Chapter 27

By October, things had settled down in Maycomb. No one talked much about the trial or Tom’s death anymore. About the only news were three small things that happened to Bob Ewell. Judge Taylor and Helen Robinson (Tom’s wife). First, Bob Ewell got a job and then was fired right away because he was so lazy. Bob Ewell blamed Atticus for getting fired but Atticus didn’t have anything to do with it. The second thing happened to Judge Taylor. One night when the judge was home alone, someone broke into his house. The intruder didn’t take anything but he scared Judge Taylor. The third thing that happened was that Bob Ewell yelled at and scared Helen Robinson, Tom’s widow a lot. Helen’s boss found out about it and caught Bob following Helen to work and staring at her. Helen’s boss told Bob Ewell to leave her alone or he would call the police. Bob Ewell left Helen alone after that. It was now Halloween. Scout was to be in a play about Maycomb County.