8th Grade Newsletter
Week of 9 October 2017
Welcome Field Mice Families!
Here is your spot to find out what's happening in the 8th grade at Field Community School.  In the newsletter you can find reminders about upcoming events, opportunities, and assignments for each of your classes.  Use this resource to help you stay organized as we navigate the waters of 8th grade and get ready for a successful transition to high school!
Conferences are coming up on October 12th, 17th, and 18th.  Conferences time slots are 30 minutes long and allow you to meet with all four 8th Grade core teachers.  We only have a few time slots remaining on Wednesday morning (I can schedule e-mail/phone conferences as well).  If you would like to schedule or confirm a conference time please contact Mr. Kafura (brian.kafura@mpls.k12.mn.us). 
Language Arts
Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts!
This year you will be asked to critically engage your minds to create arguments and opinions you will support with text evidence. There will be a lot of inquiry based discussions as well as working on your writing skills through a variety of writing tasks.
Students will work in groups to create a research project around the weekly topic of Animal Testing.  They will then present their projects to the class.  We will continue to read the Giver chapters 13-15 as well and fill out the study guide.

~Ms. Risinger


Intermediate Algebra
Craig Hamilton (email: craig.hamilton@mpls.k12.mn.us)
Welcome!  This week we will continue our study of Linear Equations.
Description Homework
Monday  Point-Slope Form Introduction Convert to SI
Tuesday Point-Slope Word Problems Line Between 2 Pts
Wednesday  Standard Form Convert to SI
Thursday Graphing Graphing P-Slope
Friday  Learning Target Quiz None
Don't forget!  Students are always welcome to retake any Learning Target Quizzes for which they did not meet the standard so that they may meet it.  Students must meet the standard on every LTQ, achieve a C or better in the class, and score "Meets" or better on the 8th grade MCA to advance at the end of the year.  I am available before school, during advisory, during lunch and recess, and after school on Fridays to facilitate retakes.
Science                                                                                                                           10/09/2017
Score for our Seasons/Climate quiz will be in the gradebook by Monday evening.  I have a feeling a few students will want a second a shot at this quiz. There will be a study/review session with Mr. Iverson Tuesday in advisory - sign-ups will be on his door.  Retakes will be Thursday during advisory or lunch/recess time. 
Topics of Study for the week:
What makes up our atmosphere?   What are the layers of air above us & how are they different/similar to each other?    
Questions to ask your student:
What do you know about our atmosphere already?
What did you do to help yourself show your learning on the seasons quiz?
Did you attend the review session with Mr. Iverson?

Have a great week! -Mr. Iverson

Global Studies  

 Students will get their unit test back this week.  Students may fix their tests to earn half points back on what they missed.  We will review "fix expectations" in class on the day they get them back.  Students have received their project grades.  Students may fix things they lost points on to improve their grade.  Students must submit their original rubric again for a regrade!  If your student's project is coded as missing it means I have not received it (it is now over a week late!), please help them get it in ASAP!
Monday: Amazon Rainforest One Word Summary (due Wednesday)

Tuesday: Hurricanes
Wednesday: Earthquakes and Mudslides
Thursday: Machu Piccu
Friday: Machu Piccu
Look for a quiz to come on Tuesday next week about our Latin America Unit so far

Dates to Remember
  • October 12th:  Evening Conferences (3:00-7:30p)
  • October 17th:  Evening Conferences (3:00-7:30p)
  • October 18th - 20th: No School
  • October 18th:  Morning Conferences (7:30-11:30a)

Contact Info:
Language Arts 
Stacy Risinger
Craig Hamilton

Social Studies

8th Grade AVID
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Mechelle Tucker
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Mariam Graff
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Field School 
Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Co-Chair:  Jen Buss  plyspalace@comcast.net
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Traci Lynstad

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