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Specialists Newsletter 
May 2016


May 13-14: STRUT: GUITAR FESTIVAL (Interm/Adv. only) @ Southwest HS

May 19: Spring Concert (all bands & orchestras) at Washburn High School

May 21: Jazz Band to play at McCrae Park Festival - 12:10-12:40

May 26: Spring Concert (all choirs) at Field

June 2: Spring Concert (all guitars & rock band) at Field

   Band & Orchestra     
We are headed into the final concert of the year!

The Spring Concert is Thursday, May 19 at Washburn auditorium.

6:30 pm - Beginner groups (including the 4th grade beginners)
                 Varsity groups (strings & bands)
7:45 pm - Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra & Wind Ensemble

          *All performers are to wear their black concert shirts and khaki or black pants. 

Jazz Band - will be performing at the McCrae Park festival on Saturday, May 21 from 
12:10-12:40. They are to wear concert dress. We will meet at the park at 11:45.

5/6 grade - The April practice chart is due this week. A number of students have not yet turned in the March chart. There will not be a May chart - I'm hoping they will practice for the concert anyway!!

After the concert, students will have the option of renting their school instrument for the summer or turning it in. Of course I prefer they try to play at least a few times throughout the summer so they don't forget everything! Maybe some fun songs/music that will motivate them!!

It's been a great year!!!! Thanks for all your support parents!!!!!!!

Kim Hotchkiss
Field Band/Orchestra Director
Ramsey Orchestra Director

 Choir & Guitar 
Field Music
Greetings Field Families, 

This is a long post, but it's all very important info.

4 main points total, so please scroll down to the next heading if one does not apply to your family.

1. AUDITIONS (for next year)


Auditions for next years choirs are over, and both lists are now posted on "Burkhart's Board" outside the choir/guitar room.

If more than 40 students sign up for TREBLE CHOIR (5/6) or CONCERT CHOIR (7/8), then students currently listed as "Alternates" for the auditioned group will be added (one at a time and based on audition data) to balance out enrollment between the choirs.   Students who get bumped up to the auditioned choir will be notified after all specialist class preferences have been entered by students and analyzed by administration. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the large number of talented singers who auditioned in conjunction with the schedule changes coming next year, it was an exceptionally difficult audition process this year.  
I know there are some disappointed kids out there...but that is the nature of having auditions.  Any student who loves to sing is strongly encouraged to sign up for choir regardless of their audition results. Singing in the non-audition choir is also a great way to build your skills and improve your chances for making into the auditioned group in the future.


All current Intermediate Guitar and Advanced Guitar/"Rock Band" students, as well as those who have demonstrated satisfactory progress and behavior in Beginning Guitar will be eligible to enroll in GUITAR ORCHESTRA next year.   I will post a list of those names by the end of this week.   Any interested student who has guitar experience from a different teacher must setup a time to audition ASAP.


Starting next year, "Rock Band" will no longer be an official class. Students who successfully audition for "rock band" will rehearse once per week during recess time. With the exception of drummers, pianists, and vocalists who don't play guitar, only those students enrolled in GUITAR ORCHESTRA will be eligible to play stringed instruments (guitar, bass, uke, etc.) in a rock band.  Auditions will be held the 1st & 2nd weeks of school this fall during recess time.

(Intermediate Guitar + Adv. Guitar/"Rock Band" students only)

** FRIDAY, MAY 13th @ Southwest HS (Auditorium) **

3:30-5:30pm: Combined Guitar Ensemble Rehearsal
(all participating students)

** SATURDAY, MAY 14th @ Southwest HS (Music Dept.) **

10am-12noon: Workshop Sessions 1-2 / Battle of the Bands
12n-1pm: Lunch Break
1-4pm: Workshop Sessions 3-5 / Battle of the Bands
4-5pm: Break (tally results of competition)
5-6pm: Final Combined Guitar Ensemble Rehearsal
6-6:30pm: Dinner in SW Cafeteria
6:30-7pm: Prep for Concert Performance
7pm-8:30pm:  Concert Performance in Southwest HS Auditorium

Participation in this event requires a $15 activity fee, which includes a STRUT: GUITAR FESTIVAL T-Shirt, guitar picks, participation in all workshops and/or Battle of the Bands, etc.  Please make checks payable to "Field School" and write "STRUT GUITAR FESTIVAL" in the memo.  

*WORKSHOPS SIGN UP:   http://goo.gl/forms/uuvXwnEvQX

ALL participating students (performing with combined guitar ensemble) should sign up for 1 class per session! 
**You do not have to compete in the battle of the bands to participate in the workshops!!

*BATTLE OF THE BANDS SIGN UP:  http://goo.gl/forms/Si7MxzA7EU

So far only 1 rock band (Simon J, Aiden O, Zander F, Julius L) is signed up and fully prepared.   There is another group of 8th graders (Daniel O, Jake L, Oscar W, Omavi E, Zander F) and 1 group of 6th graders (Keegan P, Peyton H, Brooks P, Camden D) who need to decide ASAP if they can pull their songs together in time to compete.  All other rock bands will NOT be competing. 

*PARENT VOLUNTEER SIGN UP: http://goo.gl/forms/C6Qwb8PamN

We really need parent volunteers:  Hall monitors, Information Desk, helping with audition cards, etc.   Please click the link above if you can spare any amount of your time.  A great way to get involved!!!


THURSDAY, MAY 26th, 6:30pm (Required for ALL Field Choir students)

Our final choral performance of the school year.  Each choir will sing 2-4 songs, Madrigals and Chorale will combine for a song inspired by their field trip to Orchestra Hall, and then we'll end the performance with a big combined group of all Field choirs singing together. 

THURSDAY, JUNE 2nd, 6:30pm(Required for ALL Field Guitar students)

Our final guitar performance of the school year.   Each ensemble will perform 2-4 songs, then we'll close with the Rock Band students.    All school-owned guitars rented by students must be turned in to Mr. Burkhart by the end of this performance.

Questions/Concerns?   Please email me directly. 

Chase D. Burkhart
Choir/Guitar Instruction, Field School

5/6 grade students are collaborating on a 'Group Interest Crest'. Inspired by our 'Family Crest' unit students are creating a large scale crest that represents interest of the members of their tables. Each student is creating an individual icon for personal representation. Then as a group they will decide on the shapes, colors, and other aspects of the crest.  

7/8 grade students are creating 'Street Art'. Inspired by Banksy, the anonymous street artist. Students are creating art with a message about society that would be displayed in on a public wall. Students are learning the difference between tagging, graffiti, and public art and how the lines often are blurred to convey a message about the world we live in.

This is not only the last newsletter of this school year, but my last newsletter from Field. I would like to take this opportunity to send a big 'Thank You!!!' to parents for their support over the years. The 'Peace Garden', murals, and large scale arts projects - like shibori, would not have happened without your support and commitment. A special 'Thanks' to Dawn Nelson for her assistance with Artsonia. We have over 6,000 works of art on the website and it has provided additional funds to provide art supplies for students.

Teaching art is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. My experiences at Field has taught me positive lessons that will help prepare me for whatever the future holds on this journey through life. My wish for everyone is peace and happiness.

Please visit our online art gallery to see student artwork. 
www.artsonia.com 20% of all purchases will return to the art room to help buy supplies. Any future funds received will go to the general specialist fund.

Art Heals!
Del Bey

    Physical Education   
PE: Fitness for Life 
Outstanding Students at Field School!

Time flies when I am having fun teaching your child in Physical Education class.
It's been a fantastic year.

Cheers to all the volunteers who graciously assisted in making Field playground a great place to be active, yet a relaxing place to spend time with family and friends.

Physical Fitness Tests will be concluding this week.
The students are putting forth great effort to improve their scores.  They need to pat themselves on the back.

Upcoming units will be badminton, where the focus will be on the backhand,  and basketball.

Thank you for another successful school year.
I am fortunate in teachings students with parent support.
Over the summer, I check my school email.  Please email with any questions or concern.

Lastly, flyers will go out to all students who may desire to run the Summer Cross Country team.  For kids interested in tennis, some public parks in Minneapolis offer one hour, daily drills for five weeks startinJune 13th.
Please see me with any questions.
Thank you!

Cheers ~

Mrs. Marni Heck
Physical Education

Field Media Center
Media/ Technology Classes
Seventh and Eighth Grades
 Seventh and Eighth graders are creating their own cell phone application the  main topic is Great Things about Field School or Great Things about  the Field community. They do not need a cell phone to get credit or graded on this assignment.
Seventh and Eighth graders  are also learning about game design and making video games using Gamestar Mechanics. This is a website,  "designed to foster critical 21st century skills such as systems thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, digital media literacies, and a motivation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning.
Fifth and Sixth Grades
Fifth And Sixth graders are investigating a new project on Digital Images. They are learning how to be able to find, create, and edit digital images for a multimedia project. They will create and work with infographics. Fifth and Sixth graders are learning to edit, add to and enhance images in multimedia presentations.  They will express their creativity by communicating or presenting their ideas. They are also learning how to respect the work of others.

May Top 10
It's been a great year! Thank you for being such great parents and for your support!

Sher Swanby | Sher.Swanby@mpls.k12.mn.us

Media Specialist, Teacher of Media / Technology classes
Field Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools
Ph: 612-668-3646

Spanish & French 

Spanish (7th/8th grade) students will continue practicing their conjugation skills through a variety of activities (speaking and writing). They will learn to express "Emotions" in the target language, using the verb "Estar," and by the same token, will also understand the different usages of "Estar" vs. "Ser." (both meaning "To Be" but implying different uses). They will continue reading "Esperanza" and all the interesting cultural facets of Guatemala, Union workers and Poverty in that country. After examining the "Housing" conditions in Guatemala, they will reflect on their own home situation, and describe their "house and living conditions" in Spanish.

Spanish Foundations (5th/6th grade) students will learn about the "School" system in Latin America, and how to describe their classes/schedule, classroom supplies and express their opinions of their school and classes.
They will also create a "puppet skit" with their classmates and practice their speaking skills about that new learning target.

French Foundations (5th/6th grade) students will learn about the "School system" in french speaking countries, and how to describe their classes/schedule, classroom supplies and express their opinions of their school and classes. They will also make a "marionnette skit" to help them reinforce their knowledge of new and old vocabulary learned so far.

Wednesday classes students will learn about a few more "study skills" and also research "cultural" and "socio-cultural" issues in the world.

Char Swanson


Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
Chase Burkhart
Choir, Guitar & Rock Band

Del Bey

Marni Heck
Physical Education
Sher  Swanby
Media Technology

Char Swanson
Spanish & French
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