8th Grade Newsletter - September 5, 2016

Eighth Grade Newsletter: September 5th
8th Grade 

For the week of 
September 5th

Welcome Back, Field Mice Families!

The 8th grade team would just like to say welcome back to school!  We have really enjoyed starting to get to know this year's 8th graders better these first few days.  

We also would like to say thank you for all the supplies donated to classrooms.  If you were holding off on sending classroom supplies with your students the top two needs we still have are tissues and looseleaf paper.  

In the future you will receive this newsletter on the first day of school each week.  It will include topics teachers are covering, homework due dates, upcoming test/quiz dates, as well as important happenings at Field.  Please do not hesitate to contact any 8th grade teacher throughout the school year (even if it is just to check in or find out more about what we are doing in class). 

GEMS and GISE Registration Info

Hello Everyone!  Mr. Hamilton, Ms. Nelson, Ms. Hill, and Ms. Trandem would like to invite each of your students to join the GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) or GISE (Guys in Science and Engineering) programs this year.  

This year we have the opportunity to compete in the FIRST Lego League robotics competition, build CO2 powered cars, and learn a lot about the Engineering Design Process while we do it.

Our first class is Tuesday, September 27, 2016.  If you have questions, feel free to contact Mr. Hamilton (GISE) or Ms. Hill (GEMS).  

You can register your child online by following this link to the registration form:

English Language Arts (ELA)

Students will begin reading The Giver in class this weekAND FOR HOMEWORK. We begin focusing on the "gist" of our story. We will have a mini-lesson for rereading the text to generate ideas and questions from the text. We will also focus on collaborating for in-class discussions, making  text-to-self connections. Finally, I will be looking at student writing through a short essay students will complete by the end of the week.  

It has been fantastic learning more about students everyday and how best I can support all of you 
to have a fantastic year! Thank you for all you have shared! 

Mr. Sundlin's webpage is located here 
Monday: Labor Day (No School)
Tuesday: Check out The Giver / Read Ch 1 (in-class) / Understand the GIST.
Wednesday: Define explicit vs. implicit rules  Read Ch. 3-5 by Monday
Thursday: Using Cornell Notes /Identify rules of the community
Friday: INDEPENDENT READING / Complete short essay started in class 

1,000,000 Words assignment for families(parents/guardians
 can still be turned in through email or hand written as soon as possible.
We enjoy reading all of your life stories and learning all there is to know about you!

Intermediate Algebra
Craig Hamilton (email: craig.hamilton@mpls.k12.mn.us)

Hello!  This week we are moving on from our Week of Inspirational Mathematics, into our first unit:  Equations. We will begin by dusting off our knowledge of the order of operations and special operations.

Monday (9/5)Labor Day -  No SchoolNone
Tuesday (9/6)Order of Operations Wksht #1-26
Wednesday (9/7)Evaluating ExpressionsWksht #1-14
Thursday (9/8)Absolute Value ExpressionsWksht #1-20
Friday (9/9)Evaluating Square RootsNone



Mon: Labor Day

Tues: Weather Factors - Make the App activity
Homework Given (Comparing Weather Forecasts) - Due Friday

Wed: Measuring Weather (outside, if possible) LAB - Properties of Air

Thur: Finish Properties of Air Lab

Fri: Weather Tools Quiz

Have a great week!
Mr. Iverson

Global Studies  

  Welcome to Global Studies!  In this class we will be studying physical geography, culture, recent history, and current events around the world.  Students will be conducting research, analyzing and discussing issues, participating in simulations, and many other activities.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Kafura at any time with questions (e-mail is best, brian.kafura@mpls.k12.mn.us).

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Intro to Scale and Latitude/Longitude Practice

Wednesday: Independent Latitude/Longitude and Scale Practice (due Friday)

Thursday: Types of Maps and Map Projections Notes

Friday: Minneapolis Map (due Tuesday next week)

Dates to Remember
Dates to Remember 
    • SEPT 19: Picture Day
    • OCT 13: Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)
    • OCT 18: Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)
    • OCT 19: NO SCHOOL - Conferences (7:30am-12:00noon)
    • OCT 20-21: NO SCHOOL -Education MN Teacher's Convention ("MEA break")
    • NOV 2:  End of 1st quarter
    • NOV 3-4: NO SCHOOL - Teacher professional development and record-keeping
    • NOV 7:  Beginning of 2nd quarter

NEW Cell Phone and Personal Electronics Expectations:

While cell phones and other electronics seem to be an extension of our bodies, students are not allowing them to be used in school during the hours of 8:05-2:35pm.  
Here are our expectations:
  1. All phones and electronics are not allowed to be used, including during lunch and recess, at Field.
  2. They are to remain at home, locked in lockers or on their person, turned off and not used.
  3. Phones and electronics will be confiscated for the day, if being used, and parents will be contacted to come to school to pick them up if it occurs more than once.
Q: Why don't we allow cell phones in class/lunch/halls during the school day?
  1. We prioritize real human interaction.  We believe that learning the skills of in-person communication and collaboration are much more important. This generation has grown up with computers and cell phones. Students are already good at using electronics - they do not need social media practice or gaming practice at school. One of the most important skills our students will learn at Field is how to get along and work well, face-to-face, with a variety of people.
  2.  Electronics are disruptive. Cell phones ringing and buzzing disrupt the class.
  3. They are distracting. Students will pay more attention to their friends' texts and their games than to the lesson if allowed. We want students focused on the lesson, not who's calling or texting them.
  4. They cause drama.Students tend to say things online that they would never say out loud. We don't want extra drama at school.
  5. They get stolen.Unfortunately, as wonderful as our Field students are, phones do get stolen. They are attractive items. Leaving them in a locked locker is best if they can't stay at home.
  6. They are addicting. This generation of students is struggling to learn to think and stay busy with just their own thoughts. Managing boredom without tools or toys is an important life skill that we have little opportunity to practice when the phone is always present. We want our students to be fully present and experience all that school has to offer.
  7.  Students don't need them.  Field has technology in the classrooms. In most all class situations students do not need their cell phone to access the Internet or do any other class work. We are asking the adults in their lives to not only review these expectations but also help by not texting or contacting their student during the school day.  If parents need to reach a student, calling the main office 612-668-3640 always works.  If a student needs to contact a parent, they can come to the school office and call.
If teachers are having students use their phones for a specific academic purpose in their class, for example; taking pictures, research, or using specific apps..... teachers will tell students that they are permitted for use only in that particular class for that specific activity and that all electronics MUST be turned off prior to leaving the classroom.  

Contact Info:

Language Arts 
Michael Sundlin
Craig Hamilton

Social Studies

8th Grade AVID


Ola Lloyd

School Social Worker:
Mariam Graff
Days at school: Mon., Tues., Wed.,Thurs.

Kate Kippling

Leah Herzog
Jennifer Jonland


Reading Specialist:
Bev Halvorson

Field School 
Site Council Representatives for 8th grade:
Co-Chair:  Jen Buss  plyspalace@comcast.net
Co-Chair: Leah Kondes lkondes@gmail.com
Main Office (and Attendance):
Traci Lynstad

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