Chapter 30

The doctor came into the room. He asked everyone to leave so Jean Louise (Scout), Atticus, Boo and Mr. Tate went out on the front porch. Atticus assumed that Jem was the one who killed Bob Ewell. Mr. Tate explained that it was Bob Ewell that killed himself. He fell on his knife as he was running through the woods. Mr. Tate explained that that was the story he was telling to everyone in town. He didn’t want Jem to have to go to court about the attack. Mr. Tate also said that he wouldn’t tell anyone about Boo Radley rescuing Jem because then Boo would have a lot of attention from the townspeople and Boo wasn’t used to that. Before Scout and Atticus went back inside the house, Atticus said a thank you to Boo for saving his children.