8th Grade Newsletter



8th Grade Newsletter
Week of 27 November 2017
Welcome Field Mice Families!
Here is your spot to find out what's happening in the 8th grade at Field Community School.  In the newsletter you can find reminders about upcoming events, opportunities, and assignments for each of your classes.  Use this resource to help you stay organized as we navigate the waters of 8th grade and get ready for a successful transition to high school!
Holiday Helpers Update
Wish lists have been emailed to those who signed up.  If you didn't sign up but would still like to be involved in this program, we can always use monetary donations or gifts cards in any denomination from Target, Cub, Gas Stations, etc.   Money or gift cards may be dropped off at the Field School office before Dec. 6th.

We can still use a five more people to volunteer for the morning shift to get things ready for families on Dec. 9 from 9:00-11:00 am. Sign up for the shift here.
Washburn 8th Grade Open House and Tours This Week 
Washburn is hosting an Open House on November 30 from 6:00 - 8:00 to learn about the school. Please plan to stay the whole two hours for this event, which follows a bell schedule.
Tour Dates:
December Tours:
Dec. 8 and Dec. 12 from 9:15-10:45 AM you can reserve your tour spot here
As we receive information for other schools we will also pass it along.  In the meantime, if students have any additional specific questions right now please see Mr. Kafura
Language Arts
Welcome to the 2nd Quarter!
This year you will be asked to critically engage your minds to create arguments and opinions you will support with text evidence. There will be a lot of inquiry based discussions as well as working on your writing skills through a variety of writing tasks.
Students will continue to read and discuss To Kill A Mockingbird chapters 4-6.  We will also start a new Weekly Topic on bullying and begin preparing to write an informative essay.

~Ms. Risinger


Intermediate Algebra
Craig Hamilton (email: craig.hamilton@mpls.k12.mn.us)
Welcome!  This week we will finish up linear inequalities, use parallel and perpendicular lines to identify shapes in the coordinate plane, and have a unit test on Friday!
Description Homework
Monday  Systems of Inequalities Systems Ineq. CB#
Tuesday Classifying Shapes by Parallel or Perpendicular Shapes Practice
Wednesday  Parallel/Perpendicular Wrap-Up / Exam Review Study Guide
Thursday Review Study Guide
Friday  Exam 2 None
Don't forget!  Students are always welcome to retake any Learning Target Quizzes for which they did not meet the standard so that they may meet it.  Students must meet the standard on every LTQ, achieve a C or better in the class, and score "Meets" or better on the 8th grade MCA to advance at the end of the year.  I am available before school, during Advisory, specifically on Academic Tuesdays and Thursdays, and after school on Fridays to facilitate retakes.
Science                                                                                                                           11/27/2017

I was really impressed with the famous scientist posters produced by the 8th graders last week!  Many posters showed a great understanding of not only the scientist, but also how to present information in a quick and interesting fashion.  Nice job!  

We'll be looking at global wind patterns this week with a quiz next Monday on Convection/Local & Global Wind Patterns
Topics of Study for the week:
Air pressure and wind!          Global wind patterns
Questions to ask your student:
How does wind form?
What is air pressure
What are some examples of global wind patterns?

Have a great week! -Mr. Iverson

Global Studies  

 We will begin a new unit on Sub-Saharan Africa this week.  It will be extremely important for students to keep and track all assignments and work we do throughout this unit, because the final unit assessment will be mini projects.  We will not be starting these until after winter break and students will want their notes and other assignments to complete these.
Monday: Africa Brainstorming

Tuesday: Student Survey/Africa Exploration
Wednesday: Sub-Saharan Africa Mapping (Map Check in Class on Friday)
Thursday: Physical Geography of Sub Saharan Africa Alphabox Notes (due Tuesday)
Friday: Geothermal Energy and Sub Saharan Africa


Dates to Remember
  • November 30: Washburn Open House

Contact Info:
Language Arts 
Stacy Risinger
Craig Hamilton

Social Studies

8th Grade AVID
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Mechelle Tucker
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Mariam Graff
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Field School 
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