8th Grade Newsletter - January 20, 2016

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8th Grade News
For the Week of January 18th 2015
Start of 2nd Semester
As we begin 2nd semester we encourage students to look at it as a fresh start and a chance to set new goals for their last semester of middle school.  We know our students can accomplish a lot and want to do our best to ensure all of them are successful with their transition to high school.

Ski Trip
On January 29th the 8th grade is headed to Hyland Hills with the 7th grade for a ski trip during the day.  Permission slips were handed out last week.  Please return them as soon as possible to Mr. Iverson.  There are scholarship funds available if the cost of the trip is an issue, just contact an 8th grade teacher.

Winter Conferences
Winter conferences are coming up for the evening of February 11th and morning of February 12th.  Due to time slots being more limited these conferences are by request only.  The 8th grade team will be contacting some families about conferences beginning next week.  If you would like to request a conference for your student please e-mail Mr. Kafura (brian.kafura@mpls.k12.mn.us) and we will do our best to work out a time.  As always, feel free to e-mail any 8th grade teacher directly with any questions or concerns about your student's progress.


English Language Arts (ELA)

This week we begin pre-reading activities for our 3rd Quarter novel, 
To Kill a Mockingbird. We will begin the quarter reading articles and researching online resources determining the differences for white and black communities during the 1930s.
This activity will culminate in a letter writing assignment describing aspects of life in the 1930s for all people. Directions for this assignment will be discussed next week.

:  NO SCHOOL : No School
Tuesday: NO SCHOOL : Staff Development for teachers
Wednesday: Pre-Reading Activities for To Kill A Mockingbird (TKAM) 
Intro to Life in the 1930's / Reading "Southerntown"
Thursday:   Continue "Southerntown" discussion
Friday: Read "Growing Up White in the 1930s" 

We will have give models and directions for our January Independent Reading Surveys and  Activity (FACEBOOK Character Page) in class next week!

The January online survey can be found on my webpage by clicking here!
Mr. Sundlin
MN Be Heard Youth Poetry Slam Series

Click HERE to get information, including preliminary dates, for the Twin Cities youth poetry slam!

This week's poetry slam is on Friday, January 22nd at Walk West Music Academy
760 Selby Av. St Paul MN55104

 It is also fun to come and just be a spectator/audience!

See Mr. Sundlin for a copy of the MN Be Heard Rule Book and support preparing for competing in these upcoming events!

FRIDAY, January 22nd!

newspaper art1
Are you energetic?
Enjoy writing and sharing ideas?
Have fun working in groups?

Students interested in playing a part reporting our school news 
can meet in the Media Center after school to share 
their skills and talents! (i.e. reporting, writing, photography, survey, art)
Listen and look for Mousetrap reminders in class, at lunch, and in the hallways!
 Order Your Yearbook : Yearbooks are now on sale! 
Please go online to reserve your copy at www.jostensyearbooks.com. However, if you choose to pay by check, please make your check payable to Hale PTA and bring it to the Hale or Field office. 
The cost for a yearbook is $16.00.

*Please note the last day for personalized orders is February 12th. 
After that date any extra options such as foil stamped personalization's and icons are no longer available and the price of the yearbook will increase to $18.00. 


Intermediate Algebra

New Grading for Organization and Preparation!!
Participation Counts  
Your voice is very important for all to hear

Sit in your assigned seat.
Organization grade:
  • Have your notebook out in front of you at the beginning of class.  You must have a notebook or a binder for this organization grade
Participation grade:
You must earn at least one  participation point each day.
You have 2 ways to earn participation a grade.
  • Raise your hand and offer a productive question or comment.
  • You will be called on at some point in time in class if you do not volunteer. I will choose a random card number (by table)  and if it is yours, a table member  will be expected to offer a relevant comment.  I will continue to call that table number until all have particpated.

If you choose not to do the above, you will come to the room during recess of the same day (if you are in 1st or 3rd hour) or recess the following day (if you are in 6th or 7th hour.) If you do not want to come in for recess you may stay after school.

During the time you are in recess/after school, you will write me a note explaining why have chosen  not to participate.  I will then forward the note to  your parent/guardian.

If you do not come in for recess/after school, I will be calling home to your parent/guardian.

I know that you will be able to earn these grades very easily.  You have a lot to offer and should be proud of your accomplishments, your curiosity, your organization and your want to know more.

Contact me with concerns/questions at:  judy-ann.ehrlich@mpls.k12.mn.us 

Monday- MLK
Tuesday- No School - Professional Development
Wednesday- In Class- Discovering Algebra: page 352 (problems 2,34,6)
Homework: GGG 1-4, 15-21, 31-38
Thursday- In Class:  Discovering Algebra: page 358 (problems 6, 11, 12)
        Homework: GGG 5-8, 22,23
Friday- Discovering Algebra 370 (problems 1,2,3,4,5,6)
        Finish the GGG Packet in Class
I'd like to take a little space to welcome Mr. Ratzlaff - a student teacher spending some time our classroom this quarter.  He will be finishing up his work enroute to a middle school science teaching license in the next quarter.  Some of our classes will have Mr. R teaching a majority of the week (while I help/observe).  I know it will be a great experience for everyone.

Monday: No School - MLK Holiday

Tuesday: No School - Teacher training

Wednesday: Reviewing HW - Graphing earthquake waves

Thursday: Short Quiz - Layers of the Earth - P + S waves on a seismograph.

Friday:  Seismograph lab.

Mr. Iverson
Global Studies  
As we begin our new semester we will wrap up our look at the physical geography of the Middle East.  Students will have a quiz on Middle East physical geography Thursday. There is a quizlet link on my website to help students review.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Physical Geography Review 

Thursday:  Physical Geography Quiz (Oil/Water Assignment due)

Friday: Ms. Burnett will be teaching a high school transition lesson

Reading B.E.S.T.

Dates to Remember
Dates to Remember 
  • JAN 18: NO SCHOOL - MLK Day
  • JAN 19: NO SCHOOL - Teacher's Professional Development day
  • JAN 20: Beginning of 3rd quarter
  • FEB 8: National African American                                  Parent Involvement Day
  • FEB 11: Parent-Teacher Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)
  • FEB 12: NO SCHOOL for students - Parent-Teacher Conferences (7:30-11:30am)
  • FEB 15: NO SCHOOL -Presidents Day
Contact Info:

Language Arts 
Michael Sundlin

Judy-Ann Ehrlich (long call sub)


Social Studies

8th Grade AVID


Ola Lloyd

Bev Halvorson


School Social Worker:
Kelly Burnett


Marty Johnson

Allison McCarthy

Reading Specialist:
Bev Halvorson

Math Specialist:
Craig Hamilton


Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Jeanne Mettner
Cell (612)889-8047

Korey Stoelzing
Main Office (and Attendance):
Traci Lynstad

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About the Site Council:

Site Council meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact the 8th grade representative to be added to the agenda.

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