Specialist Newsletter - January, 2017

Field School Specialists Newsletter - January 2017
Specialists Newsletter 
January 2017
   Dates to Remember..... 
January 19:  WINTER BAND & STRINGS CONCERT - 5 & 6 grade Bands &Strings
6:30 at Field School commons
January 26:  WINTER CONCERT - Treble & Concert Choir, Music X Ensemble, 
            Beginning Guitar, Interm. Guitar, & Rock Bands - 
6:30 Field School commons
February 22 : STRING FESTIVAL - Chamber Orchestra at Wayzata High School
February 25:  PANCAKE BREAKFAST - All Choir & Guitar groups perform
February 28: WINTER BAND/ORCHESTRA CONCERT - 7/8 grade groups
March 4:        JAZZ FESTIVAL - Jazz Band at the University of MN
March 16:      ICE CREAM SOCIAL - Small group band & string students
May 6:            STRUT: GUITAR FESTIVAL (Interm/Adv. only) @ Southwest HS
(all bands orchestras) 
at Washburn High School - 6:30 pm & 7:45 pm.
May 25:          ALL CHOIR CONCERT (all choirs) at Field
May 26-27:    CHOIR TOUR - (Chorale & Concert Choir only)
June 1:           ALL GUITAR CONCERT (all guitars, rock band, & Music X) at Field

   Band & Orchestra     

Happy New Year!!

The Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra & Wind Ensemble had  great performances in December!!! 

       Now the 5 & 6 graders have their winter performance this month! 
Thursday, January 19 in the Field School Commons - Beginners & Varsity bands & strings. Music starts at 6:30 pm with a shortened version of the music during the day.

Students are to wear their 'concert dress' which is their black music shirt and khaki or black pants. 
     String players should arrive about 6:00 to tune in the media center
     Band players will meet in the gym at 6:15.

Below is the link to the music webpage that will give you up-to-date information on concerts, forms & lists of private lesson teachers. 

It's easiest to contact me via email, but feel free to call when needed.
Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra Director

 Choir & Guitar 
Happy New Year Field Families!      Our first concert of  2017 is fast approaching! 

WINTER CONCERT - THURSDAY, JAN. 26th @ 6:30pm (Field Commons)

The first half of this performance will feature all 5-8 grade Field Guitar Students (beginning and intermediate).   This includes Music Explorations students ("Music X Ensemble") and select "Rock Band" small ensembles.    After a brief intermission, the second half of the concert will feature the TREBLE CHOIR and CONCERT CHOIR.  

**PLEASE NOTE** This is a required performance for all students involved.  Any student who is unable to attend (for any reason) will need to make up the points by completing a "concert report" (email me for more info).   Please notify me ASAP if this applies to your child.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST - SATURDAY, FEB. 25th @ 7am-12noon (Field Commons)

Our Annual Fundraiser will feature all Field choirs (Madrigals, Treble Choir, Chorale, and Concert Choir) as well as the Intermediate Guitar Ensembles and Rock Bands.   In addition, there are a limited number of slots available for students to perform solos or in smaller groups, and they are filling up fast!   All students who are interested in performing either a solo or small group song need to contact me ASAP and be ready to perform their songs for me 2 weeks before the Pancake Breakfast.

There will also be loads of pancakes being served by Field students and supervised by Field parents!!    We will need LOTS of parent volunteers to make this the best event possible, so I will be sending out a link soon for parents to sign up for the different jobs and time slots.

Every student who performs in a Field Choir, Guitar Ensemble, or Music Explorations (Music X Ensemble) needs to wear a Field Music shirt and Khaki Pants at our concert performances.  If your child still needs a shirt, please contact me before the day of the concert.   $10 for 5/6 grade t-shirts, $15 for 7/8 grade polos.


There are a limited number of extra Butter Braids that are available for purchase ($12).   Email me privately if you are interested!  


Chase D. Burkhart
Director of Choral and Guitar Education
Field Community School - Mpls, MN
    Physical Education   
PE: Fitness for Life 
Outstanding Students at Field School!
Hello Field Family

Great to see your child back in school! The vacation was a time to recover, sleep, exercise and connect with family and friends.

It's time to reflect. Did you ask your child their fitness/health goals for the year? Please stress good eating habits which will impact their learning.

The unit for January is hockey. Importantly, the students will have the opportunity to show improvements on their Fitness Test scores. I heard many students are aiming high. Thank you for emphasizing to your child the importance of strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

I'm here to help you.
Please call me between 
11:30 am-12:30 pm for questions or concerns.

Kind Regards
Marni Heck
Physical Education
Field School         7:30 am - 2:00 pm
Anthony School    2:30 - 4:00 pm

    Health News     

Tiimothy Forward



Spanish students will learn about vocabulary related to Physical description and Personality through a variety of activities, using their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

They will also celebrate the different facets of the Dia de los Muertos Holiday (Day of the Dead) during the major part of this month.
Students who have been taking Spanish for one or two years before this year will continue to practice writing short essays (as a review of materials learned so far), and conversing in the target language (Spanish).

Char Swanson


Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
Chase D. Burkhart
Choir & Guitar 

Marni Heck
Physical Education
Timothy Forward

Char Swanson

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