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8th Grade News for the 
Week of November 4, 2013
With first quarter ending students will be receiving their first quarter grades shortly.  Before we begin 2nd quarter the 8th grade team wanted to give a brief explanation of how first and second quarter grades work together to create students' final semester grade.  The second quarter grade is based on work students do during second quarter and is not impacted in any way by student grades from the first quarter.  However, the first quarter grade is still used to average with the second quarter grade to give students their final semester grade.  If you have any questions about your grades please contact that teacher.

You'll be seeing a little more facial hair around Field this month.  In honor of Movember, some staff will be letting their moustaches loose.


With the help of student council, Movember will be a chance for students and families to have a good time as well as donate money to help efforts to educate about men's health issues and aid the homeless.


The following staff have already volunteered to let students (through donations) choose the style of moustache they grow!


Principal Norlin-Weaver, Assistant Principal Johnson, Mr. Boler, Mr. Husby, Mr. Iverson, Mr. Jungwirth, Mr. Kafura, Mr. VP, Mr. Leavitt, and Mr. Usem.


These gracious volunteers will grow their moustaches out all month until sculpting the moustache the Field community selects for them!


Each vote will raise $1 for our efforts - vote early and often - Mr. Boler will look great in mutton-chops!  For more information, please email Ms. Wolff.

The No Sale Fundraiser is back! The fundraiser runs from November 4 thru December 12, 2013.  This is a Hale/Field Fundraiser that helps our schools get much needed money to supplement academic and community events. The No Sale Fundraising Committee is hoping to raise lots of money this year.

                        If you would ike to support the fundraiser, please go to the GiveMn link http://givemn.razoo.com/ to donate.  Put Field School in the search box (upper right hand corner) and your choices will appear.


           In two weeks, you have an opportunity to double your dollars by connecting to Give to the Max! Day in Minnesota.  On November 14, every donation you make gives Field School the chance to win even more money. Hundreds of organizations will offer the opportunity to double your dollars with matching grants throughout the 24 hours of Give to the Max! Day.


            Please share the website with friends and community members as a way to support Field Community Middle School. How often have your family or friends asked what they can do to help your school? This is an easy, tax-deductible way to help and all the money goes back to our school.

Language Arts
I was so impressed by the students' This I Believe essays. Your student will be receiving their feedback today - I encourage you to ask if you can read their essay. Save a copy for the portfolio! 

Students DO have a letter in Language Arts this week, due on their contracted days. 

We're starting a new unit: "You-nique Perceptions Connect Us" (punny, I know). We're going to be reading a novel called Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes. Families are encouraged to read the book along with us if you're interested - it's short, but packed with some excellent ideas and imagery. The book combines poetry and prose and uses multiple points of view. We'll be analyzing how the structure of poetry or prose contributes to the meaning and effect. The final project for this unit will have students writing their own short stories that incorporate original poetry. We'll be doing a lot of experimenting with writing poetry throughout the unit as well.  

This week is an introduction to poetry and the Harlem Renaissance. 

Monday: Unit introduction. What is poetry? 
Tuesday: Six-Word Memoirs (see http://www.smithteens.com)
Wednesday: Notes on the Harlem Renaissance
Thursday: Langston Hughes poetry
Friday: Poetry writing stations

Next week we'll start in with the novel. Have a great first week of the new quarter!

~Mrs. Merissa Scheumann~
8th Grade English Language Arts

Field Community School

Intermediate Algebra
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It is time to start our second unit for the school year! We have been reviewing from last year and it is now time to be able to apply these skills to solving and work with linear relationships!


Monday: Skill Building and Real World Applications of Pythagorean Theorem


Tuesday: Study day on Review of Pythagorean Theorem


Wednesday: Review of Pythagorean Theorem Test


Thursday: Start of Unit 2: Advanced Solving/ Linear Relationships

         Notes on Advanced Solving



Friday: Real World applications of Advanced Solving

Monday: Location and composition of Earth's water. - demo/notes.
Tuesday/Wednesday:  How water moves through the water cycle.
Thursday: Water Disasters
Friday:  Water disasters and water cycle Review.

Global Studies  
In Global Studies we will continue our work with the Americas.  It is looking like our unit test will be in about 3 weeks (just before Thanksgiving break).  We will also be starting the project for this unit this week and continuing to work on it next week (from the last project it will be important that students effectively use class time and pay attention to all of the instructions to complete this).
Monday:  We will finish our Cuban Missile Crisis timelines and also revisit our NAFTA assignments to reconsider how we're answering questions (I will be trying to push students away from simply re-listing facts or copying answers directly from readings and instead putting things in their own words and explaining facts).
Tuesday and Wednesday:  Students will be looking at migration stories from the Americas and considering why people may choose or be forced to move from the place they are living.  We will also consider what challenges they might face once they settle in a new place and how they might try to retain their culture and adapt to the new culture they are living in.
Thursday:  Today I will be introducing the project and reviewing instructions with the students.  Students will get a chance to begin doing some brainstorming and some research on their project (we will spend more time in class working on these next week, with a preliminary final due date of Friday next week).
Friday:  Ms. Wolff will be taking over Global Studies today to work with students on preparing students for the EXPLORE test they will be taking next week.  This test isn't something students should worry about, but instead should look at as the very first step in preparing to take the ACT, which they will take their junior year of high school.
Reader's Workshop
   Good morning!  As we begin a new quarter, we begin a new set of strategy lessons focused on  giving students access to a wide range of skills they will use in their content area classes.  We will be using a text on the Yosemite Fire from this past September to engage in learning and practicing the following new strategies:

Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School
From our Administrators:

School Counselor news from Wendy Wolff!

newspaper art1
Greetings Eighth Grade Families! I hope you all were able to attend the Zone 3 information meeting and High School Open Houses. We are encouraging all eighth graders to be an active participant in their high school transition and to gather as much information as possible over the next few months.  
Students will be taking the EXPLORE test on Wednesday, November 13. During advisory this week, they will be doing some test preparation and reviewing practice questions in each test category.  
All MPS eighth graders take the EXPLORE test to help them identify areas of academic strength and weakness in four areas important for success in college and the workplace-English, math, reading, and science. EXPLORE also includes a career planning component designed to help students consider possible career options. EXPLORE can help students evaluate their readiness for college, gather important information for high school course planning, and identify careers of interest. Friday I will be visiting student during their Global Studies period and going over the EXPLORE test purpose and procedures and reviewing some high school planning information as well.  Check out the following website for more information about the EXPLORE test and sample questions:
If you would like to sneak preview the video students will be watching Friday, you can find it at the below link:
Wendy Wolff
Field School Counselor

News from Julie Peterson, School Social Worker
 Julie Peterson will regularly share important information in this column.  Please contact her if you have any questions or concerns.
Dates to Remember:

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 Nov 4:  Quarter #2 begins
Nov 15-16:   Capri Big Band -AVID fundraiser at Field - (7:00-8:30 pm)
Nov 19:   Barnes & Noble Book Fair (5-8pm)
Nov 21:     "Take-your-family-to-school" Day

Nov 27-29: NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Holiday


Other important Field Community School news:


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