Specialist Newsletter - February, 2016

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Specialists Newsletter 
February 2016

Share Your Talents - Volunteer for the Spring Fling
The Hale/Field Foundation is in need of parents like you to share your talents in preparation for the 4/30/16 Spring Fling. Check out the options and sign up to volunteer at - https://www.volunteerspot.com/login/entry/3462055360100.
The Hale/Field Spring Fling is an annual adult-only fundraising event with food, cocktails, dancing and fun that raises tens of thousands of dollars each year for our school. Historically the funds raised have been used to supplement math, music, science, reading programs, field trips, traveling iPads and Smart Boards for classrooms as well as requests from teachers and administrators that implement the mission of "expanding education opportunities beyond the traditional boundaries of public education." So come join your neighbors and friends (and make a few new ones), as we make this the best Spring Fling ever! For more information on volunteering for the 2016 Spring Fling visit or contact Jackie Just@just-bloomed.com

Thanks so much for considering it.
Jackie Just

   Band & Orchestra     
5/6 grade - The Bands & Orchestra played a fabulous winter concert!!
                   Great Job Performers!!!
        The students should be filling in their January practice charts. They      are due this week.

7/8 grade - Our Chamber Orchestra will be playing at the Hopkins Fine Arts Center on Tuesday, Feb. 16. This is the day following a long weekend! Their performance time is 9:30 am. There will be 2 judges and a clinician scoring them and working with them. It is always a great learning experience. We will have lunch across the street at the Big Ten Restaurant before returning to school at 12:45. Permission slips will be coming home soon.
Concert dress is very important!!

The Winter Concert is Tuesday, February 25 at 6:30 in the Field School Commons. The Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra & Wind Ensemble will be the performers. Students will wear their black polo shirts and khaki/tan pants.  

The Jazz Band will be performing at the University of MN Jazz Festival on Saturday, February 27. Our performance time is 2:40 pm. Then they will work with clinicians for 40 minutes and spend some time listening to other school groups perform. After dinner in the nearby dorm, we will return to Ted Mann auditorium to hear professional musicians perform a concert.  Another great learning experience. More info and permission slips to come soon.
Concert dress is a must!

Kim Hotchkiss
Field Band/Orchestra Director
Ramsey Orchestra Director

 Choir & Guitar 
Field Music

SATURDAY, FEB. 20th  (in Field Commons)
Breakfast Served:    7am - 11:45am     Music Performances:   8am - 12n
Admission Prices:
$6 (age 13+),   $4 (age 5-12),   FREE (age 4 and under),   $25 (maximum family rate)
This is our most important fund-raising event of the year, and we really need your help:  
1.  Griddles.   I know that 1-2 of the machines we have do not work properly, so if any parents have one of these at home that you would be willing to let us borrow for this event, that would be fantastic!!    My goal is to have 6 operating at the same time.  
2.  Heated Pans/food storage (2).   We need to be able to keep the sausage warm after it's all been cooked, and it would be great to have a second heated pan/container to keep pancakes warm in case we make too many at one time. 
3.  Donations by Specific Class:   syrup, butter, juice, utensils, plates, etc. 
   ** I will send an email this week detailing what single item each class is donating ** 
************** VOLUNTEERS *************
Please consider volunteering your time and influencing your child to do the same.    The work schedule is divided up into four 90-minute shifts throughout the morning.   1st shift needs to arrive at Field by 6:30am to be prepared for hungry patrons by 7am.   4th shift is also responsible for the final clean up when the event officially ends at noon.  Clean up shouldn't take much longer than 30 minutes assuming we have enough volunteers.    Volunteers for shifts 2-4 should arrive at least 10 minutes BEFORE your shift actually  begins to check in with students/parents at your work station and figure out what's going on.   Keep in mind that choir students will need to quickly leave their stations in time to perform.    Transitions between shifts are going to be very critical moments for the smooth operation of this event. 
 (1) 6:30am - 8am,    (2) 8 - 9:30,    (3) 9:30 - 11,   (4) 11am - 12:30pm*(until finished)

2 parents  supervise a max of 6 students per shift for each of the jobs listed below.   It is  important to have 2 parents per job should one need to use the restroom or run on a quick task-related errand.  My goal is to inspire a grand total of 40 parent volunteers so that each individual parent will only be working for 90 minutes of the morning.    If we fall short of those numbers, we will need some generous parents to either volunteer for multiple shifts or supervise a group of students by themselves.  
Pancake FlippersBatter Mixers,  Kitchen Clean upDining Services,  Greeters/Cust. Service
**I also need 2 parents to show up for the first shift with the sole purpose of cooking the sausage (you will not be assigned to supervise students).  
***Parents, please let me know ASAP via email if you are available to volunteer and for how many shifts.   Let me know your supervising duty preferences, but understand some degree of flexibility will likely be necessary.    Students will be signing up for shifts this coming week, so please communicate with them NOW about your intentions to volunteer  so you can align your schedules.
Monday, Feb. 22nd, 12:45 - 2:30pm - Orchestra Hall, Downtown Minneapolis.
Permission slips  were sent home last week with MADRGIALS and CHORALE students who were present in class.   Please contact me ASAP if your child has not brought one home.     All permission slips must be signed and submitted by the end of this week (no exceptions). 
MUCHO thanks to those parents who emailed me about chaperoning for this field trip!   I selected the following parents based on who contacted me first.
Madrigals Bus:       Brenda Dickel   &   Lisa McCulloch
Chorale Bus:              Leah Kondes  &   Jane McClain
February is going to be a busy but exciting month!    Don't hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns.
Chase D. Burkhart
Choir/Guitar Instruction, Field School

During Black History Month our exhibits will feature Collages inspired by Romare Bearden by 5/6 grade students and Dream Homes inspired by architect Paul Revere Williams by 7/8 grade students.

5/6 grade students are exploring design concepts of things we use everyday. Students are designing their own 'Cars'. Students are drawing two or more different views of their 'Car' designs with a focus on future technology and function. Students will present their concepts to the class for discussion.

7/8 grade students are designing 'Creative Chairs'. We are exploring the design origins and value of things we use everyday, but take for granted. Students are drawing Creative Chairs with a focus on the materials, function, and location of the final design. Drawings are required to have 3D form and reflect the environment the chair will be used in.

My conference hours will be Friday 2/12, 8:00-11:30. Please contact me by email if you would like to arrange to meet at a different time.

Please visit our online art gallery to see student artwork. 
www.artsonia.com 20% of all purchases will return to the art room to help buy supplies.

Art Heals!
Del Bey
    Physical Education   
PE: Fitness for Life 
Outstanding Students at Field School!

     Wednesday, February 3rd.
We hope you and your child bundle up and participate in the Winter Walk Day.  If you feel comfortable, drop off your child two blocks away from the school...and walk.  
Please enter Door #6.

Physical Fitness Test:
Last Semester, kids ran the
PACER Aerobic Capacity test.
This Semester, One Mile Run will be taken for all grade levels.  Students are encouraged to evaluate and reflect on their intensity and mental toughness level with their buddies.  
At the conclusion of the test, the students leave with a sense of accomplishment.  The Final Test will be in the month of May.

The next unit will be Rugby.
We will study the history, rules and skills.  Rugby is a sport in which a player leads the team up the field passing laterally or backward in prevention of a flag tackle.  Parents are welcome to observe!

Many students have already participated in winter sports such as snowboarding, hockey, and skiing.  Please be safe!  I am seeing an increase number of kids in braces and casts due to collision and falls.  A note must accompany the student who may need to recover during class.

Communication is important.
Feel free to call or email with any success stories, questions or concerns.

Warm regards,
Marni Heck
Physical Education
Field Media Center

 7th & 8th Grade
Seventh and Eighth graders started off our new semester by sharing their strengths. Students created a colored paper frame to describe their Frame of Reference with their strengths. In our discussion of growth mindset students chose some of their academic weaknesses they could improve in and explained how they want to do better in these areas. Students discussed what it meant to have a fixed versus a growth mindset.
Students learned how to produce an Excel Workbook using a formula that 'Countdowns to an Important Date' - their graduation.
Next we will be going on three Internet Quests learning how to create visual organizers and how to create and use QR codes in learning.
                                          5th & 6th Grade
Students have been introduced to using the Universal Search component that is a part of Destiny - the online catalog system for the books in the Media Center. They can access it from home by going to GoFollett.com and entering their student email and password. Now we are learning how to use a QR App and QR Codes to find answers about our books in the Field Library.

Sher Swanby | Sher.Swanby@mpls.k12.mn.us

Media Specialist, Teacher of Media / Technology classes
Field Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools
Ph: 612-668-3646

Spanish & French 

5th/6th grade students will learn about expressing "Family Relationships" in French and Spanish through their own families and families from famous TV shows and animated movies/cartoons. They will also work independently and in collaboration with their classmates on short reading passages and communicative activities in the target language. Focus will be on Speaking and Reading skills throughout this quarter. Our new learning target will be "School, classes and opinions about school/classes," and mastering conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the Present tense through the activities related to that learning target.

7th/8th graders (Spanish) will finish their third essay (A day in the life of______) related to their school, classes, opinions about their classes and teachers, and their morning routine during a typical school day. They will also reflect on their second quarter movie called "A Better Life" by completing a hand-out in which they have to ponder on issues such as "undocumented workers in the U.S. (California), what the life of an "illegal person" is like, and how all that impacts family, friendship, love and trust among all the characters in the movie. Our learning target this quarter will be focused on reinforcing the concept of regular and irregular verbs in the Present tense through a mini novel called "Esperanza," and activities to "Food and its cultural meaning in the Americas.

7th/8th graders (French) will learn about the school system in French speaking countries, and how to describe their classes, supplies and schedule in the target language. They will also learn about the importance of "agreement" between nouns and adjectives (gender and plurality), and apply that concept in short reading and speaking activities (individually and collaboratively).

Wednesday "Study skills/hall" students will learn about "Memory" and strategies to help them enhance their study skills and activities in their lives in general.  They will complete a brief written assignment while listening to and viewing the powerpoint presentation during class time. They will also be asked to regularly keep their binder/trapperkeeper organized and their school planner updated throughout the quarter.
Char Swanson
  • Feb. 16: String Festival at Hopkins Art Center - Chamber Orchestra
  • Feb. 20: Pancake Breakfast (all choirs & guitars serving & performing)
  • Feb. 22Chorale & Madrigal field trip.
  • Feb. 25: Winter Band & Orchestra Concert - 7/8 grade
  • Feb. 27: Jazz Festival at University of MN - Jazz Band
  • March 17: Ice Cream Social (small group band & strings)
  • May 19: Spring Concert (all bands & orchestras)
  • May 26: Spring Concert (all choirs)
  • June 2: Spring Concert (all guitars & rock band)


Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
Chase Burkhart
Choir, Guitar & Rock Band

Del Bey

Marni Heck
Physical Education
Sher  Swanby
Media Technology

Char Swanson
Spanish & French
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