Chapter 21

Calpurnia came to the courthouse with a note for Atticus. It was from Aunt Alexandra saying that Scout and Jem were missing. Mr. Underwood told him they weren’t missing. They were up in the balcony. Atticus told them to go home. Scout and Jem wanted to come back to the courthouse after dinner. Atticus told them they could. Calpurnia was very upset at the kids for being at the trial and not telling anyone where they were. Aunt Alexandra was mad too.

Scout and Jem returned to the courthouse after dinner. They had been gone an hour and the jurors were still out trying to come to an agreement about whether to put Tom in jail or let him go. Everyone in the courtroom waited quietly. Finally, at 11:00, the jurors came back. They all decided that Tom Robinson was guilty of hurting Mayella and should go to jail. Atticus went over to Tom and talked to him. Everyone left except the black people in the balcony and Atticus. When he walked out, all the black people stood up. This was their way of showing respect to Atticus and thanking him for defending Tom. Atticus was very upset he had lost the case and Tom was going to prison.