Quarter 1 Class Assignments and Activites
PDF week 2 notebook entries   --  sept 5-8: What student notebooks should look like
PDF Volume Venture part 1   --  9/8 practice measuring volumes
PDF Volume Venture part 2   --  9/11 more practice measuring and mixing colored liquids
PDF Metric System History note sheets   --  Goes with story told aloud in class, Sept. 12-13
PDF Metric System History story   --  for those who want to read instead of listen
PDF Measurement Stations activity   --  Sept. 14-15 To help students become more familiar with all aspects of using both the SI (metric) system AND the customary units in our kitchens.
PDF Week 3 warm-ups and actives   --  sept 11-15
PDF week 3 notebook entries   --  sept 11-15