Specialist News - February, 2015

Specialists Newsletter
February 2015

  The Jump for Heart and Hoops
   has begun!
Read Physical Education section below for more details!!

Band/Orchestra - Kim Hotchkiss 


The 7/8 graders have several performances this month!

  • Chamber Orchestra at a String Festival - Tuesday, Feb. 17. (permission slips need to be turned in).
  • Jazz Combo (small group of 8 students) play for a 'rememberance service' - Tuesday, Feb. 24
  • The 7/8 grade Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Chamber Orchestra will perform their Winter Concert on Thursday, February 26 in the Field Commons at 6:30 pm. 
  • Jazz Band performs at the Jazz Festival at the U of M - Saturday, Feb. 28.

Students are starting to look at music and think about the Ice Cream Social on March 19.


The music webpage is active so you can find information about any of the music programs, concert dates and private lesson teachers. 

You can click on the link below, or access it through 'teaching teams' on the Field webpage.


Ms. Hotchkiss



 CLICK HERE for Music Webpage
Vocal/Rock Band/Guitar - Chase Burkhart


Greetings Field Families!!

ALL members of the Field Community are hereby invited to join us in the commons on the morning of Saturday, February 28th for our annual fundraising event, the PANCAKE BREAKFAST!    This will be a great opportunity to share a cup of java with your neighbors and meet some new friends too, all the while supporting our musical youth.  Attendees will enjoy tasty pancakes as various musical ensembles provide entertainment throughout the morning.


Ages 13+ ............................. $6.00
Ages 5-12 ............................ $4.00
Ages 4 & under ..................... FREE
Maximum Family Rate........ .... $25

**Proceeds go towards funding the upcoming 7/8 Grade Choir Trip to Duluth on May 22-23rd, including scholarships to ensure all eligible students have the opportunity to participate. 


Come Cook with the Kids!   
We need adult help in the following places:

6:30-8:30  Sausage Cookers (2 adults)  Trays are heavy and HOT - no students for this task

6:30-8:00,8:00-10:0010:00-12:0012:00-1:00 - Kitchen Help - Mixing batter; cleaning kitchen; guiding kids  (2 adults for each shift)

6:30-8:00,8:00-10:0010:00-12:0012:00-1:00 - Griddle Help - 
Help kids at griddles; keep griddle area clean; (2 adults for each shift)

6:30-8:00,8:00-10:0010:00-12:0012:00-1:00 - Dining Room - Help guide students to wash tables, help customers, refill syrup and butter containers (1-2 adults)

6:30-8:00,8:00-10:0010:00-12:0012:00-1:00- Oversee Coffee and condiments

**Please help oversee student workers, we want them to learn how to serve and work but they need our gentle guidance.


We need your help.  If you are able to contribute please follow the guideline below so we collect the right amount of each item needed.  I'll need these items dropped off at school by Thursday so I have time to pick up anything we're short of Friday night before the event.

Butter / Paper Plates .............. 7/8 Boy's Concert Choir
Butter / Plastic Knives ............ 7/8 Girl's Concert Choir
Syrup ................................................. 5/6 Madrigals
Juice ............................................ 7/8 Girl's Chorale
Plastic Cups (for water/juice) .................. 5/6 Choir


6:30am:    (first shifts arrive, get ready for the rush)

7:30am:    (begin serving pancakes)

8:00am:    7/8 Girl's Chorale

8:45am:    5/6 Madrigals

9:45am:    7/8 Girl's Concert Choir

10:45am:  5/6 Choir

11:30am:  7/8 Boy's Concert Choir

12:00noon:  (Event ends, begin clean up)

Thank you in advance for all your help, time and donations to help our entire music community !  You are greatly appreciated!

Please email questions/concerns to: chase.burkhart@mpls.k12.mn.us


Mr. Burkhart


Art - Del Bey 

Greetings from the Art Room! 


   5/6 grade students are learning about Kente Cloth a woven fabric and Adinkra symbols - both are from Ghana, W. Africa.

    Students created paper looms and learned the difference between the warp and weft. Colored strips of paper and drawn symbols that represent aspects of their personality were used to complete their weavings.


    7/8 grade students are reviewing 1 and 2pt perspective techniques and color theory to warm-up for our unit on space and painting.

   Students created interpretations of the historic photograph of the Civil Rights March from Montgomery to Selma using watercolor paint and a monochromatic color scheme for a dramatic effect of this important event.  


Art Room Volunteers Needed
Work from home uploading images of students' artwork onto our online school art gallerywww.artsonia.com.

Contact Ms. Del by email for details.   delecia.bey@mpls.k12.mn.us


Please visit our online art gallery at www.artsonia.com. 20% of purchases are returned to the art room for supplies.  


Art Heals!

Ms. Del


Media/Technology - Sean Casey


In the month of January, students in Media/Technology classes hit the TRAILS: the Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills!


TRAILS is a knowledge assessment targeting a variety of information skills; a tool for school library media specialists to identify strengths and weaknesses in the information-seeking skills of their students.


Students in grades 5-8 were strongest in the skill of "Identifying potential sources"; students in grades 5 and 6 were weakest in the skill of "Recognizing how to use information responsibly, ethically, and legally", and students in grades 7 and 8 were weakest in the skill of "Developing a topic".


The results of this assessment will inform what students in Media/Technology classes study in the month of February and all throughout Quarter 3 as we target the skills that were the weakest before "hitting the TRAILS" again at the end of this Information Literacy unit.


Also in the month of January, there were 331 total circulations of library books in the media center's collection:

  • Students in Grade 5 were responsible for 22.0% of the total circulations,
  • Students in Grade 6 were responsible for 8.9%,
  • Students in Grade 7 were responsible for 55.9%, and
  • Students in Grade 8 were responsible for 13.1%.

The "Top 10 Titles" (according to circulations of library books among students) in the month of January were:

  1. Bleach Vol. 3 (the third volume in the "Bleach" series of graphic novels) by Tite Kubo
  2. Sisters, a graphic novel (and the sequel to the graphic novel "Smile") by Raina Telgemeier
  3. Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen
  4. The Blood of Olympus (the fifth volume in the "Heroes of Olympus" series) by Rick Riordan
  5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  6. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  7. The Lemonade Crime (the second volume in "The Lemonade War" series) by Jacqueline Davies
  8. The Maze Runner (the first volume in "The Maze Runner" series) by James Dashner
  9. Cabin Fever (the sixth volume in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series) by Jeff Kinney, and
  10. The Third Wheel (the seventh volume in the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series) by Jeff Kinney.
The month of February is "I Love to Read" Month in the school library media center, so keep reading, and ask Ms. Mazig about how you can enter our "I Love to Read" Month contest!

Sean Casey sean.casey@mpls.k12.mn.us 

School Library Media Specialist, Teacher of Media/Technology classes

Field Community School | Minneapolis Public Schools



"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." - Albert Einstein

Marni Heck - Physical Education    cartoon-sneakers.jpg
  The Jump for Heart and Hoops
  has begun!

Students will be collecting donations in support of American Heart Association.  Your child was given a Parent Letter (direction for on-line registration) and Envelope Packet.  Walking door to door is unnecessary.  On-line donation is best and less time consumption.  Mrs. Heck will collect donations through month of February. 
Please help us raise our goal of $10,000.  A weekly lesson in the prevention of heart disease will be taught. 
Thank you for your relentless support!

Mrs. Marni Heck
Physical Education 


Spanish/French/World Cultures - 
Char Swanson 

7th/8th grade Spanish and French students will learn how to describe clothing and weather. They will be able to discuss what they and others are wearing, based on the weather characteristics. They will also apply their previous knowledge of noun and adjective agreement (people and their physical and intellectual description) when describing their clothes and colors. 


5th/6th grade Spanish and French students will work toward a comprehensive written and oral quarter project which consists in applying all the concepts and vocabulary learned during the first semester, describing 3 members of their family in English and in the target language. Pictures (real or scanned) will be greatly appreciated for the perfect completion of this project, as it will be much easier for both teacher and student to view the family pictures during the oral exam (scheduled for week 7 of this quarter) in order to discuss and verify the information linked to the relatives that are being described. Ample time will be provided during class time and homework (practice pronunciation and memorization upon written completion of the "Family" packet) for the students to complete the project and practice alone/with a partner.


All World Culture students will learn about Carnival in the world, and its history and traditions. They will also learn to make their own "Mardi Gras" masks at the end of their research. 

Dates to Remember
  • February 17 - String Festival - 9:30 am performance - Chamber Orchestra at Hopkins Performing Arts Center
  • February 26 - 7/8 grade Band & Orchestra Winter Concert -
    6:30 Field
  • February 28 - Pancake breakfast - 7:30-12:00 - Mr. Burkhart's groups - Field Commons.
  • February 28 -Jazz Band Festival at the University of MN.
  • March 19: Ice Cream Social- Band & Orchestra students perform solos & small ensembles. 6:30 Field School 
  • May 21:  Spring Band & Orchestra Concert - Field School in morning;  6:30 & 7:45 pm.
  • May 28: Choirs Concert - 
    6:30 Field School
  • June 2: Guitars & Rock Band Concert - 6:30 Field School
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Kim Hotchkiss
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Marni Heck
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Sean Casey 
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Del Bey  
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Char Swanson



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