Chapter 24

Aunt Alexandra invited her missionary circle to coffee. All the women sat around and gossiped. Calpurnia served the ladies coffee and dessert. The ladies talked about how they should help the poor people in Africa. Scout was all dressed up in a pretty dress. She helped serve the food. Aunt Alexandra invited Scout to stay and talk to the ladies.

Atticus came into the living room. He asked to talk to Alexandra and Calpurnia. They went to the kitchen. Miss Maudie went with them. Atticus told the ladies that Tom Robinson was dead. He was shot trying to escape from prison. Atticus wanted Calpurnia to go with him to tell Tom’s wife. Many people were very sad that Tom was dead. Calpurnia and Atticus left to tell Tom’s wife the bad news. Aunt Alexandra, Miss Maudie and Scout went back to the living room but they didn’t say anything about Tom’s death. They didn’t want the others to gossip about his death.