Quarter 1 Class Assignments and Activites
PDF Science Room tour   --  Aug. 28-29 Students were given a tour of everything they should know about the science room (and class). Sort of like bingo . . .
PDF Cartesian Divers   --  Aug. 30-31. Students explored and explained a simple device. Detailed intro to show what scientists do.
PDF Week 1 Science class info   --  This is what students saw on the screen as they entered class each day this week, plus some lab instructions.
PDF NASA mistake   --  Sept. 4: To begin our discussion of measurement and choices of units/systems of measurement, we consider what happens when people don't agree on which to use.
PDF Week 2 warm-ups, notes, activities   --  Sept. 4-7 This is a brief record of what appeared on the screen in the science classroom during this week. Students are expected to include daily warm-ups in their notebooks, as well as some of the data tables, notes, diagrams, etc.
PDF Week 2 Notebook entries   --  Sept. 4-7. This is what student notebooks should look like for this week.
PDF Metric System History   --  Written version of a story I told during class 9/11-12
PDF Metric System History papers   --  Student note sheet to help remember basics of the story (voluntary but highly recommended).
PDF Student response to Metric history story   --  Class activity on Sept. 13 -- summary of the history story.
PDF Graphic Organizer (Someone Wanted But So)   --  To help students organize their thinking -- one of the options for Sept. 13 class activity
PDF Week 3 warm-ups, notes, activities   --  What was on the screen in the classroom, Sept. 10-14
PDF Week 3 Notebook entries   --  Sept. 10-14. What student notebook pages should look like for this week.
PDF Week 4 warm-ups, notes, activities   --  Sept. 17-21 What appeared on the classroom screen this week.
PDF Week 4 packet entries   --  Sept. 17-21 What students should have written in their packets (formerly notebooks) this week.
PDF Sorting customary units   --  Week of Sept. 24-28. Purposes: 1. to familiarize students with customary (non-metric) units they may still encounter, and 2. practice in comparing and sorting items
PDF Fannie Farmer story   --  Week of Sept. 24-28. A bit of history about where common cooking msmts. come from.
PDF Atom playground and molecules   --  Wed-Thurs, Oct. 3-4
PDF Zed the Confused Alien mini-lessons   --  Part of in-class discussion on Mon., Oct. 1.
PDF Boston Molasses Flood   --  10/10-10/11. Students read the story, responded to the questions, and collaborated on a captioned illustration of one scene in the story. IF NOT COMPLETED DURING CLASS TIME, THIS WILL BE HOMEWORK.
PDF Week 7 warm-ups, notes, activities   --  Oct. 8-12, including "Archimedes and the Gold Crown"
PDF Phases of matter explained   --  Monday, Oct. 8, in student notebook