8th Grade Newsletter - February 23, 2015

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8th Grade News
For the Week of February 23rd, 2015

Welcome to the 8th Grade Newsletter 


Progress Reports

Electronic 3rd quarter progress reports will be coming out soon.  This tends to be the time of year students struggle the most.  Please review the progress report with your student and feel free to contact any member of the 8th grade team with questions.



English Language Arts (ELA)

To Kill a Mockingbird
Students have begun discussing significant moments from the text involving characters, setting, and our theme, growth and change.This week we focus on Chapters 4-8 in                To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM).

Students are graded each week using group quizzes and by contributing to class discussions.  Students must keep up with weekly reading deadlines. Check Mr. Sundlin's  TKAM webpage for support on chapter summaries and audio clips.

     Students who need to improve their Ch 1 or 2-3 Quiz grade must complete a Redo Action plan this week! See Mr. Sundlin for a retake quiz!  Remember to check on your child's progress for any missing assignments!


Mr. Sundlin's webpage is located here

Monday: Turn-in Ch 2-3 Quiz / Ch 4-5 Discussion 
Tuesday:  Ch 6-8 Discussion 
Wednesday: Cont. class discussion
Thursday: Ch. 4-8 Quiz 
Bring TKAM or Independent Reading book tomorrow! 
Friday:  Independent Reading & Open Mic /
 Socratic Seminar Chpts. 4-8
Read Chapters 9-11 for next week!

Mr. Sundlin

Intermediate Algebra

We are now starting the Pythagorean Theorem Unit.  We still have a lot of units to cover so if students do not finish their classwork in class it will now become homework on top of what is already assigned. 

Monday: rational / Irrational HW 
 Review HW

Wednesday:  Pythagorean Theorem  Test

Thursday/Friday: Exponential Unit
HW: Will be given in class.


Earthquakes - identifying, measuring, and predicting are the topics of the week.

Our schedule for the week:

Earthquake - Self Check
Homework given out.
Reading a seismogram.

Triangulation based on seismic station reports.

Examining earthquakes in real time.

Optional: Retakes on past quizzes during advisory.

Review homework and triangulation review.

Have a great week!
Mr. Iverson
Global Studies  
We are now 2 and a half weeks from our Model UN conference.  It is extremely important students make good use of their class time so they are prepared for the conference.  Unprepared students will not be able to take part in the conference and will be completing an alternate research paper the day of the conference instead.  Keep checking with your student that they are on top of the work.

Monday: Work day for students to continue to add to their refugee notes and work on their solution brainstorm.

Tuesday: Model UN presenter on resolutions SOLUTION BRAINSTORM CHECK

Wednesday: Resolution Activity

Thursday/Friday: Position paper writing (rough draft of position paper due by Monday next week, STUDENTS WITHOUT A POSITION PAPER WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONFERENCE!)
Reader's Workshop

Dates to Remember
Dates to Remember 
  • 2/26-2/28 - Scholastic Book Fair
  • 2/27- Group Picture Day Day & Box Tops Due
  • 2/28 - Pancake Breakfast
  • 3/6- AVID to Augsburg
  • 3/11- 8th Grade Model UN        (Periods3 -8)

on sale now!

Please go online to reserve your copy today www.jostensyearbooks.com

The cost for a yearbook is $17.00


If you have any questions, please call Mike Lieb at 612-822-2064 or

by email at liebc1@msn.com 

Student Council Boxtops Fundraiser
For the next month+ Advisories will be collecting Boxtops to raise money for Field Community.  General Mills donates directly to schools at $.10 per Boxtop.  We are hoping to collect over 50 Boxtops per student.  

To encourage participation, advisories will be competing in a contest to collect the most Boxtops.  The advisory with the most Boxtops on February 24th will win a pizza party
sponsored by the PTA.  The top 4 individual contributors will also win a gift card to Chipotle, iTunes, or Target.  Student Council will count and track Boxtop collections.  
Please place them in a Ziploc bag and fill out an information sheet (# of Boxtops, Name, Advisory Teacher) to place in the bag. 

In This Issue
Contact Info:

Language Arts 
Michael Sundlin


Social Studies

8th Grade AVID

Additional Advisory teachers:

Ola Lloyd

Bev Halvorson


School Social Worker:
Chris Yohe


Anna Sonmore-Costello

Reading Specialist:

Bev Halvorson



Math Specialist:

Seth Leavitt





Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Deirdre McMahon
Eric Muschler



Main Office (and Attendance):


Traci Lynstad

We are assembling a team to send to the Regional MathCounts Competition at the University of Minnesota on Friday, February 6, 2015.

Team membership is open to any 7th or 8th grade student.

We will meet Tuesdays and Fridays for Math lunch and recess in Ms. Lindsay's classroom (room 107). Students are welcome to come to as many or as few lunches as they choose.

We will hold our school competition on Tuesday, February 3 during lunch.  The top 4 finishers will compete for Field School in the Regional Tournament.

If you have any questions about the Math Team or the Tournament, please contact Seth Leavitt, Field Math Specialist.


About the Site Council:

Site Council meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact the 8th grade representative to be added to the agenda.

School Counselor News, 
from Chris Yohe:

High School Choice is 

Due Soon!


If you have not completed a MPS High School Choice form either online or in a paper copy

- Please do so soon!


These forms must be postmarked by Feb. 28.

We encourage all 8th graders to do a form, no matter where they are currently planning to attend high school.  Students have been informed of how to complete these forms.


Sometimes plans change, and it is good to have a back-up!


Online forms are available on the MPS web site. You can also download a copy at the MPS web site.


Contact Mr. Yohe if you have any questions.

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