Quarter 3 Class Assignments and Activites
PDF Week 1 warm-ups, notes, activities   --  Jan 29 - Feb 2
PDF week 1 notebook entries   --  Jan 29 - Feb 2
PDF Straw bridge reflective writing project   --  I have been asking students to write a single paragraph at a time. They have received prompts about each paragraph. I finally told them that the paragraphs would all come together into a final essay, but they have already done most of the work (which is the individual paragraphs.) Students will have a class period to put it all together, edit and help each other edit and proofread, then another day to finalize and turn in. If not, it will become homework. Due by end of week, Feb. 9.
PDF week 2 notebook entries   --  Feb 5-9
PDF week 3 notebook entries   --  Feb 12-15