Quarter 4 Homework Assignments

Weekly science homework is usually assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.   (Students may turn in work early if they wish.)

Assignments are designed to reinforce, extend, or sometimes introduce what students learn in class. 

PDF HW1 Forms of energy   --  Given to students during class on Monday. They will have time to work on it after the quiz on Tuesday. Due on Thursday.
PDF HW2 Energy Transformations   --  Due Thursday, April 19. Energy is often transformed from one form to another. This is practice to help students identify these transformations.
PDF HW4 Absorbing Impact   --  VOLUNTARY - Extra credit - Due Thursday, May 3. Preparation for next week's "Egg Drop" activity.
PDF HW5 Egg Drop   --  Currently scheduled for Thursday, May 10 . . . or in the event of rain or bad weather, Friday, May 11.
PDF HW6 Tia Ana   --  Due Thursday, May 17 -- about cataracts and UV light
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