8th Grade Newsletter - May 11, 2015

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8th Grade News
For the Week of May 11th 2015

Welcome to the 8th Grade Newsletter 


Advisory Challenge

After the followingWEEK, the advisory with the highest class percentage of completed classwork will receive a celebration day recognizing their improvement.

(Hopefully outside!)


Remember to check the 

student/parent portal for missing work,

complete a redo/retake if you did not meet standards, and check with your teacher when you have any questions.  


8th Grade Green Card Ceremony

The 8th Grade Green Card Graduation Ceremony is scheduled to be held on Friday morning, June 5th. The ceremony will start at 8:15 AM, however parents and families are welcome to begin entering the commons and finding seats at 8:00 AM.  After the ceremony students will be leaving for Valley Fair.  Look for more details about both Valley Fair and the ceremony in future newsletters as well as a flyer that will go home at the beginning of May.


Fast Track

Students in headed to Minneapolis High Schools are able to participate in the Fast Track program this summer.  In the Fast Track program students are able to earn high school credits and free up space in their schedules for other electives during the school year.  For further information please contact Mr. Yohe.



English Language Arts (ELA)

A Raisin in the Sun
This week we begin our Reader's Theater with  the play A Raisin in the Sun.  Each week students will focus on individual acts and scenes. Students will also begin preparing for their final project of the year: 

*Also, If you have borrowed a book from our classroom lending library please return them by the end of the month! Copies of TKAM may be turned in when you have turned in your Analysis Essay.
Mid-quarter Progress Grades
8th grade students have not turned in their TKAM Analysis Essays.  I have spoken with each student individually to set up times for support and extensions for turning in their essays.  
As soon as I receive their essay I will return their essay with feedback and update the grade.  If students do not receive a '3' (Meets Standards) or higher they are expected to complete a redo for this assignment.

Mr. Sundlin's webpage is located here 

Monday/Tuesday: Act I / Scene One
Wednesday: Act I / Scene Two
Thursday: Act I Group Quiz
Friday: Public Speaking Final  / 
April Independent Reading Activity (Diary Project) 
Due Today! / 
End of the Year Independent Reading Survey
Remember to check the Student Portal  
for any missing assignments!
Mr. Sundlin

Intermediate Algebra

Monday: Transformations Packet- Finish for homework!
Tuesday-Thursday: Transformation Practice- Homework given in-class.
Friday: Transformations Test
This is the week of science MCA testing.  This assessment covers all science content from 6th - 8th grades.  We have spent a little time in class reviewing information to help the students feel more comfortable "remembering" items from 6th and 7th grade.

Mon: Practice MCA format (it's very different than other online tests)

Tues: MCA Testing

Wed: MCA Testing

Thurs: Space Exploration Poster Discussions

Fri: Quiz retakes/finishing astronomer papers/making constellations extension project.

*Reminders* - Astronomer papers were due May 1st - nearly 1/3 of the 8th graders failed to turn this assignment in! Moon observation/patterns projects are due May 18th.
 Please note- The astronomer paper was assigned April 6th.

Have a great week!
Mr. Iverson
Global Studies  
  Students may fix up their Europe/Russia tests to improve their grade.  For multiple choice questions students should select the right answer and explain why it is correct.  For short answers and mapping students should just fix their answer.

Monday: Tsunamis, Typhoons, and Monsoons

Tuesday: Three Gorges Dam (maps due)

Wednesday: Pollution Issues

Thursday: Intro to Hinduism

Friday: The Caste System and Untouchables

Look for a quiz about physical geography and religions next week.
Reader's Workshop

Ms. Halvorson
Reading Specialist


During the next four weeks of Reader's Workshop, students will be reading
Junior Scholastic magazines and doing a close reading of the cover story.  This technique helps students read for understanding, learn craft and structure, and integrate knowledge and ideas. Students will also be reading current news articles of interest from NEWSELA. The task will be to find the main ideas and write summaries.



*Note to parents: I will be on medical leave beginning May 11th through the end of the school year. Unfortunately, I am having back surgery that requires three months of recovery time. Your children have been a pleasure to teach this year. I look forward to returning in the fall with renewed energy and enthusiasm! In the meantime, two of Field's preferred substitutes will be teaching the Reading B.E.S.T. classes.


Dates to Remember
Dates to Remember 
  • 5/11-15 - MCA Science Testing Begins
  • 5/21- Band / Orchestra Concert

Student Council will again be supporting the efforts of our local community service partner, Full Cycle. We will be collecting food items from Monday May 18 - Wednesday May 27  to help them support the needs of those who are hungry in our community.  Students/teachers/staff will be able to contribute food to ANY teachers' box.  The teacher from each grade level with the most donations will be entered into a bike race (Mario Cart Style) around the school that will be held at the end of the day on Friday May 29.  Below is the point system that will provide the teacher with "Power Ups" to use during the race!

In addition we will be hosting a "Field Bike Rally" on Friday May 29. If you are cleaning out your garage this spring and have bikes or bike parts that you would like to donate, please bring them in or ride them to school on May 29 and Full Cycle will pick them up to use for their homeless youth apprenticeship program.  Every bike donated will help Full Cycle accomplish their mission to reduce youth homelessness in our community. Our goal is to collect 50 bikes.  You may view a video for Full Cycle with the link below.  It explains their mission and ways they serve homeless youth in south Minneapolis.



Important Reminder!!

This is a reminder for students to locate lost 

classroom library, Media Center books, or textbooks.  All Media books must be turned in by May 21st.

 Students: begin checking your 

lockers, backpacks, and at home. 

ALL books must be returned or fines paid before 

going to Valleyfair or your are unable to attend  

Overdue notices will be handed out 

this week in advisory.  



Valley Fair Requirements

In order to attend the Valleyfair trip at the end of the school year 8th graders must not have any failing semester grades for their core classes (LA, Science, Math, and Social Studies).  However, the 8th grade team has been emphasizing showing improvement and second chances all school year, so if students can show evidence of their effort and improvement during the semester they may appeal a failing grade and still have the opportunity to go on the trip.  The 8th grade team feels this is the best way to continue to help motivate and prepare our students to make the transition to high school and celebrate the achievements of all students.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



In This Issue
Contact Info:

Language Arts 
Michael Sundlin


Social Studies

8th Grade AVID

Additional Advisory teachers:

Ola Lloyd

Bev Halvorson


School Social Worker:
Chris Yohe


Anna Sonmore-Costello

Reading Specialist:

Bev Halvorson



Math Specialist:

Seth Leavitt





Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Deirdre McMahon
Eric Muschler



Main Office (and Attendance):


Traci Lynstad

About the Site Council:

Site Council meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:00 - 5:30 and are open to anyone wishing to attend.  If you have a topic to discuss you must be on the agenda prior to the meeting.  Please contact the 8th grade representative to be added to the agenda.

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