8th Grade Newsletter - October 31, 2011

8th Grade Newsletter 8th Grade Newsletter
October 31, 2011
8th Grade News ~ Field Community School
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Staff Contacts

Core & Advisory Teachers:

Sean Casey
(Advisory; Media/Tech)
(612) 668-3640

Alison Constant
(Language Arts; Advisory)
(612) 668-7672

(Math; Advisory)
(612) 668-3640

Ola Lloyd
(Advisory; Behavior Support)
(612) 668-3640

Gretchen Mattson
(Advisory; Reading Support)
(612) 668-3640

Tracey Schultz
(Science; Advisory)
(612) 668-8602

Linda Slocum
(Social Studies; Advisory)
(612) 668-3640

Mike VanPatten
(Advisory; Life Skills)
(612) 668-3640

Specialists & Support Teachers

Del Bey
(612) 668-3640

Marni Heck
(612) 668-3640

Kim Hotchkiss
(Band & Orchestra)
(612) 668-3640

Ruth LeMay
(Vocal Music & Guitar)
(612) 668-3640

Brenda Leviton
(612) 668-3640

Mark Usem
(Math Support)
(612) 668-3640

Heather Walker
(612) 668-3640

Administrators and Student Support:

Reggie Johnson
(Assistant Principal)
(612) 668-3640

Terry Mazig
(Parent Liaison)
(612) 668-3640

Steve Norlin-Weaver
(612) 668-3640

Julie Peterson
(Social Worker)
(612) 668-3640

Wendy Wolff
(612) 668-3640

Site Council Representatives/PTA:

Kathie Glick
(Site Council rep)

Sashank Varma
(Site Council rep)

Margaret Miller
(PTA Co-Chair)

Rich Flint
(Site Council community rep)

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The last day of 1st quarter is Thursday, November 3rd. This week is the last chance to turn in late or missing work for grading.

On Thursday, November 10, the 8th graders will be taking the EXPLORE test. More details will come soon, but please put this on your calendars and avoid scheduling any appointments that will pull students out of school. Thank you!!!

Did your child forget their homework, instrument or lunch? Students appreciate parents bringing forgotten items to school, however, we would like to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum. Parents may drop items off in the office for the student to retrieve during passing time. Students will not be called, once they realize they forgot something, please tell them to check the office. Thank you for your help with this!
Traci Lyngstad
Secretary, Field School

Here's what's happening in eighth grade this week...

Language Arts - Ms. Constant

Looking for a good book to read? Check out the 8th graders' book recommendations available on my website: Recommended Reads 2011-2012 Students have recommended a number (214 and counting!) of favorite novels as well as a few magazines.

On Friday we began reading a second novel--The Wave by Todd Strasser. I chose this book because of the emphasis students placed on citizens in The Giver's community being brainwashed. The Wave offers some insight as to how that might have happened. Based on a true experiment that occurred in a high school history class in Palo Alto, CA, in 1969, The Wave explores what happens when rigid structures for behavior are introduced to and embraced by a group. All reading and work for this book will be done in class.

At home students should be reading independently and filling out their Independent Reading Log #1. This is due on Wednesday. Reminders of what counts and what doesn't, as well as a printable log in case of emergency, are available on my website.

The quarter ends this Thursday, so any late work must be turned in by then to count for credit. Students have an optional extra credit assignment due on Wednesday. Directions for it were presented in class and can be found on my website.

I will continue to update the portal throughout the week as I get papers and other assignments graded.

Algebra 1 ~ Mr. Leavitt
Undo Table 2

Hello families and students.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Feedback from parents has been unbelievable on HW 16. I learned so much about your child(ren) from your feedback. This will really help me teach them. (If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, click here for a copy of HW 16).

Please look carefully at the graphic at the top my section. It shows you the most elegant learning that we will do all year. In a matter of minutes, 8th grade students learned how to solve complex equations (with one instance of one variable) using an "Undo Table". Ask your daughter/son to show you how to solve the equation in the yellow box. The only thing s/he might have a problem with is the order of operations, which will cause a problem in finding the correct solution.

You'll be amazed. Please email me and tell me about it. Thanks.

Seth Leavitt

PS I've created a cartoon of The Perfect Student. Take a look.
PPS Chapter 2 test on Tuesday.

Problem of the Week

Count Your Change

Science ~ Ms. Schultz

Elements, compounds, and chemical reactions are making for very exciting science classes these days. On Monday we will react two familiar elements to produce an undesirable compound...rust. This is one of the most problematic chemical reactions in our daily lives in Minnesota. We will also explore chemical reactions involving metals this week and depending on time, the chemical reaction commonly referred to as "pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is!" Look for homework #9 on Monday, due on Wednesday. On Wednesday we will also have a short quiz related to pages 34 and up in our notebooks. Make up tests are finally complete so students will receive their unit two test back on Monday. Students who scored less than 35 should come in to review their test with me during recess or before or after school some day this week. This will accomplish two things - clearing up misunderstandings and attaining a higher grade.

U.S. History ~ Ms. Slocum

AVID ~ Mrs. Walker
Avid Logo

We have begun a more advanced tutorial form this year. many students have embraced the form, and are actively completing the pre-work on Mondays and Wednesdays for Tuesday and Thursday's tutorials. Students who attempt the pre-work before class will become comfortable with the form much quicker, than those students who decide not to try it on their own. Please check with your son or daughter to make sure they are participating in the pre-work.

We continue to offer after school help on Tues, Thurs. and Friday. Students can stay as late as 5:00. Some students are going to 7th & 8th grade math club first and then joining us in AVID. Please let me know if transportation home is preventing your child from participating.

School Counselor and High School Transition ~ Ms. Wolff

High schools have made their family tour schedules and I want to make sure 8th grade students and their parents take advantage of this opportunity to explore their high school options. I posted the dates on the High School Information Bulletin Board and have flyers available as well if your student wants to stop by my office and pick one up- please call the school. Below is the Washburn schedule.

WASHBURN Family Tour Schedule
Every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. starting November 2, 2011
* December 9th- Freshman Musical- 7pm
* December 20th -Boys Basketball game vs. South -7pm
* January 18th-20th- Black Box Theatre Productions -7pm
* January 19th- Girls Basketball game vs. Roosevelt -7pm
* January 24th- Boys Basketball game vs. Southwest- 7pm
Contact the counseling department at 612-668-3502 to make an appointment for one of the above tour dates and receive reduced price tickets to the events!


The dates for the high school open houses are as follows:
Southwest- Tues., Oct. 25
Washburn- Thurs., Oct. 27
North-Wed., Nov. 2
Roosevelt-Wed., Nov. 17 (note date change)
South--Wed., Nov. 16 (note date change)
Edison-Tues., Nov. 15
Henry-Thurs., Nov.17

High School Choice web site
High School Open House Flyer
High School Information Sessions Flyer

Advisory ~ 8th grade advisory team

This week in advisory we will finish our second Second Step lesson, "Handling a Grievance." In this lesson, students practice listening, respectfully communicating different perspectives, and being open-minded in the context of handling a grievance. Effective communication skills can help students strengthen relationships and avoid aggressive conflicts.

phone: 612-668-3640

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