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Important Dates:

  • Fall/Holiday Concert - December 4

Band/Orchestra - Kim Hotchkiss
music notes

It is so good to see all those instrumentalists again! We've been working on making sure every student has an instrument to play and handing out new music to start working on. Each child has been given a music packet that is full of information and forms to be returned for ALL of the music classes. The concert dates and other important information are in the packet. Please make sure your child has turned in his/her form for 'Returning Instrumentist'. All Band & Orchestra students need to hand this in.

The beginners have all had a chance to try instruments and will start getting them this week. They are excited to get started.

The Varsity Bands and Strings have their first song to work on and a practice chart to fill in for the month of September. Each month they will get a new practice chart that needs to be filled in, signed and turned in at the start of a new month.

The Wind Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra also have new music, have been sight-reading and have done a music vocabulary worksheeet already. Their first playing test for September is to memorize the chromatic scale. Jazz Band is leaning jazz styles of music and learning several new songs. They will soon have some playing tests also. I'm trying to get them into as quickly as possible!

Please help remind your child to practice on a regular basis. Research has shown that children need that constant reminder until the age of 16. It is important for the success of each ensemble.
I look forward to a great year of performances!

Ms. Hotchkiss web page

Vocal/Rock Band/Guitar - Ruth LeMay

WELCOME BACK MUSICIANS! The ensembles are all off to a wonderful beginning. Every class is reviewing rhythms, notation, solfege and receiving their seating assignments. MUSIC PACKET and FORMS REMINDER -Each child has been given a music packet that is full of information and forms to be returned for ALL of the music classes. Please make sure your child has turned in his/her forms for choir fees, guitar rental,Concert Dates for the year and shirt order. The FEES are a major funding source for the music dept. to be able to keep quality instruments and up-to-date music in students hands. Please contribute as you are able. The music dept. is collecting their own Media Release form this year to insure that each student is clear to appear on the website should the opportunity arise for your child.

CHOIRS. We have a Concert Choir of over 100 SINGERS this year and wow do they sound wonderful! The Chorale sounds amazing in 4-pt harmony already and the Madrigal Singers are getting acquainted together and former singers are helping our new singers navigate their way through 3 part music for the first time!

GUITARS. This year is the first time that Field has been able to offer Intermediate Guitar. The guitar program has been building for the last few years and this is a tremendous sign of growth! We had to limit the number of beginners to 40 students and the classroom is quite full! The Advanced Guitar/Rock Bands are in deep study of notation and rhythm and will be adding the study of sound equipment in Sept.

WELCOME BACK DEB OLESON for her 12th year at Field School! For those of you new to Field please take note that Field has the 2010 Minneapolis Public Schools Volunteer of the Year! Deb spends hours and hours each week volunteering her time in the music department. She accompanies ALL of the choirs and helps out with the orchestras as needed. When she is not at the keyboard she can be found sorting music, filing, copying, setting up for rehearsal or a myriad other things. Deb is an invaluable support to the music department, so please take the time to thank her for what she does. It is because of her I am able to donate so much of my focus to programming and lesson preparation for your children! She truly is a benefit to us all! Thank you Deb!

As always, please know that I can be contacted via email at rlemay@mpls.k12.mn.us and my cell phone at 612-819-9144. Just for your information, my school voice mail is not the best method for a prompt reply.

Art - Del Bey

Welcome to our new and returning students!

We are off to a great start! The curriculum and policies of the art room was sent home with students. Students that return the letter signed by a parent will receive 20 points extra credit. Send me an email request If you would like a digital copy of the letter.

To get started students made sketchbooks and reviewed the elements and principles of art.
Our first unit covers basic drawing techniques. Students are exploring charcoal by creating gesture and contour drawings of each other and objects in the classroom from observation.

Please visit our online art gallery at www.artsonia. com. 15% of purchases are returned to the art room for supplies.

Art Heals!
Del Bey

Media/Technology - Sean Casey

Hello, My name is Sean Casey. I am the School Library Media Specialist and teacher of the Media/Technology classes here at Field Community School. I am very excited for the start of this school year (my second here at Field) and am even more excited to share my plans for it with you.

This year in Media/Technology for students in Grades 5 and 6, students will be introduced to/reacquainted with the Media Center and Computer Lab policies and procedures and will learn how to use Media Center and Computer Lab resources responsibly, they will discuss the idea of "digital citizenship" and will be able to identify ethical and safety issues related to information use, they will continue to develop their technology and typing skills by using the Type to Learn keyboarding software, and they will continue to increase their reading and media literacy by studying several young adult book awards (during Semester 1) and various genres of fiction (during Semester 2).

More information about Media/Technology for students in Grades 5 and 6 can be found at http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/mediatechnology20122013grades5and6, which is currently under construction and which will be continually updated throughout the school year.

In Media/Technology for students in Grades 7 and 8, students will identify the effects of media and technology on society as a whole and on their own lives in particular, they will also discuss the idea of "digital citizenship" and will be able to identify ethical and safety issues related to information use, and they will critically evaluate and create their own examples of the media formats of video games and comic books (during Semester 1) and magazines/newspapers and music/radio (during Semester 2).

More information about Media/Technology for students in Grades 7 and 8 can be found at http://field.mpls.k12.mn.us/mediatechnology20122013grades7and8, which is also currently under construction and which will also be continually updated throughout the school year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Media Center or the Media/Technology classes and curriculum here at Field Community School by emailing me at sean.casey@mpls.k12.mn.us. Thank you very much! Sean Casey

Physical Education - Marni Heck

Greetings from Physical Education! I hope you had an active summer. A simple reminder for parents to sign the syllabus by end of this week. It outlines the grading system, dress code, homework and other important matters.

Soccer is rolling along quite nicely in the gym. The Heart Rate is high while they manipulate the ball with their feet. Learning target (goals), fundamental skills, character building, etiquette, vocabulary and physical conditioning is emphasized on a daily basis.

The Fitnessgram ( Physical Fitness Test) will be utilized in most schools this fall. Kids are encouraged to jog, strengthen and stretch at home in order to attain their goal by end of Semester One.

Soccer, fitnessgram (end of September and November)flag football, tennis, basketball and volleyball will be taught this semester.

Most importantly, please email before 7:30 am if you need to report any absences, injuries, concerns or questions; marni.heck@mpls.k12.mn.us Thank you! I look forward to working with your child

Spanish/French - Char Swanson

phone: 612-668-3640

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