Specialist Newsletter - April, 2017

Field School Specialists Newsletter - February 2017
Specialists Newsletter 
April 2017
   Dates to Remember..... 
May 6:            STRUT: GUITAR FESTIVAL (Interm/Adv. only) @ Southwest HS
May 11            JAZZ FESTIVAL hosted by Ramsey School
(all bands & strings 5-8 grade) 
at Washburn High School - 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm.
May 20:          A JAZZ COMBO performs at McCrae Park
May 25:          SPRING CHOIR CONCERT (all choirs) at Field
May 26-27:    CHOIR TOUR - (Chorale & Concert Choir only) to North Dakota
June 1:          SPRING GUITAR CONCERT (all guitars, rock band, & Music X) Field

   Band & Orchestra     

 * We had a total of 5 performances in 5 weeks!!  
     WAY TO GO Field Band & String Musicians!!!

There was the Chamber Orchestra String Festival, the Jazz Band Festival, 7/8 grade Winter Concert, the Wind Ensemble Viva City performance at the Guthrie and the Ice Cream Social. All were wonderfully played!!!

I am so proud of all the students who have shared their musical talent with all the different audiences we've had recently. They are amazing!!

The parents who helped run the Ice Cream Social did a fantastic job feeding everyone ice cream and keeping things running smoothly! THANK FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! Special thanks to Cathy Haugland for coordinating all the parents; BLVD Kitchen (Tom Gladbach) & Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream for the donations of delicious ice cream. Max Buendorf and Genevieve Rainwater for sound and stage management!

There are no performances scheduled during April as we begin to learn new music for our upcoming May 18 concert. All the bands and string groups will be performing that night at the Washburn auditorium. The 4th grade beginner band & string students will also be joining us at this concert.

*New to our calendar is the invitation to a Jazz night at Ramsey School. They would like to host our jazz band, Washburn's jazz groups along with their own jazz band. More details to come as I get them.

Below is the link to the music webpage that will give you up-to-date information on concerts, forms & lists of private lesson teachers. 

It's easiest to contact me via email, but feel free to call when needed.
Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra Director

 Choir & Guitar 
Hello Field Families!

Thank you so much for the support you have shown and continue to show for our music program.    There are more exciting things coming up, including 2 home concerts (separate final concerts for choir/guitar) so please check the concert schedule listed at the top of this email and read the following updates carefully:

*7/8 Grade CHOIR TOUR to NORTH DAKOTA ( May 26-27, 2017 )

A packet was sent home on March 17th consisting of all the required forms students in CHORALE and CONCERT CHOIR need to fill out to go on the trip.    Included in that packet is our finalized itinerary, scholarship request form (if needed), permission slips, behavior agreements for both parents and students, and of course the overnight health information form.      These required documents need to be signed, stapled/clipped  together, and turned back into Mr. Burkhart by Friday, April 14th (THIS FRIDAY!).  **PLEASE NOTE**  A written permission slip from a licensed Doctor is required for ANY AND ALL MEDICATIONS, including headache, cold, allergy, etc.   Doctors notes can be written/signed on separate sheets of paper other than the health form and stapled to the packet.

**CHAPERONES:   I need both the Volunteer Chaperone form AND the Background Check forms completely filled out, signed, and returned to me by THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 14th.   If you need me to resend you the documents, just shoot me a private email.     

         NOPE... This event is officially CANCELLED... Sorry this didn't work out this year :(


All "intermediate guitar" and "rock band" students are eligible to participate.  This years festival is going to be AWESOME!!!    Please try to reserve the WHOLE DAY aka 9am-9pm (or as much of that time frame as possible) to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity.   The workshops alone are worth the activity fee ($25), plus students get an official STRUT t-shirt and guitar picks, and then the opportunity to perform a brand new piece of guitar ensemble music, not to mention enter into the Battle of the Bands competition! 

If any parents would like to get more involved with STRUT and volunteer your time/talents, please shoot me an email!   I will be sending home a physical document soon with more info about how to sign up.   In the mean time.... 

Check out the official STRUT website!! >>   http://www.strutfest.com 

Like our Facebook Page and spread the word!! >>   https://www.facebook.com/strutfest/ 

QUESTIONS/CONCERNS?   Please email me directly. 


Chase D. Burkhart
Director of Choral and Guitar Education
Field Community School - Mpls, MN
    Physical Education   
PE: Fitness for Life 
Outstanding Students at Field School!
          Spring (Active) Fever!
Over spring break, your child was encouraged to strengthen the
Core and Upper Body.  How much did they accomplish?

                  Month of April
Lacrosse (cradling, scooping,
throwing, catching and positions)

Physical Fitness Test Finals

March Madness Basketball tournament was a success!  
Thank you to the eighth and seventh grade players and fans.

Few months of school remains.
Please review expectations in the Field Handbook.  I look forward to connecting with you in the upcoming months.

I'm here to help you.
Please call me between 
11:30 am-12:30 pm for questions or concerns.

Kind Regards
Marni Heck
Physical Education
Field School         7:30 am - 2:00 pm
Anthony School    2:30 - 4:00 pm

    Health News     

Tiimothy Forward



7th and 8th grade students (Spanish 1) will continue to practice regular and irregular verbs in the Present tense through reading materials and group writing activities. this new quarter learning target will consist in describing the house/city/community that you live in, and activities that take place in them. Students will apply concepts learned since the beginning of the school year as well as new concepts.
5th and 6th graders (Spanish Foundations) will learn to describe the school that they go to and the classes they attend. They will also learn to identify the school supplies they need for all their classes, and the cultural differences between the school system in the United States and in Latin America.

Char Swanson


Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
Chase D. Burkhart
Choir & Guitar 

Marni Heck
Physical Education
Timothy Forward

Char Swanson

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