ROCK BAND *(meet for recess)*

Due to the schedule change, "ROCK BAND" will no longer be an official class...but don't worry!

These ensembles will still meet once per week during their recess times, just not for a grade.

Auditions will be held during recess and/or after school during the first 2 weeks of school. 

Please understand that both space and my time is limited, so participation is not guaranteed.   

**Only INTERM. guitar students are eligible to play strings (guitar/bass/uke/etc.)**

**Only Drummers, Keyboardists, or Vocalists may audition without being in an Interm. guitar class**


Students will focus their study on the instrument (s) with which (s)he auditioned.  The class will prepare rock style music throughout the year.  Focus will be on using tablature, chord symbols and lead sheets. Songwriting will be incorporated into class and performance.  Students need to have a high level of commitment outside and during class as preparation expectations are high.