Chapter 22

Jem was very upset and crying about the trial. He thought Tom should not have gone to jail. He did not hurt Mayella Ewell. He told his dad (Atticus) that it wasn’t right. Atticus agreed with him but said it wasn’t over yet. Atticus was planning on trying to change the verdict or decision to show that Tom didn’t hurt Mayella and that he was innocent.

The next morning, there was food piled high in the kitchen. The black people brought it for Atticus as their way of showing thanks to Atticus for all his help during the trial.

Dill came over to play so he, Jem and Scout went outside. They noticed all the neighbors were gossiping about the trial. One of the neighbors, Miss Maudie, invited the children in for some cake. Miss Maudie said Atticus did an unpleasant job in their town for defending a black man.

When they left Miss Maudie’s house, Miss Rachel (Dill’s aunt) told Dill to go home because there was danger coming. Scout asked what was happening. Miss Stephanie answered that Bob Ewell, Mayella’s dad had spit in Atticus’ face and told him he would get back at him if it took him the rest of his life.