TKAM Paragraph Review


STEP 1:  Start with a big idea—one that opens the focus of your essay up to a human worldly level.  This should be 2-3 sentences.

You might start with a question, a quote, or a statement.  Try to make your first ideas original.  Your goal is to engage your reader—get him or her thinking about your topic in a way s/he can connect to.

STEP 2:  Connect your broad idea to book level.  This might connect people to characters, or people to writers.  This should be 1 sentence.

STEP 3: Narrow your broad idea to the specific novel.  Mention the title and author.  (NOTE:  This can be combined with step 2.)  This should be 1 sentence.

Some sentences to help you…

• In Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird

• In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee…

STEP 4:  Give some focus for your essay without giving away your specific details and examples.  This should be 1-3 sentences.

STEP 5:  Narrow to your thesis statement.  This will be your final sentence of your introduction.  It will be the idea(s) that you prove in your essay.  It should be a statement that is an inference (something you figured out from reading and thinking, rather than something that was directly stated).  It should be original.  It should be strongly worded.  This is usually 1 sentence.  It might be 2 sentences.

Body Paragraphs


A strong academic paragraph:

·  starts with a topic sentence

·  gives details to show the situation

·  uses and explains how at least one quote supports the main idea

·  explains your thinking about the evidence

·  ends on your ideas, NOT a quote or example

·  ends back with the main idea of the topic sentence



  •  mirrors the introduction by...

• restate or rephrase the thesis statement

• reflect on the issue's role in the book

• end big--reconnect to broad idea