Science Bowl

Welcome to Science Bowl!  If you are a 7th or 8th grader who enjoys science and math, fast paced competitions, and working with others, this is the team for you.  Four years ago Field’s Science Bowl team won the state competition and an all expense-paid trip to compete in Nationals!  Like other teams, we practice together, do some training on our own, and compete against other Minnesota schools.  Below are important details about the coaches, practices, and how the competition teams will be determined:  

Tracey Schultz, Leon Boler, Alan Husby (8th, 7th, and 6th grade science teachers) and Richard Schultz (Tracey’s father).

Practices & Schedule:
Practices are on Mondays from 2:45-3:45pm starting in room 112.  A typical practice includes individual and small group activities to review/learn new science and math content, learning the rules and strategies for the competition, and playing the game!  Students need to arrange a plan for getting home after practice – there is no after school bus available.  

Our schedule will be as follows:

Monday 10/08/12 = practice #1   
Monday 10/15/12 = practice #2  
Monday 10/22/12 = practice #3  (Chemistry Day!)
Monday 10/29/12 = practice #4
Monday 11/05/12 = practice #5
Monday 11/12/12 = practice #6

Monday 11/19/12 = NO PRACTICE
Monday 11/26/12 = practice #7
Monday 12/03/12 = practice #8
Monday 12/10/12 = practice #9
Monday 12/17/12 = practice #10
    (Chemistry Day!)

In addition, an after school field trip to the Science Museum will be offered sometime during the Science Museum’s “Omni Fest”.  The Science Museum has not yet set their dates for Omni Fest but it will be sometime after the new year.

Students will need to bring a three ring binder with 5 dividers and a pencil to practice each week.

We will use a point system to determine which students will go to the Science Bowl Competition in February.  (All students are welcome to join Science Bowl.  Join even if you do not want to compete to be on a competition team.)

We plan to bring one team of five 8th grade students to the state competition.  The five 8th grade students with the highest point totals will compete on Field’s first team.  If the tournament allows us to bring a second team, the second team will consist of the five 7th grade students with the highest point totals.

Points are earned (or lost) at practice in the following three ways:

Plus 2 points for bringing your Science Bowl binder and a pencil to each practice

Plus 10 points for each toss-up question answered correctly during practice competitions

Minus 5 points for each toss-up question answered incorrectly during practice competitions

There is no participation fee.  However, there are 2 items we will collect funds for - the team t-shirt ($15), & the Science Museum trip ($12-15).  Scholarships are available for both.  

For those students that make a Field Science Bowl Competition Team:
SCIENCE BOWL COMPETITION @ St. Thomas University will be either Saturday 2/16 or 2/23 (President’s day is 2/18).  The tournament runs most of the day depending on a team’s success.  Participating on one of the competition teams for Science Bowl requires attending this event.