Chapter 20

Dill and Scout sat under a tree. Dill was sick of the way Mr. Gilmer was treating Tom on the witness stand. Dill said it wasn’t right to treat anyone that way.

Mr. Dolphus Raymond saw the kids and offered Dill a drink from his paper sack. Scout told him not to drink it but he did and he told her it was just Coca Cola. Scout asked Mr. Raymond why he pretended to drink alcohol from a bag. Mr. Raymond said he pretended to be drunk so he could live the life he wanted. Most people didn’t think much of him because he was white and had a black girlfriend and biracial children. Mr. Raymond said as long as he pretended to be drunk, people left him alone.

Scout and Dill decided to go back to watch some more of the trial. When they got back inside, Atticus was giving his closing arguments. Atticus told the jury that they should not find Tom Robinson guilty unless they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he raped Mayella Ewell. Atticus said that the Ewells lied because they wanted to get Tom Robinson in trouble. Just as Atticus finished his speech, Calpurnia came into the courtroom for Jem and Scout.