8th Grade Newsletter - January 27, 2014

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8th Grade News for the 
Week of January 27, 2014
     Winter conferences will be held Thursday, Feb. 13 from 3:00-7:30pm & Friday, Feb. 14 from 7:30-11:30 a.m.  These conferences will be by request only. The 8th grade team will be contacting some parents/guardians to set up conferences.  We will then work with our remaining conference slots to accommodate any parent/student requests for conferences.  If you would like to request a conference please e-mail Mr. Kafura at Brian.Kafura@mpls.k12.mn.us 

with your preferred day and any time restrictions.


Social Media 101"
"Protect My Rep(utation)" is an interactive website designed to help teens learn social media etiquette and explore the risks and benefits of their "posting" patterns.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snap Chat are just a few of the many social media sites that an exploding number of teens are using- including our very own beloved Field students! 


We are excited to have the creators of "Protect my Rep" coming to Field from the University of St. Thomas Journalism program! We hope all 7th and 8th grade students along with their parents will join us for this fantastic opportunity to explore together how social media sites can enhance and jeopardize our online reputations as well as future job and college opportunities. Check out the 360 magazine (http://www.threesixtyjournalism.org) as well as the "Protect my Rep" website  (http://www.protectmyrep.org) for more information. 


We will have dinner for purchase in the Commons area prior to the presentation, from 6:30-7:30 p.m., along with information about high school transition, summer job opportunities  and AVID.  We scheduled it later in the evening so parents coming for conferences would still be able to join us!

7th/8th Grade

Ski Trip to Hyland Hills!

Friday, January 31 

The 7th and 8th grade classes from Field will be spending the entire day Friday, (8:30am-2:30pm) on this field trip, and students should plan on being outside the entire day.  At the meeting last Friday afternoon, students were given Waivers that need to be signed and returned.  These waivers are in addition to the permission slips and the money that you may have already sent in.
Wednesday, Jan. 29
Cost:  $25/student
(includes lift-ticket, ski lesson, equipment rental, and busing)
  • Students may bring their own equipment.

    There is no discount in Hyland's price.

  • Students can snowboard only if they have their own boots, bindings, and snowboard.
  • There is no snowboard rental during school days (Hyland's rule)
*NOTE: There is no cost barrier to participation in this event. If your family needs scholarship assistance to allow your child to participate in this trip, please contact your child's advisory teacher. 
LunchStudents should either bring their own lunch, a school lunch, or money to purchase a lunch at Hyland (approx $10)
Also, students may stay late at Hyland for more skiing... but Field School MUST have a signed parent/guardian permission slip IN ADVANCE.
                Chaperones are welcome!
    • (only $10 cost for chaperones)
Other Ski Trip Specifics 
Ski Trip money should be turned in with each slip, and the team needs the parent signature and lunch count so please send in the official form. 
Anyone interested in chaperoning should fill out their name and contact information at the bottom of the form. 
Language Arts
Hello, families! Hope you've been staying warm. 

By Wednesday, we'll have finished reading part one of To Kill a Mockingbird. We'll be using the Cornell Notes students took about character development in chapters 9-11 to start thinking about the essential questions for this unit: What role does society play in determining right and wrong? How do authors' choices affect our understanding of a text and its ideas? According to this text, what is one person's responsibility to another? 

This week, students will be receiving information about the analytical essays we're writing during the unit. There will be time to work on these next week. Be thinking about which question you want to tackle, students! You need to choose a topic by February 5th. 

A number of students are regularly coming to class unprepared: either without book, pencil and binder, or without finishing the assigned reading. The materials need to come to class daily, no exceptions. If you are having trouble finishing the reading outside of class, please come see me. There are audiobook resources posted on my website. If you are unable to listen at home, you can come during recess or after school if you arrange a time with me. Waiting until a quiz day to finish reading independently means that you lose the opportunity to get an A for that quiz (with a limit of 80%), but more importantly you miss out on the rich discussions we're having in class. Don't cheat yourself out of these experiences, and don't deprive your classmates of the opportunity to hear your good ideas. Come prepared. 

There will be no letter this week. Provided the weather cooperates, next week (February 3-7) will be our first week with a letter assignment this quarter. Everyone signed up for new due dates, so make sure to turn the letters in on or before the correct day. 

Here's the link to my website, where you'll find all the materials for this unit: http://mrsscheumann.weebly.com. You can also get there through the school website, under the teaching teams on the left side bar. 

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Merissa Scheumann~
8th Grade English Language Arts

Field Community School

Intermediate Algebra
Last week students started the OLPA Test and will be finishing them during BEST this week.  It is a test very similar to the MCA which will show me what skills we need to review before the end of the school year.  
The students Learning Targets for going between linear equation forms will be posted this week.  Many of the students did really well.  At this time the students will not be retaking those learning targets because in two weeks they will all be retested on them.  At that point if they still would like to practice more and retake them they will then get the opportunity to sign up during Advisory or Recess. 
Tuesday-Inequalities Review and Practice
HW: One Variable Inequalities
Wednesday-Graphing Two Variable Inequalities
Thursday-Graphing Two Variable Inequalities
HW:Two Variable Inequalities

Erin Lindsay
Field Community School 


 Mr. Iverson will inform the students of assignment due dates as well any test or quizzes during class this week.  Look for more information in his column next week.

Global Studies  
This week students will continue learning about the physical geography and natural resources of the Middle East.  Students will have another class period to work with their chosen note taking strategy using chapters 18 and 19 of their online textbooks.  They will also have the opportunity to work with a classmate to edit their notes.  
Their completed note sheet with edits is due Thursday.  We will then end our week exploring how petroleum resources have affected the Middle East.  Finally, a big thank you to students for dealing with the interruptions with school closings. Your flexibility with changing lesson plans and desire to get right back on track when we come back to school is greatly appreciated.
Brian Kafura
World Studies
Field Middle School
Reader's Workshop
   Good morning!    This week we continue our focus on a reading strategy that allows students to easily apply parts of the strategy to all their reading required for any class in their schedule.  Last week, we changed our introduction to this strategy to allow students to do a Quickwrite and look for links to the Say Something strategy.

"Pause to Connect" is an active reading strategy that asks students to pause at different times throughout the reading and think critically about the relationship between language (the words in the text) and meaning (what I think the words mean). 

Pause to Connect asks you to connect ideas within the text, seeking to understand what the author says and how s/he says it. Highly proficient readers read top to bottom, from left to right, but also bottom to top and right to left; they stop mid-sentence to reread important ideas, consult reading aids like dictionaries and thesauruses while working through a difficult passage, find connections among words, and consider various other textual details with reading. 

Whew! Sounds like a lot of work, right!  Well, it is, but you have to keep in mind that the texts you will be asked to read as you progress through secondary school and into college are going to get progressively harder and you have to develop the skills to meet those challenges.

I am looking forward to the work with the students!  This week, we continue with our Cornell notes, a quiz, and lots of demonstrations!  As always, please contact me with questions or concerns.

Mr. J
Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School
From our Administrators:

School Counselor news from Wendy Wolff!

newspaper art1
High School Requests are due February 28, 2014!
All students planning to attend an MPS high school need to submit a request online or send in a paper request. (http://highschoolrequest.mpls.k12.mn.us) Even if you are not planning to choose an MPS high school for your child, it is still a good idea to submit a request as your back up plan. I would be happy to talk with you if you have any questions or are having any trouble submitting your request!  
High School Information!
Family Tours are a great way to gather information about the schools.  I will post information as it comes available on the high school information board outside the Math room.  
Washburn has scheduled their family tour dates as follows. Reservations are required and can be made by contacting Rebecca Syring at refel001@mpls.k12.mn.us 
·         THIS THURSADY!January 30 - 7:00-8:00 a.m.
·         February 2 - 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the MPS High School transition process! I am at Field on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Wendy Wolff
Field School Counselor
News from Julie Peterson, School Social Worker
     Having trouble making it to school on time every day?  Then it's time to come up with a new plan!  Tardiness is a chronic problem for some students at Field School and this creates a problem for all students, as well as teachers.  An occasional tardy is not really a big problem and sometimes cannot be avoided.  However, consistent habitual tardiness is a problem. Remember that being on time means being seated in your assigned seat or space and ready to work when the second bell rings at 8:05am signaling the start of the class period.
▪ Understand the importance of being on time.  Students who are always on time earn the best grades and enjoy the most success.  The same is true in the workplace.  Start training your students to be on time now and develop this good habit that will last a lifetime.
▪ Get enough sleep.  If getting out of bed in the morning is a problem, make a serious effort to get to bed earlier.  Getting enough sleep also helps students focus better in the classroom and is important for overall good health.
▪ Prepare for school the night before.  Don't wait until you are already rushed in the morning to pack your backpack or complete homework papers.  Get it done the night before and put the backpack by the door.
▪ The start of first period is 8:05am you should plan to arrive at 7:55am.
▪ If one person in the house is running late, everyone is running late.  Make a family commitment to be on time to school every day. 
Julie Peterson, LICSW, MSW
Field School Social Worker
Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday
office: 612-668-3655
fax: 612-668-3661

Dates to Remember:

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THIS Friday, January 31, 2014       

7th/8th grade Ski Trip

Feb 13: Evening Conferences (3:00-7:30pm)


Conferences. (7:30-11:30am)

Feb 17: NO SCHOOL- President's Day Holiday

Mar 9: Daylight Savings Time begins (spring-ahead 1 hour)

Mar 27: End of 3rd Quarter

Mar 28 - Apr 4: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

Apr 7 -4th Quarter begins




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