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8th Grade News for the 
Week of November 11, 2013

You'll be seeing a little more facial hair around Field this month.  In honor of Movember, some staff will be letting their moustaches loose.


With the help of student council, Movember will be a chance for students and families to have a good time as well as donate money to help efforts to educate about men's health issues and aid the homeless.


The following staff have already volunteered to let students (through donations) choose the style of moustache they grow!


Principal Norlin-Weaver, Assistant Principal Johnson, Mr. Boler, Mr. Husby, Mr. Iverson, Mr. Jungwirth, Mr. Kafura, Mr. VP, Mr. Leavitt, and Mr. Usem.


These gracious volunteers will grow their moustaches out all month until sculpting the moustache the Field community selects for them!


Each vote will raise $1 for our efforts - vote early and often - Mr. Boler will look great in mutton-chops!  For more information, please email Ms. Wolff.

The No Sale Fundraiser is back! The fundraiser runs from November 4 thru December 12, 2013.  This is a Hale/Field Fundraiser that helps our schools get much needed money to supplement academic and community events. The No Sale Fundraising Committee is hoping to raise lots of money this year.

                        If you would ike to support the fundraiser, please go to the GiveMn link http://givemn.razoo.com/ to donate.  Put Field School in the search box (upper right hand corner) and your choices will appear.


           This Thursday, you have an opportunity to double your dollars by connecting to Give to the Max! Day in Minnesota.  On November 14, every donation you make gives Field School the chance to win even more money. Hundreds of organizations will offer the opportunity to double your dollars with matching grants throughout the 24 hours of Give to the Max! Day.


            Please share the website with friends and community members as a way to support Field Community Middle School. How often have your family or friends asked what they can do to help your school? This is an easy, tax-deductible way to help and all the money goes back to our school.

Language Arts
Monday: We're focusing on what makes each of us unique this week. Today we'll read the first "chapter" in our novel, Bronx Masquerade and do some writing activities using simile and metaphor. 
Tuesday: We'll continue reading the book and discuss the author's methods, considering the way she introduces the characters and why she chose this format. 
Wednesday: First hour will come to Language Arts. Bring a book to read and all your language arts materials! Other hours have the Explore test. Remember to bring a book with you to the Explore test, in case you have spare time to read.
Thursday: We'll continue reading Bronx Masquerade, focusing on rhyme and alliteration. Students will be able to write some free-verse poetry using these techniques. 
Friday: Students will create character portraits of the characters we've met so far in the book. 

No letter this week, due to the Explore test on Wednesday. Our learning targets this week relate to the techniques we can use to express ourselves in both poetry and prose writing. 

As always, students will be reading, listening, writing, and talking every day!

~Mrs. Merissa Scheumann~
8th Grade English Language Arts

Field Community School

Intermediate Algebra


Monday: Word Problems on Linear Relationships

                   Homework: Word Problems


Tuesday: Skill Building on Linear Relationships

                   Homework: Trying It All Together


Wednesday: Explore Test


Thursday: Notes on Multiple Representations of Linear Relationships


Friday: Skill Building on Linear Relationships

               All Homework is due today!





Mon.nbsp; Investigation pollutants in the Mississippi River.

Tue.  Lab - how to clean polluted river water.

Wed. Continue lab.

Thur. Research the "state of the river" for the Mississippi River.

Fri. Continue research.

The target for the week is that you can give examples of how humans impact the Mississippi and how it impacts us.

Your research will result in a project showcasing one aspect of our interactions with the river.

Oh...don't forget to vote for pencil mustache for Mr. K.


Mr. Iverson

Global Studies  
 This week we are going to focus on working on our project for this unit in class.  The project will be due by the end of class FRIDAY.  Students will also be taking their unit test at the end of next week so they should begin reviewing this week and over the weekend.
Monday: Students will be working on their planning sheet for their project and conducting research.
Tuesday: Students will receive a brief tutorial on how to use educreations to create their final projects.  Students should continue and be close to finishing their research and planning by the end of class today.
Wednesday: Students will be taking the EXPLORE test during school today.
Thursday:  Students should be putting together their educreations slides today and practicing what they are going to say when they record today.  They should also be practicing their recordings at home so they are prepared to finish them in class tomorrow.
Friday: Student projects are due at the end of class today.  Students must finish their recordings, put the final touches on their slides, and electronically share their file with me before the end of class.  They should also turn in their planning sheet to me before they leave.  I will also have the test study guide available during class today for students who finish early to begin working with and for other students to pick up before they leave.


Reader's Workshop
   Good morning!  As we begin this week of our new quarter, we are working with Previewing and Predicting: where students will scan the text and make predictions about subject, content, and structure. Students began working with this strategy last week, and many found it to be more involved than they had originally thought.
     We began using a text on the Yosemite Fire from this past September to engage in learning and practicing the following that strategy.  As we continue to work over the next few weeks, we will also study and support the use of the following strategies:

Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School
From our Administrators:
Because we've had several questions about math from 8th grade parents since conferences, I wanted to resend what I had shared with families at the end of last school year.   

This past spring,  a district wide advance placement plan for math was shared with our math teachers.  There will be a two year implementation with an expectation that it will be fully in place for the 2014-15 school year.  In this plan, all math classes will be standards based rather than curriculum specific.  

Our math department met to develop a strategy for implementing the plan which has students working ahead based on their talents in math as demonstrated by MCA scores, math performance in class, teacher recommendation and student interest.  

At Field our plan is to have as many students as possible ready for 9th grade (Intermediate) Algebra by 8th grade, which puts them on track for Geometry as 9th graders.  To launch our new math plan, this year, 5th graders will be completing the "telescoped" 5/6 course, meaning that they will be working not only on 5th grade math standards but 6th grade standards as well.  

Likewise, similar plans have been launched to do a "telescoped" model in grades 6 and 7.  In addition, all 8th grade students will be completing the 9th grade Intermediate Algebra course  this year and students demonstrating proficiency will move on to Geometry in 9th grade. 

Steve Norlin-Weaver

School Counselor news from Wendy Wolff!

newspaper art1      All eighth graders will be taking the EXPLORE test this week on Wednesday, November 13!  

I greatly enjoyed spending some time with them last Friday reviewing the purpose and structure of the test and going over some high school transition topics as well.

Students had great questions and are beginning to understand that high school is just around the corner!
 Are you ready? Ask them to explain how their GPA is calculated and all about MPS graduation requirements!

Please watch the EXPLORE video and encourage your child to get a good night's rest Tuesday and eat a protein centered breakfast on Wednesday morning.The biggest difference with this test is that it is timed.  Students need to pace themselves and we advised them not to spend a lot of time on a question they don't understand.

Students will get their test results in late January and we will have time to go over their career interest results and explain their college readiness benchmarks more thoroughly.  If you have any questions about the EXPLORE and/or high school transition, please call me. I am at Field Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  
The link for the Minneapolis Public Schools Explore video is:

The link for Explore test information is:
Wendy Wolff
Field School Counselor

News from Julie Peterson, School Social Worker
 Julie Peterson will regularly share important information in this column.  Please contact her if you have any questions or concerns.
Dates to Remember:

calendar art1


Nov 15-16:   Capri Big Band -AVID fundraiser at Field - (7:00-8:30 pm)
Nov 19:   Barnes & Noble Book Fair (5-8pm)
Nov 21:     "Take-your-family-to-school" Day

Nov 27-29: NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday


Other important Field Community School news:


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