - Conferences
    • FEB 20: NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day
    • MAR 30: End of 3rd Quarter
    • MAR 31 - APR 7: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
    • APR 10: Beginning of 4th Quarter


Dear Eighth Grader and Family,

Minneapolis Public Schools would like to invite you to be a Fast Track Scholar this summer!  This exciting program provides current 8th grade (going into 9th) students with the opportunity to meet new high school classmates and begin earning high school elective credits.  The goal is to prepare students for a smooth transition to high school. In order to participate, students must meet ALC criteria such as not meeting grade level academic standards, English Language Learner, or having inconsistent school attendance which significantly impacts achievement. AVID students also qualify to attend Fast Track Scholars, and teachers/counselors may recommend students.  

More information can be found on the Field website: click HERE!

 from the Field Social Worker... 

As the Social Worker at Field I am always amazed by the generosity of the Field Community. I am requesting your help with a Second Semester Supply Drive. I am in need of single subject notebooks, folders, pencils, binders and pencil pouches. Please drop your donations off at the Main Office. They are greatly appreciated!

Mariam Bashiri Graff    
School Social Worker, 
Field Middle School

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