Chapter 15

Because Dill had run away, it took a while for Jem and Scout to convince his mom to let him stay with them. Finally, she said he could stay. For a week they played and had fun.

One night the sheriff, Heck Tate, and some other men came to the Finch’s house. The Sheriff told Atticus that Tom Robinson was being kept in the jail so he would be safe. Some people wanted to hurt Tom.

On Sunday, Scout asked Atticus what the fuss was and Atticus said that Tom Robinson was in jail until his trial. All Sunday afternoon Scout and Dill played. Jem did not want to play so he read football magazines. That evening, Atticus left in the car. The kids did not know where he went. Later Jem and Scout pretended to go to bed. Instead they sneaked out and got Dill. The kids went downtown and spied Atticus sitting outside the jail. Suddenly four cars pulled up! Men got out and told Atticus they wanted Tom Robinson. They wanted to hurt him. Atticus said to leave him alone. Scout couldn’t stay hidden. She ran to Atticus and surprised everyone. Atticus tried to make the kids go home, but they would not. Scout recognized one of the men. He was Walter Cunningham’s dad. He and Scout talked and finally the men left without hurting Tom Robinson.