Specialist Newsletter - November, 2014

Specialists Newsletter
November 2014

Come to the Barnes & Noble Book Fair Galleria on Monday, November 17 to buy books to support Field School and to hear some of the Field Musicians!! The bookfair is all day; the musicians perform 6-8 pm.

nullBand/Orchestra - Kim Hotchkiss 


There are several small groups of band/strings students playing at Barnes & Noble on Monday, Nov. 17 for the fundraiser. They will perform between 6 & 7 pm and should arrive before that. The choirs will sing between 7 & 8 pm. It will be a fun night of music and shopping!!


Our first concert is coming up in a month! The 7/8 grade bands and orchestra will perform a Fall/Holiday Concert December 9 in the Field Commons at 6:30 pm. They will wear concert dress - black polos and khaki pants.


We have a student teacher with us through December. Dan Leifermann is from Gustavus Adolphus College. He has jumped right in to conduct each of the groups and work with the students.


The 5/6 grade practice charts for October are due this week. The beginners are also getting graded on their practice time written in their lesson books. 


The music webpage is and will be active this year so you can find information about any of the music programs, concert dates and private lesson teachers. 

You can click on the link below, or access it through 'teaching teams' on the Field webpage.


Ms. Hotchkiss



 CLICK HERE for Music Webpage
Vocal/Rock Band/Guitar - Chase Burkhart
Greetings Parent/Guardians!

I am getting so excited for our Holiday performances!

Please review the upcoming concert schedule posted on the right hand column.   If your child is in either Madrigals or Girl's Chorale, make sure they have a pair of kakis pants to pair with their black Field Music shirt before Monday, Nov. 17th.   

Student grades have been imputed and should be viewable online.    For this first quarter in my performing ensemble classes, I focused on student participation in class as they are adjusting to my expectations while we prepare music for upcoming concerts.   Starting quarter 2,  I will be implementing more opportunities for graded assessments now that I have a better idea of where students are at.  

We sent the order out this past week, so at this point I must assume every student that needs a shirt (5/6 grade, $10) or polo (7/8 grade, $15) has turned their forms in to either me or Mrs. Hotchkiss.  We do have a number of extras in certain sizes if there are still a few left that missed the boat and still need to order shirts/polos. 

All order forms/$$ are due TOMORROW!!  (Wednesday, Nov. 5th)   Please have your student write their name and class/period on their green envelope that MUST contain the order form(s) and all (or remaining) customer money. 
DON'T FORGET:   The frozen product will be delivered on MONDAY, NOV. 24TH and available for pickup immediately after school.   It is very important that parent/guardians/students make arrangements to ensure product is either delivered immediately to customers OR secured in a freezer until customer is available.

Starting this month of November, required monthly practice logs will be due at the first class period of each month throughout the academic year.  Each day a student practices needs to be recorded on the form (time practiced, specific songs/exercises from the book the student worked on, etc.), and then initialed by their parent/guardian, who will also need to sign off on the bottom before students turn in the completed form to me.  The first of these assignments is due this week (TODAY Nov. 4th for Intermediate guitar, tomorrow Nov. 5th for beginning/advanced).   I take these practice logs very seriously so it is very important that both students and parents do too.   Every day a practice log is late will result in the subtraction of points (students earn 10 points that count towards their overall grade for every required hour of practice).

I am in need of parent/guardian volunteers for a few different events coming up... More detailed information will be provided as it becomes available, but I have provided a brief rundown of each event below.  Please contact me if you are willing to help out in any way, and I will fill you in on the details.

1.  Monday, Nov. 24th - Butter Braids Delivery

It would be great to have a couple extra hands to sort out and organize orders for students...

2.  Saturday, Feb. 28th - Pancake Breakfast

I hear some hungry people like to show up bright and early around 7am to enjoy some pancakes, so I will definitely need some assistance setting things up, maintaining productivity, and managing students as I am working with performers.

3.  Friday-Saturday, May 22-23 - **CHOIR TOUR**

This trip will not happen without chaperones, both parent/guardians and teachers alike.  

Our destination:  Duluth, MN.  Only 7/8 grade choir members are eligible to participate.
The plan is to bus up early that Friday morning, perform for a couple other middle schools, enjoy hotel water park fun, then get up on Saturday and cram as much fun and activity in before heading back to Minneapolis.

As always, direct any questions/concerns to my email:



Chase Burkhart

Art - Del Bey 

Greetings from the Art Room! 


5/6 grade students are working on our Advanced Drawing Techniques Unit. We are working on drawing cities from a birds' eye view. Students will work on 1 point perspective next.


7/8 grade students are creating hybrid animals. Students used drawing techniques to combine a reptile and a bird. Students also used Sumopaint to create a digital hybrid with two or more animals of their choice.


Please visit our online art gallery at www.artsonia.com. 20% of purchases are returned to the art room for supplies.  


Art Heals!

Ms. Del



Media/Technology - Sean Casey


In the month of October, students in Media/Technology classes continued to use many of the resources mentioned in last month's newsletter, including Type to Learn 4 (used to build critical 21st century skills for all keyboarding students), MyMPS (used to access tools for collaborating, creating and participating in a 21st century classroom), and Destiny Quest (used to search for books, maintain lists of books, and submit and read ratings and reviews of books).


Students also took the Student Media and Technology Survey -- a survey that asked them about how they use media and what types of media they like the most -- created by Common Sense Media, "the nation's leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to thrive in a world of media and technology." Students then spent time reflecting upon and responding to the results of the survey, which you are also invited to reflect upon and respond to by viewing them on our school website here.


Speaking of being invited, and speaking of empowering kids to thrive in a world of media and technology, on Wednesday, November 12, the Field Community School PTA is hosting Internet Safety Night, where you can learn more about:

  • Social media tools popular with kids,
  • How cyberbullying can impact a child's learning and health,
  • Tools and resources to stay up to date on media and technology, and
  • Setting family rules and expectations for online interactions.

This event will be held in the Field Community School Commons from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP here by Tuesday, November 11. If you have any questions about this event, please contact PTA Co-Chair Becky Reed.


Also in the month of October, there were 299 total circulations of library books in the media center's collection:

  • Students in Grade 5 were responsible for 49.8% of the circulations,
  • Students in Grade 6 were responsible for 21.4%,
  • Students in Grade 7 were responsible for 18.3%, and
  • Students in Grade 8 were responsible for 10.5%.

With regard to the types of library books circulated in the month of October:

  • Fiction materials accounted for 56.2% of the total circulations,
  • Graphic novels accounted for 28.8%,
  • Nonfiction materials accounted for 13.0%, and
  • Other materials accounted for 2.0%.

The "Top 10 Titles" (according to circulations of library books among students) in the month of October were:

  1. Out from Boneville (the first book in the "Bone" series of graphic novels) by Jeff Smith,
  2. Crown of Horns (the ninth book in the "Bone" series of graphic novels) by Jeff Smith,
  3. Drama, a graphic novel by Raina Telgemeier,
  4. Guinness World Records 2011,
  5. The Lizard Man (the third book in the "Shaman King" series of graphic novels by Hiroyuki Takei,
  6. The Son of Neptune (the second book in "The Heroes of Olympus" series) by Rick Riordan,
  7. The Arctic Incident (the second book in the "Artemis Fowl" series) by Eoin Colfer,
  8. The Time Paradox (the sixth book in the "Artemis Fowl" series) by Eoin Colfer,
  9. The Lost Colony (the fifth book in the "Artemis Fowl" series) by Eoin Colfer, and
  10. Battles of the Clans (the fourth "field guide" in the "Warriors" series) by Erin Hunter.

And finally, speaking of books, on Monday, November 17, Barnes & Noble is hosting a book fair, where you can:

  • Come see Field Community School music students perform,
  • Support our school by purchasing "wish list" books for teachers,
  • Shop for books from your child's favorite authors, and
  • Start a little early on your holiday shopping!

This event will be held at the Barnes & Noble in the Galleria in Edina from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM.

Sean Casey sean.casey@mpls.k12.mn.us 

School Library Media Specialist, Teacher of Media/Technology classes

Field Community School | Minneapolis Public Schools



"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." - Albert Einstein

Marni Heck - Physical Education    cartoon-sneakers.jpg
Please teach kids to eat their treats sparingly. Too much sweets can cause headaches, stomach aches, fatigue and fidgetiness. Placing the bag out of their sight may help reduce temptation.

Combining skills with an overhand serve, pass, set and spike was taught with partners. Mike Hull, North Country Region Volleyball Coordinator, graciously volunteered to assist students with proper mechanics and sequential activities.

Table tennis...
Different types of spins and angles will be utilized for the month of November.

In December, students will take the Fitness Test Finals. The tests are;
One Mile Run
Back Saver
Trunk Lift
Cadence Push-ups
Cadence Curl-ups
Shoulder test (optional)
*Their scores need to be in the "Healthy zone" and need to show improvement.

Please contact me with questions or concerns.
Thank you for supporting fitness and health!

Mrs. Marni Heck
Physical Education 


Spanish/French/World Cultures - 
Char Swanson 
French/Spanish Students (7th/8th graders) will embark on a 4 week-project called "Ma Famille' / "Mi Familia." They will learn to apply all vocabulary and structural concepts from last year, and a few newly acquired ones (as of the beginning of quarter 2) to a written/oral cumulative   project in which they will be required to describe 4 of their family members (their names, ages, birthdates, where they are from, their physical description, personalities, and their favorite hobbies). The completion of this project (written) will take place at the end of 4 weeks, and  students will be assessed through a face to face "oral exam" (teacher-student) at the end of the quarter. Practice time during class time and through homework will be valuable as all activities will connect to this project.
 Students will also start their second mini Spanish novel "Esperanza" 
 8th grade students who read through half of "Isabella's Adventures" last year will need to fininh reading that 1st novel on their own time, and consult with me if they need assistance with reading comprehension questions.

 Spanish students (5th/6th graders) will start their first Spanish mini novel "Las Aventuras de Isabella," through TPRS learning strategies.
 They will learn about action verbs to describe their likes/dislikes, and be able to also relate them to other people.

 French students (5th/6th graders) will start their first French mini novel "Le Nouvel Houdini," through TPRS learning strategies.
 They will learn about action verbs to express their likes/dislikes, and be able to also describe other people.

 All "World Cultures class" l students from grades 5 to 8 will finalize their research related to the "Hispanic heritage Month," and present their Powerpoint to the class. Some students were assigned a Hispanic country, others were assigned a Hispanic person.



Dates to Remember
  • November 17:Barnes & Noble - Madrigals, Girls Chorale & small groups of band and string students.
    December 9: Fall/Holiday Concert - Jazz Band, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Girls Chorale & Madrigals - 6:30 Field School
    *December 16: Holiday Performance at Galleria- 
     Jazz Band, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Girls Chorale & Madrigals - 5:30-7:15.
  • January 22 - 5/6 grade Band & Strings Concert - Ms. Hotchkiss groups - 6:30 Field School
  • January 29 - Choirs & Guitars Concert - Mr. Burkhart's groups - 6:30 Field School
  • February 17 - String Festival - morning time - Chamber Orchestra
  • February 21 -
    Jazz Band Festival at UMN
  • February 26 - 7/8 grade Band & Orchestra Concert 
  • February 28 - Pancake breakfast - Mr. Burkhart's groups.
  • March 19: Ice Cream Social- Band & Orchestra students perform solos & small ensembles. 6:30 Field School 
  • May 21:  Spring Band & Orchestra Concert - Field School in morning;  6:30 & 7:45 pm.
  • May 28: Choirs Concert 
  • June 2: Guitars & Rock Band Concert - 6:30 Field School
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Kim Hotchkiss
Chase Burkhart
(Choir, Guitar, Rock Band)

Marni Heck
(Physical Education)

Sean Casey 
(Media Tech)
Del Bey  
(Art- M,T,Th,F) 

Char Swanson



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