Chapter 16

The next morning Atticus, Aunt Alexandra, Jem and Scout ate breakfast together. They talked about what happened the night before and how the kids had kept Atticus and Tom Robinson safe from the mean men at the jail.

After breakfast Atticus left for the courthouse. He told Jem and Scout not to come downtown that day. The children sat on the porch and watched many people come by the house. Everyone was going downtown. The reason everyone was going downtown was to watch Tom Robinson’s trail. After lunch, Jem, Scout and Dill could not wait any longer. They went downtown to see all the people. Everyone was excited about the trial. There were so many people in the courthouse that Jem, Scout and Dill could not find a place to sit. Reverend Sykes from Calpurnia’s church found them a seat up in the balcony. When the children sat down, the first witness took the stand. The witness was Heck Tate, the county Sheriff.