Chapter 23

After Bob Ewell spit in Atticus’ face and said he would get him, Jem and Scout were afraid that Atticus might get killed. They wanted Atticus to get a gun to defend himself. Atticus told the children that he wouldn’t get a gun. Atticus explained that Bob Ewell was mad about the trial. Atticus told Jem that he should stand in Bob Ewell’s shoes and see how he might feel. Atticus said that Bob was not going to kill him but just spit and say mean things about them.

Atticus talked to Jem and Scout about how a jury is chosen for a trial. Scout was sad that women can’t be on juries. Jem was mad that the jury would put a man in jail just because he was black. Atticus said that juries have a hard time finding a black man innocent. There was a lot of prejudice in the small town.