Chapter 31

Boo, still on the front porch of the house, nodded toward the front door. Scout thought Boo wanted to go in and say goodnight to Jem. Boo went over to Jem who was sleeping in bed. He patted Jem on the head then asked Scout if she would take him home. They walked through the gate and onto the Radley porch. Boo went in the house and shut the door. Scout never saw Boo again. Scout began to think about all the people in their town and remembered Atticus saying you really never know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them. Scout felt like she really knew Boo now just being with him one night and standing on his front porch. When Scout got home, she found Atticus reading one of Jem’s books. Scout asked him to read it to her but she fell asleep right away. As she was falling asleep, Scout mumbled that Boo was really nice. Atticus answered that most people are when you finally see them.