8th Grade Newsletter - February 29, 2016

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8th Grade News
For the Week of February 29th 2016

Midquarter Progress Reports
3rd quarter is already halfway done!  Midquarter progress reports are now available.  This means it is a good time to review the portal with your student to see what is going well and what they could improve on.  Please contact teachers with any questions about specific assignments or grades.

Valleyfair Requirements
As some of you may know, the 8th grade Valleyfair trip is the traditional end of year celebration trip.  As a way to help students remain successful all of the way until the end of 2nd semester the 8th grade team created an academic requirement to attend the Valleyfair trip last year and will be continuing it this year.

In order to go on the Valleyfair trip at the end of the year students cannot have any F's in their core classes.  We do recognize that for some students this may be difficult even if they are putting in the effort.  We also recognize that our entire focus this year has been on improvement for all of our students, so we do have an appeal process for students that may have an F at the end of 2nd semester.  If a student does have an F they may appeal to an 8th grade teacher to still be allowed to go.  In their appeal the student must give evidence of their effort to improve (ex. meeting with the teacher for extra help, taking advantage of retake opportunities, etc.).

The 8th grade team is communicating this now to give students ample opportunity to get on top of their grades.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the 8th grade team.


English Language Arts (ELA)

This week we begin our first Socratic Seminar discussing student's choice of the most significant events in chapters 4-8.  
Students are graded on contributing comments and questions to our whole class discussion using specific evidence from the text, direct quotes, and personal observations.

Students will continue reading chapters 9-11 this week; discussing and tracking significant events, and the growth and change of different characters in the novel.

Multiple resources for To Kill a Mockingbird 
can be found
 by clicking HERE!

Monday: Chapter 4-8 Significant Moments /Socratic Seminar 
Chpts. 4-8 Significant Moments Workshet Due Today!
Tuesday: Chapter 9 / Discussion Groups
Wednesday: Chapter 10 / Discussion Groups
Thursday:  Chapter 11 / Discussion Groups
Friday:  1931 Day at the Movies Film Review 
February Independent Reading Survey and Activity Due Today

Independent Reading/Open Mic is back on Fridays! Remember to complete your February Independent Reading Log and  Prequel or Sequel Activity.
The February online survey can be found on my webpage by clicking here!
Mr. Sundlin
FRIDAY, March 4th!
Mousetrap is looking for NEW editors and contributors to join the newspaper.
See Mr. S or show up at the Media Center
on Friday at 2:45pm!

newspaper art1
Are you energetic?
Enjoy writing and sharing ideas?
Have fun working in groups?

Students interested in playing a part reporting our school news 
can meet in the Media Center after school to share 
their skills and talents! (i.e. reporting, writing, photography, survey, art)
Listen and look for Mousetrap reminders in class, at lunch, and in the hallways!

Intermediate Algebra
Parabolas are everywhere! We continue the study of quadratics and all involved. We will be analyzing quadratic equations dealing with areas of rectangles and the dimensions of each side. For those of you (parents) that remember the 'old fashioned way of factoring/multiplying polynomials - you will be amazed at how easy this new technique is.

As always, students can practice (during recess or after school) and redo Learning Targets.

This week's agenda:
Monday:  2.1
Tuesday: 2.2
Wednesday:  2.3
Thursday/Friday:  Multiplying polynomials

Contact me with concerns/questions at:  judy-ann.ehrlich@mpls.k12.mn.us  
This week's schedule is very similar for Mr. R's classes and Mr. Iverson's classes. 

Monday - Mineral identification lab

Tuesday - Igneous Rock Notes

Wednesday - Igneous Rocks Crystal Formation lab

Thursday - Igneous Rock Classifying Lab

Friday - Sedimentary Rock Notes

Mr. Iverson
Global Studies  
 Model UN is the major Social Studies project in 8th grade.  Students will be given ample time to complete this in class to prepare for their Model UN conference in March.  It is absolutely key that students stay on track with due dates and small assignments to be prepared and complete their project. 

Monday: Intro to research and country assignments

Tuesday: Country Notes

Wednesday: Country Notes (Finish Note Packet for Friday)

Thursday:  Solution Brainstorm (Due Monday)

Friday: Position Paper Introduction/Finish Notes

Reading B.E.S.T.

READ 180: Next Generation

This week in READ 180 students will finish Workshop #7: Alien Invaders.They will take the rSkills  end-of-workshop test on Monday.
The workshop began with an anchor video that provided background about invasive species. It raised the essential question for the unit: Can scientists stop the devastating effects of alien invaders? Some of the invaders we read about included Kudzu, red fire ants, zebra mussels, and northern snakehead.

-  Ms. Halvorson
     Reading Interventionist

Transition to High School

Field's 8th graders can now register for Fast Track Scholars! Fast Track Scholars is a summer program for current 8th graders. The program provides the opportunity for students to begin earning high school credits this summer and help them transition into high school.  

Click the link below for more information.
See Kelly Burnett for more information and registration forms.
Kelly Burnett
Licensed School Counselor
Field Community School
High School Choice:

All online or paper high school choice requests are to be completed by March, 5th 2016. Students will be notified of their acceptance sometime Early to mid April, 2016.
Any questions or to schedule a parent conference, contact Ms. Burnett at 612-668-3654 or send an email to kelly.burnett@mpls.k12.mn.us

What is the Spring Fling?
Planning continues for The Spring Fling! For those who may not be familiar with The Spring Fling, it's a fun-filled, adult-only party with music, dancing, food, cocktails and mingling that builds community spirit and raises money for our schools. This year's fundraising event will run from 7-11 p.m. on April 30th at Our Lady of Peace where the committee will transform the OLP gym into a world tour featuring Coney Island's Boardwalk, Germany's Octoberfest and other global destinations. 

In my 5 years in the Hale/Field community I have been overwhelmed and impressed by the generous people that support our schools. This party is a great way to continue that while also getting to know the parents and teachers of our schools.

I am really looking forward to this year's Spring Fling and I hope that you can join us! For now, get 4/30/16 on you calendar and look for more details to follow. 

Jackie Just 
Spring Fling Co-Chair

Want to be more involved in Spring Fling?

We would be overjoyed to have you share your talents with us as we continue to plan this fantastic event. Please consider joining one of the volunteer teams. Even if you only have an hour to give, we'd love to have you. 
More information on volunteer teams here: http://vols.pt/Hzdfk2

Spring Fling Parent Information Form

Dear families,
Regardless of if you are able to attend or not, the Spring Fling Committee is hopeful you'll take the time to fill out this quick online parent information form to better help them plan for this year's fun-filled event. It should only take a few minutes of your time: http://tinyurl.com/j592bmh
 Order Your Yearbook : Yearbooks are now on sale! 
Please go online to reserve your copy at www.jostensyearbooks.com. However, if you choose to pay by check, please make your check payable to Hale PTA and bring it to the Hale or Field office. 
The cost for a yearbook is $18.00.

Dates to Remember Dates to Remember
  • 3/2 - Site Council
  • 3/15 - Foundation Meeting
  • 3/17 - Ice Cream Social
           BLACK Male Field Trip
  • 3/18 - Grades 6-8 Dance
    • March 24 (Thu): End of Quarter 3
    • March 25 (Fri) - April 1 (Fri):  NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)
    • April 4 (Mon):  Begin Quarter 4
    • April 30 (Sat):  Spring Fling -- annual fundraiser (adults)
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Language Arts 
Michael Sundlin

Judy-Ann Ehrlich (long call sub)


Social Studies

8th Grade AVID


Ola Lloyd

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School Social Worker:
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Reading Specialist:
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Math Specialist:
Craig Hamilton


Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Jeanne Mettner
Cell (612)889-8047

Korey Stoelzing
Main Office (and Attendance):
Traci Lynstad

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About the Site Council:

Site Council meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact the 8th grade representative to be added to the agenda.

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