Quarter 1 Homework Assignments

Weekly science homework is usually assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.   (Students may turn in work early if they wish.)

Assignments are designed to reinforce, extend, or sometimes introduce what students learn in class. 

PDF HW1 Safety Contract and Letter to Mr H   --  Required signatures in order to participate in lab activities. Due Friday, Sept. 1. Will of course be accepted later as well.
PDF HW2 Measuring Lengths   --  practice using centimeters and tenths, due Friday, Sept. 8
PDF *HW3 Extra Challenge: Msmt Units   --  VOLUNTARY; due Thursday, Sept. 14
PDF HW4 Estimating Metric measurements   --  due Thursday, Sept. 21. Students apply their new understanding of metric units of measurement to new tasks of estimating
PDF *HW4b Extra Challenge: Metric Prefixes   --  voluntary extra assignment, due Thursday, Sept. 21. Students look online for what various metric prefixes mean (mega, tera, micro, etc)
PDF HW6 Floating and Gravity   --  Due Thursday, Oct. 5
PDF HW7 Phases of Matter   --  due Thursday, Oct. 12
PDF LARGE FILE Full Zed story and mini-lessons for HW7   --  If you want the whole back-story . . .
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