8th Grade Newsletter - March 3, 2014

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8th Grade News for the 
Week of March 3, 2014
ATTENTION:  HOMEWORK IS IMPORTANT TO STUDENT SUCCESS A significant number of our students continue to struggle to complete homework on time and many have missing assignments
.  Homework is essential for students to practice skills we are working on in class and to receive specific feedback from their teachers.  There is a strong connection between the students doing their homework and assessment scores.  Students receive homework reminders both in class and during Advisory.  Students also receive study hall time every Thursday and most Fridays in Advisory.  We ask that students and parents/guardians make every effort to review their online grade portal at least once a week to help support this effort.
Thank you to all the families that gave tissues for use in our Eighth Grade classrooms!  It is very much appreciated by both teachers and students. 

Language Arts
Week of March 3-March 7


We're nearly done reading To Kill a Mockingbird, if you can believe it! This week there are several reading assignments, so please make sure you're checking your yellow calendars and/or taking note of those assignments when they're announced.


Monday: Reader's Theatre for chapter 24, discussion of the tea party, and time to read chapters.
Tuesday: Journal and Discussion for chapters 25-26.
Wednesday: Time to review feedback on essay part one. Planning for essay part two. Revise use of quotations.
Thursday: Journal and discussion chapter 27. Character analysis and preparation for essay part two.
Friday: Journal and discussion for chapter 28. Preparation for upcoming shared inquiry discussions.


Reading assignments for the rest of the book: chapters 25 & 26 due Tuesday, 27 due Thursday, 28 due Friday, 29-30 due next Monday, 31 due  next Tuesday.


There will not be a letter this week. Please make sure you've turned in letters 9 and 10. Due to my illness, I haven't finished grading the assignments that were turned in on Thursday. I will enter these scores into the portal as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.


Have a great week!


~Mrs. Merissa Scheumann~
8th Grade English Language Arts

Field Community School
Intermediate Algebra
Good Morning, 
Last week a lot of missing assignments came in.  All late work has been entered, so check the portal to see if there are any assignments still out. 
In math, we have been taking about how you feel when you get an answer wrong versus how others think of you. We have also been discussing whether you have a fixed or growth mind set, what grades are for, and if you are self motivated.  I will be sharing the student's responses with them this week to see if we can begin to change their mindsets to ones of growth and change their motivation to from within.
Last week we started our Exponential Unit.  You can see the agenda on my website at http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/lindsay as well as any links or documents in the section labeled "Exponential Models Unit." 
At the beginning of the year you were informed that we would be going through 8th and 9th grade content. To make sure students have an opportunity to interact with all necessary content, students will be getting more homework.  Two days will be practice from class (still due Fridays) and the other days will be homework they need to do BEFORE the class problem.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that students get the work done before they come to class. 

Monday-Problem 6.3
HW: Read p.355, do Problem 6.4 step 1, and summarize notes (Due Tues)
Tuesday-Problem 6.4 
HW: #1-5 p.352-353 (Due Fri)
Wednesday-Problem 6.5
HW: Take complete Cornell Notes on p.361-362 (Due Thurs)
Thursday-Problem 6.6
HW: #7 & 8 p.364 (Due Fri)
Friday-Problem 6.7 
HW: Problem 6.7 Steps 1-9 (If don't finish in class: Due Mon)

Erin Lindsay
Field Community School 



Finally - meteorological spring is here.  It might not feel like it for a while, but we've made it past the three coldest months here in Minnesota.  The 8th graders are ending their study of volcanoes and moving on to the different processes involved in rock formation toward the end of the week.  
Monday: Classifying Volcanoes - using Google Earth.
Tuesday: Classifying Volcanoes - using Google Earth Part II.
Wednesday: Geothermal energy from volcanoes.  Short Practice Quiz - Volcano Types.
Thursday: Properties of Rocks/Minerals (Volcanic/Igneous)
Friday: Review / Enrichment - those students scoring well on their practice quiz will be building volcano models.  Those students needing review will be reviewing information about the different volcano types.
Jon Iverson
Field School
8th Grade Science
Global Studies  
Due to the fact recent events between Russia and the Ukraine mirror many of the Cold War themes of our Europe/Russia unit we will be flipping it and our Asia unit, so we can track the current events of the region as they happen and compare them to what we are studying.  
Monday: Middle East Test (Reminder: Students may use their study guide on this test.  Students may also make test corrections when they get their test back to receive half points back)
Tuesday:  Today students will be brainstorming to see what we know about the human and physical geography of Europe and Russia.
Wednesday:  Students will be making reference maps for Europe and Russia.
Thursday:  Students will be using items on their reference maps to look up and identify information on key physical and human geography features.  Students will then take notes on these items.  These notes will be due on Monday next week.
Friday:  Today we will be reviewing some of the ideas of the Cold War we began working with earlier in the year.  Students will be working in pairs to create visuals of key Cold War vocabulary.
Reader's Workshop
Good morning!    
     Our work this week will lead us to writing about a set of "paired texts" (two texts on the same subject or focused part of a content area) we read using the P.E.E.L. writing structure, while finishing our writing with Connections we can make to the text.   This is the "L" in P.E.E.L., where the students try to generate a Link (L) that is a text to text connection they can make. 

       We will continue to look for places to have students make links to other parts of the "Pause to Connect" strategy as they work with more complex texts in their core classes such as science, social studies, and language arts.  I am hoping to have them work on a specific text to text connection in one of their core content areas before spring break.

Spring is coming!  We will have some fun reading about warmer climates soon!

Mr. J
Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School

From our Administrators:

In advisory, 8th grade students have started the  Project ALERT curriculum.  This is a drug and alcohol awareness and prevention program, which our 8th graders would not receive if we did not provide it through our advisory classes.  Links to the parent site will be provided in later newsletters.  If you have any questions about this curriculum please contact your student's advisory teacher.

Please follow this link for more information on the Project Alert curriculum: 

School Counselor news from Wendy Wolff!

A few parents have asked for resources on summer programs 
for middle school students. Here is a start...more to come!
Exploring Careers in Engineering and Physical Science (ECEPS) summer camps held at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus and sponsored by the College of Science and Engineering and 3M. These summer camps give students a hands-on introduction to engineering, science, and math disciplines at the University of Minnesota.  Students will learn through demonstrations, hands-on activities, lectures, and interactions with faculty, students, and staff. This summer we will offer seven weeks for students entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2014.  
News from Julie Peterson, School Social Worker
Dear Parents/Guardians of Field Middle School Students:
The Minnesota Twins recognize that good performance in school begins with good attendance and they're excited to team up with Minnesota Middle School Association (MMSA) to create the Perfect Attendance Incentive Program.
To become eligible, students must simply have "perfect attendance" for the 2013-2014 school year during quarters 3&4.   The reason the Minnesota Twins and MMSA have established this program is because they recognize the importance of having students in each class every day.
What are the Twins offering? Field Middle School will select one student to attend the game against the Seattle Mariners on Saturday, May 17, 2014. The Twins will provide 4 tickets for that student and up to three parents/guardians/siblings to attend.  We would like to thank both the MMSA and the Twins for supporting the Attendance Incentive Program and our students.
If you have any questions regarding this incentive program, please feel free to call Mr. Norlin-Weaver at 612-668-3640 or Ms. Julie Peterson at 612-668-3655.
Steve Norlin-Weaver                             JuliePeterson
Principal                                                School                                                                        Social Worker
Dates to Remember:

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  • Mar 9: Daylight Savings Time begins (spring-ahead 1 hour)
  • Mar 10-21: Hale/Field PTA SPRING FLING Silent Auction
  • Mar 22: Hale/Field PTA SPRING FLING (7pm)
  • Mar 27: End of 3rd Quarter
  • Mar 28 - MAKE-UP DAY... there is school! -This was previously scheduled as a day without students for teacher grading at end of the quarter, but has been CHANGED to be a day when STUDENTS ATTEND!
  • Mar 31-Apr 4: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break
  • Apr 7 - 4th Quarter begins
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