Specialist Newsletter - January, 2016

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Specialists Newsletter 
January 2016
Happy New Year!!

There are only 8 days left of the first semester! 
Check the portal for any missing assignments your child may have.

At the bottom of this newsletter is a list of dates for events that are happening 
the rest of the school year. Please mark them on your calendars.
   Band & Orchestra     
December was an exciting month for the music dept. with all the holiday concerts. The students performed beautifully!!
There will continue to be a concert or concerts every month except April until the end of the year. The dates are listed below.

5/6 grade - Their first concert is Thursday, January 21 starting at 6:30 in the Field Commons. This will feature the Beginners and Varsity bands & strings. They will wear their concert t-shirts and khaki/black pants.
 *There is a long weekend prior to this concert and some students have mentioned that they will be gone on the 21st. Please let me know if your child can not attend the concert. Attendance is very important!
The December practice chart is due this week. Some students still have charts missing from Oct. & Nov. They can still turn those in for full credit.

7/8 grade - The Winter  concert is Tuesday, February 25 at 6:30. The Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra & Wind Ensemble will be the performers. Students will wear their black polo shirts and khaki/tan pants.  
The Chamber Orchestra will be performing at the Hopkins Fine Arts Center on Tuesday, February 16 (during the day). They will be scored by adjudicators and work with a clinician following their performance.
The Jazz Band will be performing at the University of MN on Saturday, February 27. They will work with clinicians and hear other groups perform.

Kim Hotchkiss
Field Band/Orchestra Director
Ramsey Orchestra Director

 Choir & Guitar 
Field Music

Welcome back Field Families!    I hope you had a great winter break, and are excited for what 2016 will bring!    Please carefully read through the following information:


Any student who misses an evening performance is required to make up the lost points by attending a local music performance and write a 1 page concert report about the experience to be handed in with the concert program.    If this applies to your child, please send me an email privately and I will forward the concert report directions to you.   Choir students need to go to a choral performance, guitar students need to go to a guitar performance.

Parents of Choir students who need to make up performance points are strongly encouraged to attend the SANFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL choir concert next TUESDAY, JANUARY 12th at 6:30pm.  It's free and not too far away, will feature multiple choirs and definitely have a program, plus the director Tara Finne used to teach at Field back in the day.   Parents of Guitar students should check the school websites of Lake Harriet Upper (MS), Washburn (HS), or Southwest (HS) to find their guitar concert schedule.  Please keep in mind that the end of the 2nd quarter/semester is on Thursday, Jan. 14th. 


This is a required performance in the Field Commons for students in the following classes:  ALL 5-8 grade GUITAR classes (Beg./Interm./Adv./Rock Band) AND the non-auditioned choirs, 7/8 CONCERT CHOIR and 5/6 TREBLE CHOIR (currently listed as period 6 "concert choir" on 5/6 students schedule...can't change it until next year).   ALL Students are required to wear their black Field music shirt (t-shirt for 5/6 grade, polo for 7/8 grade) and Khakis Pants. 


This is our annual and major fund-raising event for the Field Guitar/Choir program, and it will feature all Field Choirs, and the majority of the Field Guitar students.   This event requires a great deal of both parent and student volunteers to run smoothly.    Traditionally, 7/8 grade students have carried the bulk of the load by signing up in shifts to cover duties such as batter mixing, griddle operation, kitchen clean up crew, table washing, customer service duties, etc.     Parent volunteers act as supervisors to keep things running smoothly and allow Mr. Burkhart to focus on the performance aspects of the event.   CHORALE will perform at 8am, MADRGIALS @ 9am, 5/6 TREBLE CHOIR @ 10am, 7/8 CONCERT CHOIR @ 11am.   Between each choral performance, the 7/8 Rock Bands will perform, as well as the combined 5-8 INTERMEDIATE GUITAR ENSEMBLE and select 5-8 Beginner Guitar Students.   

VOCALESSENCE WITNESS Program (Daytime Field Trip - MONDAY, FEB. 22nd)

UPDATE:   Our WITNESS teaching artists (T. Michael Rambo and Anita Ruth) are in the House!!!   These two wonderful people are working with MADRIGALS and CHORALE this whole first week of January to prep them for the upcoming Field trip to Orchestra Hall to enjoy a performance by the world renown MOREHOUSE COLLEGE GLEE CLUB!!

CHAPERONE UPDATE:   I have more than enough parent volunteers to cover the MADRIGALS bus, but I still need at least 1 more parent to accompany us on the CHORALE bus.   We are taking 2 separate buses to this event on Feb 22, Madrigals on one, Chorale on the other.   Buses will depart around 12:45pm, concert runs from 1:15-2:05pm, and then we'll turn to Field by 2:30pm.   If you are the parent of a CHORALE student and you are available to chaperone on that day, please let me know ASAP.

...That's all for now, stay tuned for further updates!  

Mr. Chase D. Burkhart
Choir/Guitar Teacher

Happy New Year!

5/6 grade students are learning about different types of Icebergs and linear perspective. Students are using watercolor paint and colored pencils to create their own interpretations of Icebergs. Inspiration artists are the Group of Seven.

7/8 grade students continue to reflect on elements of their lives and personalities. Students will create their dream home using 1 and 2 point perspective. Inspiration architect is Paul Williams.

Please visit our online art gallery to see student artwork. 
20% of all purchases will return to the art room to help buy supplies.

Art Heals!
Del Bey
    Physical Education   
PE: Fitness for Life 
Outstanding Students at Field School!

It is a fantastic way to start the new year as well as each day!

January brings the sport of Floor Hockey.
Fundamentals and Fitness will be stressed as students will glide on the gym floor with towels.
Gliding keeps the core engaged and places minimal stress on the joints.

Students need to participate with Best Effort, progress on the Fitness Tests and turn in Nutrition Label.  These outcomes will affect the final grade.
Students may retake tests during indoor recess on Mondays.

Many students received Exercise Equipment as gifts for the holidays.
Thank you for supporting Lifetime Fitness and Health in your own home.

Fitness for Life,

Marni Heck

The Power of Parent(s):
Thank you for your support!  All parents need to pat yourself on the back 
for supporting  their child's Physical Health.

Field Media Center

7th and 8th Grade classes:
Our 7th and 8th grade classes finished the month of December reviewing terms and techniques learned in iMovie, Internet Safety and Expectations using an online Jeopardy Game that we played it in a Family Feud type manner.
Now our 7th and 8th grade classes are creating a Mini-autobiography describing five events they remember that had an impact on their lives. We will be depicting this on a new site using pictures captions, backgrounds and graphics.
5th and 6th Grade Classes:
Our 5th and 6th grade classes finished the month of December reviewing terms and techniques learned in PowerPoint Animations, Internet Safety and Expectations 
using an online Jeopardy Game that we played it in a Family Feud type manner.
Now our 5th and 6th Grade students are becoming familiar with three on-line interactive sites that can help them learn. They will compare three sites to see if they can locate video, audio, simulations, or other interactives that can help them learn.

Top Title Statistics Customize View ]  
  TitleAuthorCall #Circulations
1.Bone Book 6: Old Man's caveSmith, Jeff, 1960 Feb. 27-741.5 SMI4
2.Diary of a wimpy kid : the third wheelKinney, Jeff.FIC KIN3
3.DivergentRoth, VeronicaFIC ROT3
4.Sea City, here we come!Martin, Ann M., 1955-FIC F MA3
5.Anya's ghostBrosgol, Vera.741.5 BRO2
6.Avengers Academy. [Vol. 1], Permanent recordGage, Christos.741.5 GAG2
7.Bone Book 1: Out from BonevilleSmith, Jeff, 1960 February 27-741.5 SMI2
8.Bone Book 2: The great cow raceSmith, Jeff, 1960 Feb. 27-741.5 FIC2
9.Bone Book 4: The dragonslayerSmith, Jeff, 1960 Feb. 27-741.5 SMI2
10.Bone Book 7: : Ghost circlesSmith, Jeff, 1960 Feb 27-741.5 SMI2

Sher Swanby | Sher.Swanby@mpls.k12.mn.us

Media Specialist, Teacher of Media / Technology classes
Field Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools
Ph: 612-668-3646

Spanish & French 

Spanish students (grades 5 and 6) will practice their speaking skills through a "Family project" in which they will be asked to gather 3 pictures of their family members and describe them by using all vocabulary learned so far (mostly descriptive adjectives and verbs related to hobbies), and sharing information with their classmates by asking and answering questions in the target language. Students will then proceed to learn conjugating all the different verbs that they have learned so far, and apply that new concept through short readings (Esperanza), and interactive activities.
Spanish students (grades 7 and 8) will continue writing short essays (describing their school/teachers and classes, and thieir friends),  and deepen their understanding of regular and irregular verbs in Spanish through various practice activities (conjugation games, songs etc...). 
French students (grades 5 and 6) will continue practicing numbers from 0 to 50 through games, songs and short readings. They will also practice reading and correct pronunciation by practicing French nursery songs and rhymes.
They will create a "Family album" and learn to describe 3 of their family members, using descriptive adjectives and verbs related to likes and dislikes. 
French students (grades 7 and 8) will practice their speaking and writing  skills by sharing information related to their family and friends with their classmates. They will also learn to identify pronouns and conjugation concepts through a variety of practice activities to help them understand and master that linguistic phenomenon. Short readings and fun creative activities will be used to facilitate the application of that concept.
Wednesday Study Skills students will learn about "Memory" and how to use and enhance memory to maximize their learning processes. Several activities will be used to help the application of this learning target.

Char Swanson
  • Jan. 14: Winter Choir & Guitar Concert
  • Jan. 21: Winter Band & Orchestra Concert - 5/6 grade
  • Feb. 16: String Festival at Hopkins Art Center - Chamber Orchestra
  • Feb. 20: Pancake Breakfast (all choirs & guitars)
  • Feb. 22Chorale & Madrigal field trip.
  • Feb. 25: Winter Band & Orchestra Concert - 7/8 grade
  • Feb. 27: Jazz Festival at University of MN - Jazz Band
  • March 17: Ice Cream Social (small group instrumentalists)
  • May 19: Spring Concert (all bands & orchestras)
  • May 26: Spring Concert (all choirs)
  • June 2: Spring Concert (all guitars & rock band)


Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
Chase Burkhart
Choir, Guitar & Rock Band

Del Bey

Marni Heck
Physical Education
Sher  Swanby
Media Technology

Char Swanson
Spanish & French
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