Explore Class: Art of Photography


I also teach an Explore class for 7th & 8th-graders called "Art of Photography". In this class we will explore the history of photography and elements of good photos, trying to incorporate creativity, art, and even some elements of technology. We are hoping to make this a project-oriented class where students will put together a variety of themed photo exhibits. (owning a camera is not required for this class, but student cameras will be welcome.) Explore classes occur on an "every-other-day" basis, on a "BLACK" and "TEAL" day rotation (see official Field School calendar). While much of the work in this class will be designed to be completed within the Explore class period, students may be allowed some additional homework time from this class in order to allow students time to compose and take necessary photos.


To text or email photos to Mr. Usem

...for the Photography Explore Class, DO NOT USE Mr. Usem's regular school email account, but please send to the following account:


For all other regular correspondence, please use Mr. Usem's school email address at the bottom of this web-page.