Specialist Newsletter - October, 2015

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Specialists News - October 2015
Here are the times you can find each of the specialist teachers in our rooms. Please come talk to us about your child!

Marni Heck - in the gym     Th 3:30-7:30, Tu 3:30-7:30 & Wed. 7:30-3:30
Del Bey - in room 109       W. 8-2:00
Kim Hotchkiss - room 137    Th 3:30- 7:30, Tu 3:30-6:00 & Wed. 10:00-3:30
Char Swanson -  room 111    Th 3:30- 7:30, Tu 3:30-7:30 & Wed. 8:00-3:30
Chase Burkhart - room 136    Th 3:30-5:30, Tu 3:30-7:30 & Wed. 7:30-3:30
Sher Swanby - media center   Th 3:30-7:30, Tu 3:30-7:30 & Wed. 7:30-3:30

   Band & Orchestra     

Several of the band/orchestra groups have already had a playing test so I can hear how each child sounds. If they haven't had it yet, they will soon.

Shirt orders must be in by Oct. 12. They are the same shirts as last year so you only need to order if you don't have a polo for 7/8 grade or t-shirt for 5/6 grade. This is our concert uniform.

7/8 grade - Their first concert will be coming up quickly - December 8. 

5/6 grade - The September practice chart is due this week. They are receiving the October chart now.
The beginner groups are to write their practice time on the chart in the front of their lesson books.

Barnes & Noble fundraiser is November 16. There will be some small groups performing that evening. 

Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
 Choir & Guitar 
Field Music
Greetings Field Families!

Please take a minute to read through the following information:


I will be available for conferences in my room on Thursday after school until 5:30pm.     I will also be available next week Tuesday & Wednesday.    Please email me if you have specific questions.


On Monday, Nov. 16th, the 5/6 MADRIGALS and 7/8 CHORALE will each be performing a few songs for the annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair.     All choir students need to wear their respective music shirts and khakis pants for this event.


Mrs. Hotchkiss and I are in the process of tallying the music shirt orders now, which we hope to mail by the end of the week.     If you are the parent of a 5th or 7th grader, please double check that you have turned in your form for a t-shirt (5/6 grade) or a polo (7/8 grade) if you don't already have one at home.


I still have a few students from each choir class that have yet to turn in their "choir dues" form.    Please turn those in as soon as possible.


7/8 Grade Choir Students will be selling Butter Braids frozen pastry products to raise money for our on-going music and scholarship fund.    The sale is set to kickoff on Monday, October 19th and conclude on Friday, Nov. 9th.  I'm still working with the company on the delivery date, but it's looking like it will be the week before Thanksgiving (earlier than last year).

VOCALESSENCE 2015-2016 WITNESS School Program

On Monday, February 22nd, 2016, students in Madrigals and Chorale will have the opportunity to attend The WITNESS Young People's Concert, a 50-minute concert geared toward students in grades 4-12 featuring the world renown MOREHOUSE COLLEGE GLEE CLUB.     The WITNESS School Program offers in-school workshops with experienced Teaching Artists for students grades 4-12, provides teachers with professional development and classroom resources. 

That's all for now, stay tuned for further updates!  

Mr. Chase D. Burkhart
Choir/Guitar Teacher

My conference hours will be Wed., 10/14 from 8-2pm.
You may email me with the best time to reach you by phone if you would like to have a conference outside of these hours.

5/6 grade students are working on a Lettering Unit. Students are learning to write their names in cursive with a drop shadow. Their final drafts will illustrate their personal interests - favorite sport, place, food..ect. around their names. We will finish the unit with a focus on 3D printed letters, numbers, or words. Pop artist Jasper Johns is our inspirational artist for this unit. 
7/8 grades students are working on our Self-Portrait Unit. Our inspirational artists for this unit are Frida Kahlo, Gustave Courbet, and local artist Scott Seekings. With a focus on realism students are challenged to create a portrait that reveals how they believe the world see them.

New work from this year will be on artsonia by the end of October.
Please visit our online art gallery to see student artwork. www.artsonia.com
20% of all purchases will return to the art room to help buy supplies.

Art Heals!
Del Bey
    Physical Education   
Welcome to World of Fitness.

September was the month to assess Healthy Zone for students fitness level.  All Minneapolis students are implementing the six FitnessGram Tests.  The score sheet will be given to students within the next week.  Goal is to improve fitness level.  Please ask your child which part of the test he/she will work toward progressing for the month of October.  For more information look on FitnessGram Tests website and scroll down to Cooper Institute.
The PACER, push-up and curl-ups has a cadence.
Simply Google:
"Push-up Cadence" to practice at home.
Please email with any questions in regards to your child's FitnessGram tests.

Upcoming Unit:  Volleyball
Please welcome Mike Hull.
His knowledge in volleyball
will assist students.

Welcome to Zachary Newkirk.
He attends University of Northwestern, St. Paul.
He is a Pre-Observation Teacher through mid October.

Lastly, thank you for motivating your child to be active at home.

Fitness for Life,

Marni Heck
Physical Education

Cheers ~

Marni Heck
(651) 341-9012

Field Media Center
How To Log On To The Parent Portal For Your Middle School Students
1. Google Minneapolis Public Schools
2. Click on Families
3. On the left hand side there is a section called - "In This Section" (It's yellow)
4. Click on Parent Portal
5. Follow instructions for logging on. 
       (There are instructions in English, Spanish and Hmong.)

October 2015 Media Technology Class

Our 5th, 6th grade students reviewed how to find their MPS Gmail accounts, their MPS Google Drive accounts, and the MPS Student Portal. They created a Google Drive Presentation on Cyberbullying. In preparation for our research project we reviewed the different types of   Reference Books and took a quiz on them. We are starting a Minnesota Research Project using PowerPoint and Google Docs. The theme of the project is discovering great things to do in Minnesota. They took a typing test and will retake it to see how much they have improved their speed and accuracy.
Our 7th, 8th grade students selected two important Internet Safety Rules and created a Google Presentation slide show telling why they thought they were good expectations to follow. They took a Personality / Career Assessment to help them determine what careers would fit with their personality. Next they will select one of these careers research it and create an iMovie to show to the class. They took a typing test and will retake it to see how much they have improved their speed and accuracy.

Thanks for your help.
Sher Swanby
Media Specialist, Teacher of Media / Technology classes

Spanish & French 

French and Spanish classes  (7th/8th grades) will continue to write essays to be ready for the written test in April.
5th, 6th and 7th graders will learn how to express greetings, farewells and use courtesy words in the target language.
All grades will acknowledge "Hispanic Heritage Month" through their projects in the lab, (famous Hispanic people),  Latino music and movies/documentaries on Hispanic culture.
Wednesday Study skill classes will be focused on managing school and leisure time, and how to be organized.
Please notice that it is a STUDY SKILL class, and not "study hall" as it shows on the grade book/portal system.

Char Swanson


  • Nov. 16 - Barnes & Noble (small group band/strings & choirs)  
  • Dec. 9: Holiday Concert (Madrigals, Chorale, Jazz Band, Orchestra & Wind Ens.)
  • Jan. 14: Winter Choir & Guitar Concert
  • Jan. 21: Winter Band & Orchestra Concert - 5/6 grade
  • Feb. 20: Pancake Breakfast (all choirs & guitars)
  • Feb. 25: Winter Band & Orchestra Concert - 7/8 grade
  • March 17: Ice Cream Social (small group instrumentalists)
  • May 19: Spring Concert (all bands & orchestras)
  • May 26: Spring Concert (all choirs)
  • June 2: Spring Concert (all guitars & rock band)


Kim Hotchkiss
Band & Orchestra
Chase Burkhart
Choir, Guitar & Rock Band

Del Bey

Marni Heck
Physical Education
Sher  Swanby
Media Technology

Char Swanson
Spanish & French
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