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8th Grade News for the 
Week of October 28, 2013
Southwest High School Open House is this Wednesday, October 30 at 6:30p.m. All families living in Zone 3 are encouraged to attend this event!
October is Bully Awareness month and student council would like to celebrate THIS Thursday October 31!
Field Student Council is sponsoring "Say BOO" to Bullying day.  Wear Orange on Thursday to STAND UP against bullying and buy a lollipop bully bopper at lunch for $.50. You can enjoy the bully bopper yourself or give it to someone to show that you will stand up against bullying.

Language Arts
notepad   No reader's response letter this week. Our time will be consumed with work on our final project. Students will be editing, typing, recording, and reflecting on their essays each day. They've already been so enthusiastic and diligent in their work - I'm sure their details will be scrupulous and their essays scintillating! 

Please visit my website (see below) for all the information and files on the assignment itself. The files include a description of the assignment, a rubric, sample essays, a feedback form, and more. This essay wraps up our unit on The Giver. We've finished examining a different society and how their experiences impact characters' beliefs and actions. Now it's time for us to reflect on our experiences and how they affect our beliefs and actions. 

Unit Questions: 
 *How does our society affect us?
*How do I communicate my beliefs?
Project Learning Targets:  
*I can use relevant descriptive details to convey experiences and events. 
*I can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience. 
*With some guidance and support from peers and adults, I can develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach, focusing on how well purpose and audience have been addressed. 
*I can use technology to produce and publish writing. 

Here's the week at a glance:
Monday: First drafts are due at the start of class. Stations in a lab. Students will either be: editing with a chosen peer, editing with a teacher, revising, typing, practicing, or recording. 
Tuesday and Wednesday: Stations in the classroom with laptops. Students will either be: editing with a chosen peer, editing with a teacher, revising, typing, practicing, or recording.
Wednesday: Final drafts and recordings due at the end of class.
Thursday: Listening to volunteers' essays. Students who wish to share their work will play their essays in the form of a radio broadcast. The class will reflect on the author's methods and respond to the ideas with positive feedback. We will also have some final wrap-up on our first unit. 
Friday is record-keeping day, which means no school for students. Remember to be reading!

Two additional notes: 

*Students should be sure to turn in any missing or revised work by Wednesday. Earlier is better, of course, so I can try to return feedback before the weekend. Please check the portal to make sure both shared inquiries have been graded - some discussion packets never got turned in, and I'll need to see those to give a grade. 
*Students and parents, please check your email for an additional note from me about a new grade in the gradebook. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions. Thanks! 


~Mrs. Merissa Scheumann~
8th Grade English Language Arts

Field Community School
Intermediate Algebra





Monday: Skill building on exponents and square roots.

   Homework: pg.22 and pg.23 due Thursday


Tuesday: Lesson 3.1 on the Pythagorean Theorem


Wednesday: Notes and Lesson 3.3 on Pythagorean Theorem and Right Triangles

                       Test corrections are due!


Thursday: Skill building on Pythagorean Theorem

                  Homework is due!!


Friday: No School!



 Monday: Clouds - now you see them...now you don't.  Students will be investigating temperature change due I air pressure change.

Tuesday: Clouds 2: Return of the clouds.  A sequel to Monday's lesson - this time including predicting cloud formations based on radiosonde sounding data.

Wednesday:  Review for the end of the quarter test.  Study guide should be on the class website Monday afternoon.  Students already have them.

Thursday:  End of the quarter test.

Homework: STUDY your notes and USE the study guide.


Mr.  Iverson

Global Studies  
 This is the last week of the quarter.  Please have all missing work or assessment corrections in to me by Thursday.  This week we will begin looking at the Cold War in the Americas.  The homework assignment for this week will be handed out Monday and is due on Wednesday.
Monday- Cold War Overview: We will be looking at the origins of the Cold War and what it is.  Students will have a reading assignment with questions that they will begin in class and is due on Wednesday.
Tuesday- Cold War in the Americas Jigsaw: Today students will be assigned a region in the Americas to read about and complete that section of their chart.  They will then meet with other students to ensure they understand and are able to explain their section to other students tomorrow.
Wednesday- Cold War in the Americas:  Students will be meeting in groups with other students that had different articles to complete the rest of their charts.  Each student will explain their section to the rest of the group.  We will then briefly review the entire chart as a full class with whatever time remains.
Thursday- Cuba: Today we will be exploring the Cold War in Cuba in more depth.  We will think about why Castro came to power, the positives and negatives of the revolution, the changing relationship with the US, and how all of these things impact Cuban citizens.
Reader's Workshop
    This week we will finish our final assignment
 on "Charting the Text".  This work continues to be extremely challenging for our students, and it has proven to be a very difficult last assignment for our students. 
The focus of the assignment as having students reading text, and identifying what the author is saying (what are the words in the text?) as students work to answer three questions:
1) What is the part of the text about (Big Idea)?
2) What did the author want me to focus on in this section?
3) What did the author want me to learn from reading this section?

I will be scoring the assignments starting on Wednesday evening, and this will be a large part of the final grade for first quarter.  This last assignment is worth 50 points, so please feel free to follow up with me if you have questions. 

Look for an email from me if I have significant concerns after the assignment is scored.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email or call!

 Tim Jungwirth
K-12 Reading Specialist
Field Community School
From our Administrators:

School Counselor news from Wendy Wolff!

newspaper art1
Attention Field School Parents!  First quarter ends November 1,  so there is still time for students to talk with teachers, review tests and turn in missing assignments before final quarter grades are entered.  Middle school is a time when students need to take more responsibility for their work and grades and set personal goals that  will be challenging and realistic. 
 Parents can help students by asking them to:
·         reflect on their performance
·         identify areas they want to improve and
·         make a plan to achieve their quarter goals
If you have questions about grades or the parent portal, please contact our School Counselor, Wendy Wolff. 
Wendy is at Field Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 
We look forward to a continued partnership with parents to help all of our students reach their full potential at Field!
Wendy Wolff
Field School Counselor

News from Julie Peterson, School Social Worker
 Julie Peterson will regularly share important information in this column.  Please contact her if you have any questions or concerns.
Dates to Remember:
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Oct 31: End of Quarter #1


Nov 1: NO SCHOOL -Record Keeping Day


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