Specialist News - March, 2015

Specialists Newsletter
March 2015


Band/Orchestra - Kim Hotchkiss 


The Ice Cream Social is next week!!

Thursday, March 19 beginning at 6:30 pm. Sebastian Joe's is providing the ice cream for the event.

There are lots of groups working on music to perform for you that evening.  Hopefully your child has told you if  they are performing. I promise you a very entertaining evening!


The 7/8 grade groups had some great performances in February!! It was a busy month.


We have had visitors from the 'Copper Street Brass' come and work with the flute sections and the percussion. On Monday, a group of musicians will come to perform and sit in with the bands as they practice their music. It's awesome to have these professional musicians come to our school!!!


The 3rd quarter grade will include the 5/6 grade practice charts from January & February. The March chart will be due right after spring break. The charts that have been turned in are in the grade book. There are still many students who have not turned theirs in, especially the beginner strings/band students.


The music webpage is active so you can find information about any of the music programs, concert dates and private lesson teachers. 

You can click on the link below, or access it through 'teaching teams' on the Field webpage.


Enjoy Spring,

Ms. Hotchkiss



 CLICK HERE for Music Webpage
Vocal/Rock Band/Guitar - Chase Burkhart



Please email questions/concerns to: chase.burkhart@mpls.k12.mn.us 
Mr. Burkhart


Art - Del Bey 


   After Spring Break students in all grades will have the option to explore Shibori - a Japanese form of tye dying fabric using string and different types of objects. 

     We are requesting a donation of $3.5o per student for a blank white silk scarf 8"x54". 

      Students unable to make a donation will be able to participate.

    We need at least 100 students to make a donation to have the unit.     Please donate by Monday, April 6th.

Thank you.


   5/6 grade students are working on our 3D unit. Students are creating robots using recycled materials. 

   Please drop off any extra small boxes you may have (under 5") for the art room in the main office. 


    7/8 grade students are using recycled material to create 3D skylines based on future cities. 

   Students are also working on advanced painting techniques using wood as the canvas. 


Art Room Volunteers Needed 
Work from home uploading images of students' artwork onto our online school art gallerywww.artsonia.com.

Contact Ms. Del by email for details.   delecia.bey@mpls.k12.mn.us


Please visit our online art gallery at www.artsonia.com. 20% of purchases are returned to the art room for supplies.  


Art Heals!

Ms. Del


Media/Technology - Sean Casey


In the month of February, students in Media/Technology classes strengthened their skills in the areas of "Developing a topic" and "Recognizing how to use information responsibly, ethically, and legally" by completing assignments based on the Search Strategies and Be Legal & Fair "Things" from the website 21 Things 4 Students.


In the month of March, students will complete assignments based on lessons in the categories of "Information Literacy" and "Creative Credit & Copyright" of the Digital Citizenship Scope & Sequence from the website Common Sense Media before retaking the TRAILS (Tool for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) knowledge assessment prior to the start of Spring Recess.


As a reminder, all assignments for Media/Technology are expected to be completed during class. If students use class time wisely, they should have more than enough time to meet this expectation. If a student does not complete an assignment during class for whatever reason, they are then expected to complete it outside of class by accessing it through MyMPS (Minneapolis Public Schools' learning management system). Assignments for Quarter 3 can be completed and will be accepted at any time during Quarter 3, which ends on Thursday, March 26.


Returning to the month of February, there were 296 total circulations of library books in the media center's collection:

  • Students in Grade 5 were responsible for 39.3% of the total circulations,
  • Students in Grade 6 were responsible for 12.7%,
  • Students in Grade 7 were responsible for 24.7%, and
  • Students in Grade 8 were responsible for 23.2%.

The "Top 10 Titles" (according to circulations of library books among students) in the month of February were:

  1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  2. Insurgent, (the second volume in the "Divergent" series) by Veronica Roth
  3. Out from Boneville (the first volume in the "Bone" series of graphic novels) by Jeff Smith
  4. Crown of Horns (the ninth volume in the "Bone" series of graphic novels) by Jeff Smith
  5. Catching Fire (the second volume in "The Hunger Games" series) by Suzanne Collins
  6. The Crossbones (the third volume in the "Skeleton Creek" series) by Patrick Carman
  7. The Hunger Games (the first volume in "The Hunger Games" series) by Suzanne Collins
  8. Hush, Hush (the first volume in the "Hush, Hush" series) by Becca Fitzpatrick
  9. Looking for Alaska by John Green, and
  10. Sisters, a graphic novel (and the sequel to the graphic novel Smile) by Raina Telgemeier.

Sean Casey sean.casey@mpls.k12.mn.us 

School Library Media Specialist, Teacher of Media/Technology classes

Field Community School | Minneapolis Public Schools



"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." - Albert Einstein

Marni Heck - Physical Education    cartoon-sneakers.jpg
Fitness Monthly News:

February was a great month.
We concluded the ❤️ American Heart Association donations.
Thank you for contributing!

Have you seen your child's Physical Fitness Assessment Test scores?
Students will take the Final Tests end of April.

Upcoming Units: 
   Badminton, Soccer

Live Healthy,

Cheers ~
Marni Heck
(651) 341-9012



Spanish/French/World Cultures - 
Char Swanson 


Dates to Remember
  • March 19: Ice Cream Social- Band & Orchestra students perform solos & small ensembles. 6:30 Field School 
  • May 21:  Spring Band & Orchestra Concert - Field School in morning; 
     6:30 & 7:45 pm at Field School
  • May 28: All Choirs Concert
  • June 2: Guitars & Rock Band Concert - 6:30 Field School
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Char Swanson



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