Chapter 26

School started back up for Jem and Scout. Jem was in 7th grade and going to the high school. Scout was in 3rd grade. One day in school, Miss Gates, Scout’s teacher asked the students to bring in articles from the newspaper about what was happening in the news. One boy brought in an article about Adolph Hitler. He was the leader of the Germany. The article said that Hitler had been hurting the Jewish people who lived in Germany. Miss Gates talked about how bad that was and how Hitler was hurting people just because they were Jewish. She said he was prejudice against the Jews.

Scout thought a lot about this discussion. She went home and talked to Jem about it. She told Jem she heard Miss Gates say to someone that it was okay Tom Robinson was killed. This didn’t make any sense to Scout since Miss Gates was telling the class it was not okay to hate anyone. It shouldn’t matter what color skin someone has or what religion they are. Miss Gates was telling the class that it was okay to kill black people but it was not okay to kill Jewish people.