8th Grade Newsletter - January 16, 2017

Eighth Grade Newsletter: January 16th
8th Grade 

For the week of 
January 16th

Welcome Back, Field Mice Families!

Recess Reminder

Just a reminder that students should come to school prepared to go outside for recess (coat, hat, gloves, etc.).  You should bring your coat/hat/gloves with you to lunch.  If you are staying in to work with a teacher that must be arranged with the teacher ahead of time and you need to get a pass.  When it is too cold or raining indoor recess will be announced ahead of time whenever possible (do not assume that it is indoor recess when there is no announcement, if you aren't sure ask an adult).

End of 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester

The end of 2nd quarter and 1st semester is quickly approaching.  Both the quarter and semester end next week on Thursday, Jan. 26th.  With short weeks this will come faster than expected.  Make sure you are taking care of any missing work/fix-up/retake opportunities as soon as possible.

English Language Arts (ELA)

Poetry Anthologies inspired by Bronx Masquerade 
By Nikki Grimes

Students will be given additional time completing, collaborating, and organizing their poetry anthologies in-class and computer lab 
over the next two weeks.
Students have been analyzing poetic devices from our text, 
working on writing individual poems, collaborating with peers, 
and organizing individual final poetry anthologies.  
Students require additional time as well spent at home completing and organizing their  final poem drafts and organizing their anthology.

Study your Poetic Devices worksheet for your final Quiz on Friday!
Extra copies of the glossary and poem directions
are in the extras folders in the back of room 108! 

"But I don't have any homework!" 
Independent Reading is now graded as a part of their 8th grade ELA standards.
Independent Reading Survey and (visual) Actvity is due Friday, February 3rd!

Check the student portal for OVERDUE assignments or work that may be improved and show growth by completing a redo!
Mr. Sundlin's webpage is located here 
Monday: No School : MLK Day
Tuesday: Bronx Masquerade NOTES -EPILOGUE / Poetry Writing Workshop
Wednesday: Bronx Masquerade Quiz- TURN IN CHARACTER CHART WORKSHEET! /  Independent Reading
:Begin Poetry Anthology FINAL organization in computer lab /  
Writing Workshop
FridayPoetic Devices Quiz (study your Poetic Devices packet!)  / 
Writing Workshop

Intermediate Algebra
Craig Hamilton (email: craig.hamilton@mpls.k12.mn.us)

Hello Everyone!  This week we will finish up our Unit Test on Systems of Equations and Inequalities and start a brand new unit on Functions.  This is a chance for students to start fresh with new material.  I encourage each of them to take advantage of this chance and really start the "2nd half" off strong!
Monday (1/16)No School (Martin Luther King Day)None
Tuesday (1/17) Compound Functions#1-20
Wednesday (1/18)Compound Functions Practice#1-20
Thursday (1/19)Domain and Range Extension, Creating Graphs#1-12
Friday (1/20)MAP Testing Day 1 (Will finish on Monday)None

Don't forget!  Students are always welcome to retake any Learning Target Quizzes for which they did not meet the standard so that they may meet it.  Students must meet the standard on every LTQ, achieve a C or better in the class, and score "Meets" or better on the 8th grade MCA to advance at the end of the year.  I am available before school, during advisory, during lunch and recess, and after school on Fridays to facilitate retakes.

We are off and into our second of three big topics of study for the year - The Changing Earth.  It's geology time in the 8th grade science class.

microscopeMon: MLK day - no classes

Tues: Quiz - Minerals and Earth's Interior

Wed: Re-Teaching for those scoring low on the quiz.  Enrichment for those students scoring proficient on the quiz.

Thur: Where do earthquakes happen in the world - map making.

Fri: How scientists studied earthquakes before the modern era.

Have a great week and restful break! -Mr. Iverson

Global Studies  

  Students will be receiving their mini project options this week and will receive work time in class to complete them (these projects will take the place of a test for this unit).  Projects are due Tuesday next week, however they will be entered on students' 3rd quarter grade to give them an opportunity to make any fixes they would like when they receive them back.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Mini Project Intro

Wednesday: Mini Project Work Time

Thursday: Mini Project Work Time

Friday: Mini Project Work Time/Extension Opportunity For Students Who Are Finished

Get Your Yearbook!
Yearbooks are on sale NOW! 
Please go online to reserve 
your copy today.
If you choose to order by check, please make your check to Hale PTA and bring it to the office, either Hale or Field. The cost is $16.00. 

Please note the last day for personalized orders is February 17th, 2017. After that date any extra options such as foil stamped personalizations and icons are no longer available and the price of the yearbook will increase to $18.00. 
Non-personalized Yearbooks will be available to order on the Jostens site for $18.00 until May 19, 2017.

Dates to Remember

    • JAN 16: NO SCHOOL - MLK Day
      Jan 23: Muffins w/ Miller and Martin AM
    • JAN 26: End of 2nd Quarter
    • JAN 27-30: NO SCHOOL -Teacher record-keeping and professional development
    • JAN 31: Beginning of 3rd Quarter
      • FEB 7: 7th & 8th Grade Ski Trip (No regular classes)
      • FEB 9: Curio Dance: Drop the Mic (HipHop) - 10:00-12:00PM
      • FEB 13: African-American Parent Involvement Day
      • FEB 17: NO SCHOOL - Conferences
      • FEB 21: NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day
      • MAR 30: End of 3rd Quarter
      • MAR 31 - APR 7: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
      • APR 10: Beginning of 4th Quarter


 from the Field Social Worker... 

As the Social Worker at Field I am always amazed by the generosity of the Field Community. I am requesting your help with a Second Semester Supply Drive. I am in need of single subject notebooks, folders, pencils, binders and pencil pouches. Please drop your donations off at the Main Office. They are greatly appreciated!


Mariam Bashiri Graff    
School Social Worker, 
Field Middle School

Contact Info:

Language Arts 
Michael Sundlin
Craig Hamilton

Social Studies

8th Grade AVID

7th/8th Grade Health

Support Staff:
Dymekea Bellamy

School Social Worker:
Mariam Graff
Days at school: Mon., Tues., Wed.,Thurs.

Kate Kippling

Leah Herzog
Jennifer Jonland

Reading Specialist:
Bev Halvorson

Field School 
Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Co-Chair:  Jen Buss  plyspalace@comcast.net
Co-Chair: Leah Kondes lkondes@gmail.com
Main Office (and Attendance):
Traci Lynstad

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