Quarter 3 Homework Assignments

Weekly science homework is usually assigned on Monday and due on Thursday.   (Students may turn in work early if they wish.)

Assignments are designed to reinforce, extend, or sometimes introduce what students learn in class. 

PDF HW2 Drawing Practice   --  due Thursday, Feb. 8
PDF HW1 City or State Monument   --  Students have had class time to finish this, but if they need more time, it will have to be at home. Due by Thursday, Feb. 8
PDF Straw Bridge reflective writing project   --  I have been asking students to write a single paragraph at a time. They have received prompts about each paragraph. I finally told them that the paragraphs would all come together into a final essay, but they have already done most of the work (which is the individual paragraphs.) Students will have a class period to put it all together, edit and help each other edit and proofread, then another day to finalize and turn in. If not, it will become homework. Due by end of week, Feb. 9.
PDF HW5 Bike History and Design   --  Due Thursday, March 1
PDF (HW5 check)   --  This is how I checked homework completion this week. Thurs, March 1
PDF HW6 Strange Vehicle   --  Due Thursday, March 8
PDF HW8 Newton's Laws of Motion   --  due Thursday, March 22
PDF HW9 Forces Study Guide   --  For final quiz on Motion, forces, Newton's Laws, etc. . . . due Wed., March 28
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