8th Grade Newsletter - September 12, 2011

8th Grade Newsletter - with U.S. History included 8th Grade Newsletter - with U.S. History included
September 12, 2011
8th Grade News ~ Field Community School
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Here's what's happening in eighth grade this week...

Language Arts - Ms. Constant

We're a few chapters into The Giver/i> and students are noticing many unusual features of the community featured in the book. Last week we had an excellent discussion about the rules of the community and how those rules suggest what the community values. We will continue to explore that thinking through our work throughout the book.

One thing I have discovered is that one quarter of our students are not doing the assigned reading at home. Some others are reading when they are too tired to focus and are not picking up on what's happening. It is crucial that students keep up on the assigned reading so they are able to do the work in class each day. Please help your child by making sure s/he has a time and place to concentrate on the reading. The words are at about a fourth grade level, but the concepts are complex. You can also ask your child to tell you about what s/he has read and understands about the chapters.

Chapters 6 and 7 and a related reading log are due for Wednesday. Please check planners later in the week to see if more chapters are assigned for Thursday or Friday. The first essay has been pushed back and is due next week. Students will receive details in class this week.

Algebra 1 ~ Mr. Leavitt
Chapter 0 results histogram

Hello families and students.

We completed our second week of school and the first chapter in the Algebra book (Chapter 0). We took the chapter test on Friday. I've graded the tests. Students will receive their graded tests on Monday. Please ask your son/daughter to show you his/her test. Grades are also posted in the parent and student portals.

Chapter 0 reviewed fractions and exponents using fractal constructions (Sierpinski Triangle, Koch Curve). It was review and most students did very well on the test. Some students struggled. It's okay to struggle but how we respond is key. A good grade on a test tells a student that he/she is on track and is keeping up with the pace of the class. A medium to low grade tells a student that he/she has work to do to catch up. That's all it means - extra work is needed. Please encourage that attitude in your son/daughter. Don't be discouraged. Do make-up work. Retake the test and improve your score (which accompanies better understanding). Students can retake any test or quiz. I'll explain the procedure to students on Monday.

The graph at the top is called a histogram. Underneath is the frequency chart that generated the histogram. Chapter 1 is entitled, "Data Exploration". We will develop methods to represent and analyze data. (A histogram is one of those tools.) We'll be using our graphing calculators extensively in this chapter.

I welcome feedback. Please write, call or visit if you have any questions.

Seth Leavitt

Problem of the Week

Integer Images

I only received one submission to this problem of the week. Maybe it wasn't that interesting. Let's see what happens this week. This week has more to do with number sense than anything else.

Science ~ Ms. Schultz

I am so impressed with what we have accomplished in eighth grade science! Students are doing a fantastic job with their science notebooks, being ready for class, and working in the lab. Our first quiz was Friday and scores were posted on the portal over the weekend. Anyone who scores less than seven out of ten is encouraged to bring their quiz to my room during recess. We will talk through missed problems together, then students will receive an additional point on their quiz for their effort to figure it out. I can't say it enough, effort creates ability! During the week ahead, we will find the density of air, investigate expansion and contraction, and dust off the Bunsen burners to heat matter. Homework #4 will go home on Monday, due Wednesday. Homework #5 will go home on Wednesday, due Friday. Students should spend about thirty minutes on each assignment, no more than forty-five.

U.S. History ~ Ms. Slocum

Students did a nice job on their first Histofacts Quiz. They will get a new set of Histofacts Monday and will have the quiz on Friday. Students are expected to have memorized the Preamble to the Constitution and be ready to recite it on Wednesday.

This week we will be watching a video about 9/11. It is an informative video that examines why and how this happened. It is narrated by Tom Brokaw and follows 4 families through the day. Their is a clear informational component as well as an emotional component. I show the video because it provides kids with good information and involves them with some of the emotions of that day.

We will then move on to the structure of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Students will be doing some reading. We will discuss their reading in class and they will take some notes in their notebooks.

Be sure to ask your child about what they learned from the 9/11 video! Have a great week!

AVID ~ Mrs. Walker
Avid Logo

Advisory ~ 8th grade advisory team

Every Thursday in Advisory is study hall. This is a great opportunity for students to reread their notes from class, get help from a teacher, and work on assignments for class. Advisors will periodically use this time to conference with students about their grades. With permission, students can work with any core teacher during study hall. This is a great way to catch up after an absence or get a bit of one-on-one help. We encourage students to plan ahead and think carefully about how they can best use study hall each week.

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