Quarter 4 Class Assignments and Activites
PDF Are You Ready For The Quiz?   --  Completed by students in class Mon., April 9. Discussed together, examples and reminders given; students were asked if there was any confusion or anything unclear.
PDF Forms of Energy   --  Information sheet to help students identify which form of energy is which, and how to find examples. Helpful for this week's homework. Mon., April 9
PDF Energy collage project   --  Beginning Wed., April 11. Students will work in groups and collect magazine pictures to illustrate different forms of energy, then glue them onto poster paper to make an "Energy Collage."
PDF Fix-up for Forces/Motion quiz   --  DUE BY FRIDAY for anyone who wants to improve their quiz score.
PDF Energy Transformations first practice   --  Students worked on this at the beginning of class on Wed. and Thursday, April 11-12
PDF week 1 notebook entries   --  April 9-13
PDF How lightning happens   --  Thursday, April 19
PDF Energy Transformations mini-quiz   --  Friday, April 20
PDF Making a battery   --  Lab Activity, Friday, April 20
PDF week 2 notebook entries   --  April 16-20
PDF Intro to Batteries -- alternative assignment   --  Thurs-Fri, April 19-20