Registration for this year's GEMS and GISE classes is well underway, but it's not too late to sign up! Links to forms are at the bottom of this page! We've already received many registration forms, and are looking to get even more! Remember, at Field, we do not have a lottery system for selection. We are more of a come one, come all kind of site.

GEMS and GISE starts on Tuesday September 25 and runs every Tuesday and Thursday through May 9, from 2:35 - 5:00pm.

This year we will have several new staff joining our team, as well as some familiar faces. We are excited to welcome Mr. Iverson and Ms. Ringold to the GEMS team and Mr. Skiba as our ALC Program Coordinator. Ms. Dawn, Ms. Solyntjes, Ms. Risinger, and I are pumped to return and get things going!

GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science) and GISE (Guys in Science and Engineering) offer opportunities for enrichment in the STEM fields.

In the Fall, we participate in the First Lego League competition where students are tasked with building and programming autonomous robots capable of completing a variety of missions. Additionally, students will complete an engineering design project aimed at identifying and solving one problem from the year's research theme.

This year's project requires students to identify a physical or emotional problem that could arise for astronauts embarking on long term missions in space, and to propose a research based solution for the problem that they identify. The best research projects are completed in collaboration with experts in related fields to the selected problem!

To enroll your child in GEMS or GISE, simply click the appropriate link below, print out the form, and return it to the teacher listed at the top of the form.

We are excited for an amazing year!

PDF GEMS Registration Form   --  Return to Ms. Ringold, Ms. Risinger, or Mr. Iverson
PDF GISE Registration Form   --  Return to Mr. Hamilton or Ms. Solyntjes