Quarter 1 Homework Assignments

Weekly science homework is usually assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.   (Students may turn in work early if they wish.)

Assignments are designed to reinforce, extend, or sometimes introduce what students learn in class. 

PDF HW1a Lab Safety Contract   --  Due by Thursday, Aug. 31. Students and parents must understand and sign this before student is allowed to participate in lab activities.
PDF HW1b Letter to Mr Husby   --  Due by Thursday, Aug. 31. I want to learn a bit about each of my new students!
PDF HW2 Measuring lengths   --  Due Thurs, Sept. 6. Using a metric ruler, students are asked to measure lengths to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
PDF Week 3 - NO NEW ASSIGNMENT   --  Sept. 10-14
PDF HW4 Estimating Metric Msmts   --  Due Thursday, Sept. 20. Intended to give students practice in identifying and internalizing common metric measurement scales.
PDF Metric Facts sheet to supplement HW4   --  Reference facts to help students estimate using metric units. (This is printed on the cover of the new packet they are receiving Monday, Sept. 17)
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