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8th Grade News
For the Week of September 28th 2015


Conferences are coming up Thursday October 8th, Tuesday October 13th, and Wednesday October 14th.  There are still times available the evening of October 8th and during the day of October 14th.  Please contact Mr. Kafura at brian.kafura@mpls.k12.mn.us if you need to schedule a conference or to confirm your conference time.



English Language Arts (ELA)

Chapter 12-15: The Influence of Color

This week we continue to discuss the meaning of color in Jonas' community. Jonas also begins to struggle with his new role as Receiver of Memory.  Our class will begin to look deeper at how rules influence Jonas' community. 

Students have shown some solid growth in their writing giving more specific details to support their thinking.  Just as it is important to give specific examples from the text it is also important for students to give detailed explanations that support their thinking.  Students are given multiple opportunities to improve their writing by using feedback on assignments to complete a redo for each assignment.

As we used Standards Based Grading, we focus on improving. If a student receives less than a '3' (Meets Standards) on an assignment they are expected to redo their work and complete a Redo/Retake Action Plan to show improvement in the quality of their work and growth.  

Mr. Sundlin's webpage is located here 

Monday: CH. 12 movie comparison 
: Ch 13 Discussion: short essay response 
: Ch 14 Discussion / Word of the Week #2 Review  Quiz on friday!
Thursday: Ch 15 Discussion: WriteLike (in class)
Friday: Independent Reading / WoW #2 Quiz /  Read Ch. 16-17 by Monday

Students have begun to engage in routines for Independent Reading at home and on Fridays in class.  All students should have a book that challenges and engages them!
 Students should read 30 minutes per day or 180 minutes a week minimum.
Mr. Sundlin

 The Guthrie Theater will begin their production of To Kill A Mockingbird  
We won't begin reading this novel until 3rd quarter, but now would be a great opportunity to build interest and background knowledge of this book for students!

Intermediate Algebra

We will be ending our first unit this week.  Students will be having their summative assessment this Friday.  Next Monday, I will go over retake requirements for those who need more time to practice the learning targets. 

Monday: Absolute Value Equations

Tuesday: Absolute Value Equations
HW: Absolute Value
Wednesday: Absolute Value Inequalities
HW: Inequalities Practice
Thursday: Review Stations
HW: Review Packet
Friday: Unit 0 Test

Our focus questions for the week are: What is convection?  How do density dand convection work together to create currents?

Monday: Density of cold/hot water lab.

Tuesday: Density lab recap and convection demo day.

Wednesday: Density of water lab.

Thursday: Convection - notes.

Friday: Convection discussion and finish notes.

Have a great week!
Mr. Iverson
Global Studies  
  Students received their projects back Friday.  Students may make corrections to their projects and resubmit them to be graded.  A number of students have not yet turned in a project.  Students had 4 and a half days in class to work on these, plus additional nights to to finish at home as needed.  Please check the portal to see if your student has submitted a project and encourage them to complete it if they have not.

Monday: Benchmark Assessment (this will not affect student grades, but we will use it as a review exercise) and study guides handed out

Tuesday: Study Guide Work Day (Environmental Issue Sheet Due)

Wednesday: Kahoot Review

Thursday:  Unit 1 Test (can use study guide on the test)

Friday: Latin America Brainstorm/Knowledge Check

Reader's Workshop

Dates to Remember
Dates to Remember 


  • OCT 8: Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)
  • OCT 13: Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)
  • OCT14: SCHOOL - Conferences (7:3am-3:30pm)
  • OCT 15-16: NO SCHOOL -Education MN Teacher's Convention(formerly "MEA break")
  • OCT 28:  End of 1st quarter
  • OCT 29-30: NO SCHOOL - Teacher professional development and record-keeping
  • NOV 2:  Beginning of 2nd quarter


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