Chapter 14

Scout asked Atticus if she could go to Calpurnia’s house to visit. Calpurnia lived in an all black neighborhood. Aunt Alexandra said definitely “no”! Aunt Alexandra wanted to get rid of Calpurnia but Atticus didn’t want to.

That night, Scout and Jem got in a fight. Atticus sent them to bed. Jem and Scout thought there was a snake under Scout’s bed. They were surprised to find Dill under the bed. Dill explained that he ran away from his mother’s house because she wasn’t going to let Dill visit Scout and Jem that summer. Atticus got food for Dill since he hadn’t eaten during his 300- mile journey to Maycomb. Dill took a bath. He was filthy from his long trip. Atticus called Dill’s Aunt Rachel to let her know where Dill was.