Chapter 19

Tom Robinson took the stand. When he tried to place his hand on the Bible, it kept falling off. Everyone in court could see that Tom’s left hand was shorter than his right hand and that he couldn’t use it.

Atticus asked Tom questions about how he knew Mayella Ewell. Tom said that he walked by her house every day on his way to work. Sometimes, Tom said he helped Mayella by chopping firewood or carrying water for her. Tom said that Mayella’s brothers and sisters never helped her do any work. As Tom talked about Mayella, Scout realized that Mayella must be the loneliest person in the world. She didn’t have any friends.

Atticus asked Tom what happened on November 21st. Tom said he was walking by the Ewell house and Mayella called him to come in. All the children were gone because Mayella had given them money to buy ice cream in town. Hen Tom went in the house, Mayella tried to hug and kiss him. Tom tried to run away and he tipped over a chair. Mr. Ewell yelled in through the window at Mayella and Tom left in a hurry. Mr. Ewell yelled at Mayella that he would kill her. Dill got sick to his stomach and Scout and Dill left the courtroom.