Chapter 12

When Jem turned 12 years old, he didn’t want to play with Scout anymore. He told Scout to start acting like a girl. Scout spent her time with Calpurnia in the kitchen. Dill did not come to visit because his mom got married and he had to stay at home. Atticus had to go to the legislature for two weeks. Since he was gone, the children went to Calpurnia’s church. The church was not fancy but it was full of people. There was no organ or hymnals. Calpurnia’s son, Zeebo, lead the congregation in singing. Reverend Sykes asked for the people to give $10 to Tom Robinson’s wife. Reverend Sykes told Scout and Jem that Atticus was doing a good thing in defending Tom Robinson. When Jem asked Calpurnia about singing hymns line by line, she said it was because almost no one in her church could read. Calpurnia told them how she learned to read. Scout and Jem never thought about how old Calpurnia was before or where she lived. Jem asked her why she talked one way with them and another way around black people. She said she didn’t want to put on airs or act differently in front of her friends. When they got home from church, Aunt Alexandra was waiting for them.